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YMMV: Happy Wars
  • Disappointing Last Level: The campaign falls victim to this. Considering Sunset is a favorite amongst a large portion of the playerbase, it's disappointing to find out the final mission is a race against the clock to rescue the Princess from the Dark King and the Marshall in what turns out to be a relatively easy fight to defeat them both.
  • Easy Level Trick: Several maps in the game are designed to where you and a small group can sneak along a side route completely undetected and quickly breach the enemy castle if you or another member of your group are running a Cleric. Numerous YouTube videos showcase this tactic.
  • Fake Balance: On paper, Happy Wars's three player classes are relatively balanced. Outside of class specific abilities, they all have access to the same buffs and equipment are comparable to each other (other than Mages having less defense and a lack of shield). However, outside of the Cleric's superior building capabilities and team support, one could argue that the Warrior is the go-to class for all other team needs.
    • Warriors are the only class to have access to the Dash Attack. A fairly powerful attack in its own right, it consumes no AP, inflicts minor knockback, and can be chained indefinitely to traverse the map relatively quickly making any Mobility buffs next to useless. But if the Dash Attack isn't fast enough, they can also spam Rush to not only cover a fair amount of ground, but also annihilate anyone in their way. Entire AI teams spamming Rush has led to many lost games in Co-Op and Special Challenge. And then there's Rocketman AKA Rush taken Up to Eleven. What Rocketman lacks in duration and distance is made up for in not only attack power, but for being the only ability in the entire game that can hurdle over obstacles and ignore fall damage. Lastly, both of these two abilities ignore speed debuffs, namely lightning status and sand traps.
    • Stone Throw is the only attack in the game that can render a target perpetually defenseless. To compare, the Mage has several elemental enchants that can cripple an enemy, but 1) Ice magic requires the target to be close to deliver constant status, 2) Wind magic needs the Mage to use repeated power shots which requires a great deal of MP (which depending on your loadout can be depleted in two shots), and 3) Lightning magic only affects movement speed. Because of Stone Throw, most capable players make it an issue to equip their class with KO Rate Down.
    • Charged Attack can deliver a One-Hit Kill to all but the most defended of players. While charging up, the attack grants the user a small degree of Super Armor to tank a couple of small hits. As an anti-infantry ability, it's relatively balanced. Then players learned that a well placed Charged Attack can tear down any ballista along the castle walls, outperforming a Mage's Lightning Strike with regards to eliminating ballista users that seldom equip themselves with Cannon Durability Up.
    • And now there's the Berserker Class. In-game, the Berserker is meant to be a side grade to the Warrior in the sense that you trade health and defense for added strength and an extra weapon. However, with Dual Wielding comes the capability of adding up to 8 attack buffs to the class (one way to utilize this is to gain Attack Up Level 12). The biggest problem the playerbase has is the Berserker Spin Attack, which not only gives directional control to a continuous attack, but also grants Super Armor and added defense. Players using the Berserker Spin have been reported to tank a full power Charged Attack. The fanbase has been near unanimous in deciding the class in general needs a Nerf.
  • Goddamned Bats/Demonic Spiders: Anytime when a mob of A.I. opponents (or players) spam Rush against you and your team, likely killing you instantly from a result of repeated thrashings or knocking you off a cliff, into pool of lava/water, et cetera. April 2013's Special Challenge mooks and the Castle Defense warriors are prime examples of this.
    • The Class Slayers will be the Demonic Spiders to your favorite class of choice. They deal so much damage to them, it usually kills them instantly!
  • Lost in Translation: Many a character phrase in the original Japanese version is replaced with a totally different quote in the English version.
  • Promotional Powerless Piece of Garbage: The event items start looking like this after you've been running around with stronger premiums and super premiums in order to acquire said event items.
  • Random Number God: It's in charge of handing out the event items. Expect to either never get the item you need to complete a given set, or never get the 6th copy of the item to raise its maximum level to 15.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Restricting story mode levels based on your multiplayer rank is a bummer.
  • Scrub: Quite a large portion of the playerbase is rather upset that many players choose to rush the enemy castle rather than take the control towers one by one.
  • Stop Helping Me!: The multiplayer bots' idea of helping with cannons and ballistae involves ignoring anything else going on to help build(like other players attacking you), attacking any walls you put up to keep OTHER bots/players away, getting in the last tap to steal the Non Combat Experience from building the thing and then taking a seat on it and either doing nothing or not shooting where you intended... and there's no way to force a friendly bot off a tactical weapon.
  • That One Achievement: The MVP Achievement. Conditions to unlock the achievement 
    • As of the Berserker Update, the Archangel Achievement.Conditions to unlock the achievement 
  • That One Attack: The Berserker's Spin Attack
  • That One Mode: Castle Defense Mode. Between the infuriating difficulty, the comparatively bad rewards offered, the slow progression TOWARDS those rewards, the glitchy lobbies and the more-unbalanced-than-usual enemies, most of the playerbase has written the mode off.
  • That One Player: An exploit in the matchmaking system can pit high ranking groups against low ranking groups/randoms. Especially given the gap between what kind of equipment both sides carry.
  • The Computer Is A Lying Bastard: Whether on the third stage in an online Co-Op game or a Co-Op special event, the game significantly misrepresents the stats of individual AI-controlled enemies. It's not uncommon to see enemies with 300 defense points take hits from a player with 1000+ attack like nothing. High level AI enemies even use golden hammers to construct objects on the map quickly despite lacking the necessary Construction Speed Up buff that human players must use to gain the same effect.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Castle Crashers update brought a change in the reward system for special events. Instead of having to win the game (which ended up a problem for some players), now special awards are given provided the player earns enough points in the challenge. However, the points requirements for special items were higher than the majority of the playerbase was willing to accept, especially when point requirements rise after the player earns a golden chest.
    • Win Back the Crowd: Special event awards have fixed point requirements ever since the ilomilo promotion. It now only takes 100 points to earn a chest; every 500 earns a golden chest. Other recent events had a tendency of including several powerful items as rewards. As a result, special events have renewed player interest.
  • Unstable Equilibrium: This game is NOT forgiving to the underleveled and underpowered. Consider the following:
    • Matchmaking matched players according to their rank which works fine up until players reach the league rank. Suddenly, it’s not unusual for players Level 31 (the lowest level that can qualify for league rank) to be matched up with Level 60 players capable of carrying max-level equipment. Worse yet is when these strong players get matched with the lowest level players in the game (usually due to their own manipulation of matchmaking) who stand no chance of being able to defend themselves since they’re locked out from carrying strong equipment if they’re even lucky enough to get it in the first place! And of course, the experience and Happy Stars rewards are based on player performance and whether they win or lose, so naturally the stronger team will make out like bandits post-game.
    • Then there's the level-up system incorporated in-game. Upon leveling up, players get a small buff to each of their stats, as well as unlocking additional skills for each level up to 5. The good players tend to hit the level cap much faster than other players. Stronger players also tend to have access to team skills and experience boosts to strengthen their entire team – said buffs can have a well equipped player at level 5 before anyone can leave their team’s castle. Weaker players tend to have a much harder time catching up.
    • Next is loot in general. Strong players tend to buy their power which contributes to additional success acquiring high grade item drops and winning special challenge rewards with the possibility of earning strong buffs. Weaker players have difficulty earning strong equipment without carrying their own strong equipment.
    • Another glaring example is with this game’s approach to team balance – it’s rare if it even exists in a match. A game can start with a lobby full of players where there is typically no more than one organized party (up to 8 players) matched in a room full of randoms. As early as when the lobby closes to initialize the game, the game’s connectivity issues can set in. Parties are never split up, so if none of them get dropped and they make up one half of all the players in the game or more, they have a significant advantage. Even without accounting for parties, there is no auto-team balance so lopsided teams stay lopsided in the event of dropped connections and players quitting the match.
  • Videogame Cruelty Potential: There exists a flaw in the matchmaking system that allows a group of particularly high players to get matched with a lobby full of new players. After they fish for their particular group, there's a handful of ways to make the newbies' lives a nightmare ranging from a minute-long castle seige or a drawn out battle.

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