Heartwarming / Mage: The Awakening

  • Most of the creatures in Summoners are either creepy, inhuman, have tragic origins or are just plain weird. However, there is one entity with a more uplifting story behind it: "Uther's Bliss", a personification of requited love.
    Facing down rogue Banishers and rampaging spirits was never the hard part for Uther, Thyrsus and Banner Warden of the Adamantine Arrow. No, that was the years-long struggle to work up enough courage to finally come out to Slingshot and confess that his feelings for the Enchanter went deeper than just friendship. The moments leading up to that revelation were the longest and most difficult of the Shaman’s life. When Slingshot replied with a passionate kiss, though, Uther knew that this uphill battle against his own fear was, at long last, over.
  • Although the fact that they are Banishers, and thusly Mages-gone-wrong with a compulsion to kill those who haven't had their souls soured by Awakening, is somewhat mitigating, Annabelle and Brad Cassidy from Banishers have a relationship that is this trope. Annabelle became a Banisher when she Awoke to the Tower of Pandemonium while in labor, which killed her baby and almost killed her herself... but her husband literally forced himself to Awaken to save her, managing to project his soul into Pandemonium out of the desire to bring her back safely.
  • The introduction fiction for Moros in 2E describes the ghost of a man who died in a car accident, who is now haunting his beloved car after it was recovered, repaired and inherited by his brother. Unaware that he is now dead, he is unhappy because the car wasn't rebuilt right and sees his brother driving it like he owns it, causing him to react violently. Eventually, said brother asks help from a Moros mechanic, who immediately realize what is going on, and proceeds to fix the car so it will be exactly how it was before the crash. The ghost, satisfied with how things are turning out, starts to realize he should probably move on and let his brother drive the car, all while starting to notice he is missed.