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Heartwarming / Hunter: The Vigil

  • You spend a lot of the core rulebook reading how We ARE Struggling Together. But, then...
    Such a combination of conflicting ideologies existed in a single cell — the famous (and possibly apocryphal) Greenwich Village Irregulars, who operated in New York City during the late 1970s. Though constantly pressured by their superiors in the organizations they served, these hunters refused to let their individual beliefs trump the friendship they had for one another. For many years, their activities were a symbol of unity for New York’s embattled hunter community, and survivors of that period credit the Irregulars with keeping the Vigil alive at a time when many were willing to surrender the city to the monsters.
  • So many Hunters appear to have gone from bad to worse on entering the hunting business. Then there's one of the Task Force: VALKYRIE agents:
    You're a veteran of Special Forces. One time in Kabul, you saw things that they frankly hadn't trained you for. You dealt with it, though, and kept the details from your CO. But somehow TFV knew about it. You were back in the US within a week and working in the field in the mainland US in a black suit and tie. It's good to be home.