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Awesome: Scribblenauts
  • The game allows you to make a lot of these, but in particular, Feep's post., (which unfortunately, cannot be reproduced in the final version of the game.)
  • The fact that there is a game with everything, really.
  • One of the trailers had a battle between God and Cthulhu. It was a tie.
  • The last level of the sequel.
    • Llewxam absconds with the Starite in a UFO. You create a spacecraft of your own to chase after him. Then you shoot him down... with all the Starites you've collected up until now, each wave of starites taking the shape of the appropriate constellation for the "world" in which they were found. Once you finally disable Llewxam's UFO, he crashlands into the moon. Then, you get a Game Over screen. "The Starite was destroyed." ... "NO WAY!" Then, you write The Answer to fix that little problem.
    • It doesn't even have to be a spacecraft. You can use a hot air balloon. Or Tame Cthulhu. Or a flying broomstick. Or a jetpack. Or a tank. OR WINGED ULTRASONIC LOLLERSKATES. OR EVEN NEOGAF.
      • About anything that can be ridden really. (The game recommends a tame dragon.)
      • Or just use a Rideable Flying Potion on the house.
      • Or you can Glue a Jet Engine to an Ankylosaurus. The first two are actually of no relevance, but damn, isn't it cool?
  • The first game, monkeys can catch bullets. That's right monkeys are Ozymandias.
  • The Post 217 item.
  • In the sequel, temporary diseased potions allow you to kill gods and gloat in their face while they die.
  • The title screen lets you battle literally anything and come out on top. Cthulhu, a dinosaur, a demon...
  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, there's a Pirate Vs. Ninja mission. Give the ninja a weapon, and another ninja will teleport in, grab the pirate, and the two will teleport away.
    • If you give the pirate the weapon they will make the ninja walk the plank.
  • The armies of heroes and villains charging at each other at the end of the Unmasked trailer.
    • For the final battle, pick the White Lantern Battery. "Rise!"
    • Maxwell defeating Brainiac by summoning Alternate Continuity versions of the Justice League.

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