Awesome / Kesha

  • The laser-rainbow gunfight towards the end of the "Blow" video. Ke$ha and James Van Der Beek walk away from each other after the conversation mentioned below as the song plays quietly in the background. Suddenly, Ke$ha screams "THIS PLACE ABOUT TO-!" and epicness ensues.
  • The "We R Who We R" video has Ke$ha flinging herself off a twenty-story building and being caught by the partyers below, unscathed. To quote a commenter on Youtube, "those hands defy the laws of physics."
  • Ke$ha suddenly bashing Westboro as they picket her performance. Made even more awesome by the fact "We R Who We R" is a song about love and tolerance. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • Her 'surprise' performance of "True Colours" at Coachella 2016, particularly the lyric change from "yet we have our masters" to "I have no master". Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for Zedd for helping Kesha in light of all of her problems with Sony and Dr Luke.
    • To add to that: She herself is free from her control from Dr Luke and Sony, meaning she can finally do music as she pleases.
  • "Praying". When you finish crying your eyes out to it, you realize how EPIC of a take-that it is to her abuser. She makes it clear that she will never forgive him, and hopes that he will find religion to save him. And with the musical style, she cements it as a new direction for her. To say nothing of that high note she makes near the end. IT WAS AN F6 NOTE!
  • "Learn To Let Go". Kesha celebrates her success and victory by recollecting her dark moments and stomping on them with a kick-ass tune.