YMMV / Kesha

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • With news of this, is Ke$ha a dumb party girl blonde, or an intelligent musician parodying the party girl genre? With the release of "Praying" and Rainbow, she is firmly in the latter.
    • Could Ke$ha be Kesha's critique on the whole human race, sorta like Beatrix Kiddo and Mrs. Tommy Plympton?
    • Some people note her subverting general acknowledged 'Facts' of Rap and Pop music as evidence she is smarter then she says. (Boots + Boys, Blah Blah Blah, Got A Pear, Dinosaur, Sleazy, Crazy Beautiful Life, Kiss N Tell to name a few).
    • Is "Praying" only about forgiveness and self-acceptance like she said? Is there a hint of anger and even threatening in the song? Or even that the "forgiveness" angle is dripped with Condescending Compassion?
  • Award Snub: At the 2018 Grammy Awards, she lost Best Pop Solo Performance for "Praying" to Ed Sheeran's "Shape Of You." Given the themes of "Praying" resonating even more in the post-#MeToo climate, this made for a huge Internet Backdraft.
  • Awesome Music:
    • "Invisible", an extremely obscure older song of hers.
      • Goodbye is another old, also very obscure song of hers that showcases perfectly the vocal cords nature gave her.
    • To a greater or lesser degree, every time she actually sings is pretty awesome. Such as "I Hate You (Don't Leave Me)".
    • Her lesser-known songs that don't use auto-tune may count. Examples: "Animal", "The Harold Song" and "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes"
    • The Deconstructed version of "Blow".
    • "C'Mon" is just a catchy, happy, wonderful dance number.
    • "Praying" shows that Kesha does have a really damn good voice.
  • Broken Base: There are still many people who can't decide whether she is the real thing or if she is a parody of party-girls. Among those who both believe the latter and dislike her music, there are many people who can't decide as to whether this makes her more respectable or less respectable.
  • Crazy Awesome: If you like her, she's this.
  • Ear Worm: Well, any of her tracks, all of her tracks.
  • Epic Riff: "Party at a Rich Dude's House". The ultimate pop riff.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With any and all bands and artists ever and the people who don't like her Refuge in Audacity. This includes Lady Gaga's Monsters to Christina Aguilera's fans and in between. Britney Spears fans do generally tend to enjoy her message and image though.
  • Funny Moments:
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • While she has achieved success in her native United States, she is particularity popular in Northern England where her music and act seem to be taken more seriously. In many areas like Greater Manchester, she has influenced female fashion, standards of behaviour, and become somewhat of a cultural icon.
    • And then there's the Israelis...
    • And there's also a particularly big fandom for her in Australia.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Her single "Die Young" was pulled from radio following the Sandy Hook School shooting in December 2012. She herself felt incredibly bad about it.
    • Ke$ha made a song called "Starving". In 2014, she went to treatment for anorexia.
      • This also shines a slightly uncomfortable light on the very first lyric on Animal: "Maybe I need some rehab....."
    • Her former twitter name was Ke$hasuxx, which wasn't good after her self-loathing, she changed it to KeshaRose after her treatment.
    • Songs like "Your Love is My Drug" take on a very sinister meaning after suing longtime collaborator Dr Luke for instances of sexual assault (including date rape).
    • Key of Awesome did a parody of "Tik Tok" in 2010 with the punchline being that the Ke$ha "drunken party girl" image was contractually obligated. If you believe Kesha's lawsuit allegations, it pretty much was.
  • Hollywood Pudgy and Hollywood Homely: Granted, she isn't in the greatest shape, but the hatedom for these November '10 pics is way, way over the top.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Has a moderate following. Some songs have subtly acknowledged the LGBT community and she herself is openly bisexual.
  • Les Yay: All over her Die Young video.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Misattributed Song: Quite a few people thought that her spot in "Right Round" was by Katy Perry.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Dear LORD, "Cannibal".
    "I eat boys up, breakfast and lunch
    Then when I'm thirsty, I drink their blood
    Carnivore animal, I am a cannibal
    I eat boys up, you better RUN...
    ...Your little heart goes pitter-patter
    Use your finger to stir my tea
    And for desert, I'll SUCK YOUR TEETH..."
    • Ke$ha's screams near the end in Dancing With The Devil.
    • The pig-headed men in "Praying". Especially with the visual clues that they're supposed to be rapists...
  • Retroactive Recognition: Was in an episode of The Simple Life in 2005.
  • She Really Can Sing: Many people's reactions to Deconstructed and especially "Praying".
  • Signature Song: Good luck finding someone below the age of 30 or so that doesn't know all the lyrics to "Tik Tok," whether they're a fan of hers or not.
  • Squick:
    • A lot, but the song "Mr. Watson" probably takes the cake. The entire premise of the song is an Ordinary High-School Student who wants to sleep with her history teacher, and not just "I think he's cute" kind of stuff. It comes about as close to saying "I want to have sex with you" as you can without actually saying that. Not that some people might not think that was hot, but just... ew.
    • "Mr. Watson I want to get with you" and "Teacher whatcha gunna do/Cause I am coming on to you." "I want you on your bed, or on your desk." I'm pretty sure that counts as flat out saying "I want to have sex with you."
    • She actually does say, in the background "Mr. Watson, I wanna sleep with you".
    • "Cannibal," that is all. See also Nightmare Fuel above.
  • Tear Jerker: "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes."
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Subverted as this is her music and why it's done, to be played at parties and drug filled gatherings, at least in the Animal and Cannibal eras.