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YMMV: New Gods

  • Creator's Pet: Takion. Stuck out like a sore thumb, completely overpowered, whiny, derivative, a retroactive addition... so of course he gets to become the new Highfather and get Beautiful Dreamer as a girlfriend. Most fans ignore him or portray him as laughably ineffectual.
  • Dork Age: Return Of The New Gods - not for the series itself, which ranges between not-terrible to So Okay, It's Average, but for the wholly unnecessary redesign of Orion to look more "superheroic". He trades in his helmet and Astro-Harness for something resembling Geo-Force's costume with a big "O" on his chest.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Darkseid, who became one of the DCU's most popular villains, and Mr. Miracle, whose book was the only one of the original New God books not to be canceled.
    • Granny Goodness, who was given one of the best origins in the DC Universe in Secret Origins of Super-Villains 80-Page Giant #1.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Anything not written by Kirby has at least some people who claim this (sometimes justified). Compounding the problem is that Kirby's work in canon is often treated with Broad Strokes, at best. Starlin's Death Of The New Gods in particular is often lumped in with Countdown as being this to Final Crisis.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Darkseid orchestrated the whole pact in such a way that Scott Free/Mr. Miracle would escape, allowing him to go back to war with New Genesis. He's also responsible for corrupting many characters in manipulative ways.
  • Mainstream Obscurity: While the New Gods aren't exactly mainstream, many in both the American comic book industry and fanbase often refer to how influential the series was. Yet one gets the impression many of those people never actually read it, especially since a full collected edition of Kirby's series was only published in 2007-2008. Notable examples include Jim Starlin (Anti-Life as depicted in his Cosmic Odyssey does not work that way!) and John Byrne (Sleez, the New God of... porn? WTF?!)
  • My Real Daddy: A contentious example. Some think only Kirby's work is really worth reading. Most agree that Walt Simonson's Orion and Grant Morrison's work probably represents the best use of the characters outside their original series.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Happyland, from the original Forever People series. An amusement park where people are tortured, and machines project their screams to people outside as fun and laughter. And the creepiest thing is, the children all realise something isn't right, but the adults refuse to see it.
    • In Final Crisis, when Granny Goodness's reduced to an evil spirit, who possesses a Green Lantern and creates centipede energy constructs.
    • Her capturing Batman also counts, as far as Granny not only single-handedly defeating Batman but also her speech where she exclaims how completely and utterly screwed Batman is now that she has him prisoner.
    • Most of Apokolips counts, but specifically Granny Goodness. Dear God, Granny Goodness. What to say about someone whose entire purpose is basically child abuse?
  • The Scrappy: The Newsboy Legion. Their antics and shenanigans were usually more annoying than funny and their stories were often the weakest of Kirby's Fourth World saga entries.

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