YMMV: Leviathan: The Tempest

  • Broken Base: A major split in the fandom has occurred as a result of the planned revisions to the Marduk Society in the 2nd edition. Specifically, the fandom itself, who generally disapproves of the changes, against the update's primary writer, who is all for them.
  • Creator's Pet: The author of the 2e really likes the Marduk Society, especially the metaphor of "Reason & Progress make humanity better" that they represent. This has not gone unnoticed by the fandom, leading to accusations of Author Tract.
  • The Woobie: You exude a Mind Rape effect despite yourself, you are forced into emotionally abusing your cultists, it is quite possible you are utterly without guidance in the world due to low numbers of Leviathans, and the oldest organization of Monster Hunters in the world want you dead for perfectly valid reasons. It's official-this game has not only made Cthulhu's cousins sympathetic creatures, it has shown them in need of a shoulder to cry on (indeed, that's why they get possessive of Atolls-they're the only people in the world who can talk to a Leviathan like an actual person).