Tear Jerker / Kesha

Even heavily auto-tuned partiers cry sometimes.
  • "Blind"...the first couple of lines. The Chorus mixes it up abit, but it's rather sad regardless.
  • "Hungover" in the same way "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" is.
  • "The Harold Song" is sad enough, but it becomes even more tear jerking when you realize she wrote it about her fiance who died in a car crash.
    • Listen to the Deconstructed version. Your heart will be shattered to smithereens.
  • "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" is about a rather tragic break up and having to go on with your life. The name of the song should provide you with a simple explanation.
  • "Animal", with it's rather magical instrumentation and the wistful lyrics.
    This is our last chance
    Give me your hands
  • Her cover of Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" made worst by the sparse production and her tearing up during the one take it took to record it.
    • On the other hand, it can be overwhelmingly negative since Bob Dylan's lyrics for that song are already very spiteful and passive aggressive so having a girl tear up while saying them might not come across as sincere.
  • Last Goodbye. So very much.
    Oh, how we lost our minds
    When we fell in love that night
    Promise me you won't cry
    This is our last goodbye
  • Crazy Kids, just like Animal, is sung in a wistful, borderline depressed tone. The lyrics are not particularly depressing - hell, they could easily pass for Ke$ha's usual party style -, but the tone itself seems to imply that they are largely ironic and bitter.
    • The music video is not as overt, but it still conveys a similar message. Look at her facial expressions: they're heavy, conveying monotony and bitterness.
  • Wherever You Are tells of a lost love that she'll never forget. It's far more wistful and bittersweet than the description implies.
  • Out Alive, while touching on her normal party themes, is basically about how we're all going to die and there's nothing we can do about it, nor is there any way to stop it. No matter where you are in life, no matter how good or bad you are in life, no one's getting out alive.
  • Wonderland is probably her most sparse & according to word of god, ballady song wishing for her more simpler, less busy, with less money and celebrity, and how she wants it back.
  • The Deconstructed version of Blow sounds halfway to a dirge.
  • The Deconstructed version of "Die Young" is pretty much a pop version of Spiritualized's "Ladies and Gentleman, We Are Floating in Space". Heck, almost anything on Deconstructed could count as a Tear Jerker.
  • Surprisingly, there's a sad moment on her reality show, My Crazy Beautiful Life, when, after a show, she learns that Perez Hilton was in the audience. She is not a fan of his, considering him a bully, and she gets angry to the point of almost weeping. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch the party girl become The Woobie.
  • Her unreleased song "Dancing With The Devil" which is about an inescapably toxic relationship (rumoured to be about Kesha and Dr Luke), particularly a few lines towards the end where she sounds on the verge of tears:
    He's got my mind, he's got my soul
    Mama, he won't let me go
  • Her live cover of Lady Gaga's song "Til it happens to you" was pretty much inevitably going to be this, given that it's a song about sexual assault from the survivor's perspective. Made worse by how obviously emotional Kesha was singing it, at one point having to stop herself from crying before starting over, and by her dedicating the song to "every man, woman, child, and animal that has ever been abused".
  • "Praying". No explanation needed. EVERYTHING about "Praying".