YMMV / Hunter: The Vigil

  • Complete Monster: You can expect to deal with the very worst that the supernatural world can throw at you. Yet as the following slashers and cultists establish, sometimes you don't need to be a vampire or a werewolf to be truly heinous:
    • Larry Meeks, alias Captain Hook, is a small, pudgy, uninspiring man who runs a bait shop, dresses like he's going on a fishing expedition and has a fanatical hatred of anybody he thinks is better looking, more successful, or stronger then he is. A murderer since the age of fifteen, when he first determined to "prove himself", Larry baits in his victims with kindness, playing the role of the favourite neighbour or kindly uncle. Once he's won their confidence, he then subdues them with a gaffhook, and hangs them up in his fishing shack with thousands of tiny fish hooks embedded in their skin. Slowly draining his victims of blood over the course of several days, Larry then guts and cleans them "just like a pretty trout." Active for years, a recent invitation from the Subtle Collectors' Association (a cabal of like-minded killers) has convinced Larry that it is time to up his game, and he plans to move onto still bigger and better targets in the hopes of impressing upon his compatriots the is the best. Totally consumed by his need to hurt people, Larry spends most of his off time talking to his customers about his murders, using fishing metaphors to obscure what he's really going on about.
    • Harvey Ecks, known variously as The Rest Stop Killer, The Torso Maker, and (his preferred sobriquet) The Driver, had a dream when he was still in the womb. In it, he learned that by understanding the Dream Pattern, he would be able to gain total control over all reality. In his quest to achieve this goal, Harvey discovered that by forcing people to watch their limbs being amputated, he could make them reveal pieces of the Pattern. Once a roving killer who left headless torsos at rest stops, Harvey decided that this was too inefficent. Staking out a patch of the interstate highway, Harvey brainwashed diner waitresses, gas station attendents, and state troopers into blindly serving him, then installed video surveillance cameras on billboards. When he sights a likely victim, he forces his servants (who know him only as The Driver) to help him capture that person, whom he then tortures to death in the hopes that they will reveal more of the Pattern.
    • Thomas Salvatore, the head chef and owner of the Epicurean Club, is leader of the Pate de Fois Gras cult. A would-be chef, and gourmand, Salvatore was never able to get his restaurants to work. At least not until he'd visited Papua New Guinea and gained a taste for "long pig". Returning home, Salvatore recruited a gang of equally amoral chefs, purchased Briarwood Farms, and used it to raise his food of choice—human children. Keeping the kids locked in filthy cages, Salvatore and his compatriots force the children to bulk up on food and stimulants, before cutting out their livers and serving them to their patrons, none of whom have a clue what they are eating. Determined that he will be known as one of the world's greatest chefs, Salvatore plans to ride his new-found success all the way to the top—no matter how many children he has to butcher in the process.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Hototogisu, from the Dark Eras spoilers, are an entire Conspiracy of them, or at the very least their founder, Inoue. A group of merchants who discovered how to buy the powers of monsters off them, often without any real loss on the Hototogisu's part, in feudal Japan, they rank among the few Conspiracies whose fortunes have drastically improved over the centuries. How so? They're now the still-entirely-mortal leaders of a vampiric Covenant that controls Kindred society in Tokyo, with significant chapters involved in the business of all other supernaturals living there. To put this in perspective; almost entirely normal people not only matched wits with an entire species of immortal Manipulative Bastards and came out ahead, they have such a stranglehold on said race's politics, keeping a hand on their leash requires only token effort. Hunters: Reminding you of the reason humans are called political animals since 1503!
  • Nightmare Fuel: The "Foie Gras" adventure hook. Those guys are humanitarians. Squick.
    • It's even worse. The leader of the cult who makes the stuff sells it in his restaurants. It's suggested that the Game Master make any poor sap who ate at one gain a temporary derangement due to the "UNCLEAN!" factor.
    • And still worse... you see that name? You know how they make foie gras? They pen up geese and force-feed them. These guys do it to children.
  • Noble Bigot: The series notes that hunters are trying to what they see as a good and decent thing, but other books in the New World of Darkness note that the majority of hunters are still often either unable or unwilling to try and see that some monsters aren't entirely lost.
  • The Woobie:
    • The Lucifuge are probably the nicest group, despite their demonic ancestry, but no one really trusts them because of it.
    • A meta-example would be the changelings. In addition to their own crappy backstory, they're the most harmless monster in game... and the one that every single Hunter group distrusts. They're seen as liars, Body Snatchers, and evil doppelgangers of the people they've kidnapped, the exact opposite of what they really are. Some hunters actually think they're the vanguard of an alien invasion. They're absolutely justified in their fears— the problem is, they've got the wrong target! The lying, body-snatching, evil invading aliens are oh so very real, but they're the True Fae, not the changelings. The Hunters mistake changelings for some kind of mini-Gentry, instead of the (mostly) harmless refugees they really are. This mirrors the confusion changelings themselves have in identifying True Fae loyalists. Once you see a changeling ravage your wife's mind in her dreams and invite the Wild Hunt to your street, you are to be expected to treat them, as a group, no better than bloodsuckers, shapeshifting human-eaters, and witches.