Heartwarming / Kesha

  • "We R Who We R", which was inspired by the recent amount of gay teen suicides.
  • "Animal."
  • Try not to smile at least once while listening to "C'Mon." It's one of the happiest songs around.
  • After Ke$ha was denied a preliminary injunction to release her from Kemosabe Records during her 2015-2016 court battles, Ke$ha received a huge outpouring of support from fellow pop stars, most notably some financial assistance from Taylor Swift and some strong public statements from Lady Gaga. Hell yes for pop girls sticking together.
  • Kesha helping a fan to propose at Disney World.
  • Her fans' overjoyed reactions to her comeback, and highly positive response to her new music. You just have to read a few comments to see how happy they are to have her back.
  • "Praying" just radiates survival. Even if you've been abused, degraded, and put through absolute hell, you can still come out the other side, better than those that hurt you.