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YMMV: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team
  • Fridge Horror: At one point in the story, the main character and his/her friend are driven out of Pokemon Square because of Gengar tricking everyone into thinking that the main character is the human from the Ninetales legend who abandoned Gardevoir under the impression that he/she'll destroy the world. This is pretty sad in itself, but after you complete the game and save Medicham from Wish Cave, it's revealed that Gengar is the real human from the Ninetales legend. Basically, Gengar tried to make the main characters his scapegoats and make them take the fall for his crime!
  • Fridge Logic: Your first mission as an official rescue team involves rescuing some Magnemite who got stuck in a cave, and the reason they came to you is because Caterpie told them about you. Except Caterpie doesn't know where you live, nor even what your team name is.
  • Idiot Plot/ Chaotic Stupid: The Sinister Woods arc. Gengar and Team (*snerk*) Meanies find out that Caterpie's friend Metapod has gone missing, and challenge the player's team to a race: if Team Meanies finds Metapod first, they get the credit, Butterfree will give them a reward, and Caterpie will join their team. As pointed out by one Let's Player, Butterfree is the mother of Caterpie, not Metapod, and has no reason to give out any kind of reward- not to mention, she's hardly the kind of person who'd have large amounts of cash on hand. In addition, Caterpie is a tiny kid- not the best recruit for a team planning on taking over the world.
    • Team Meanies' shtick is based on the idea that "You've got to start somewhere."
  • Narm: Team Meanies.
  • Tear Jerker: The main character and his/her friend being driven out of Treasure Town, the ending, the implications that all come from Gengar being the human who abandoned Gardevoir.

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