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  • Complete Monster:
    • Colonel Thomas Magruder is feverishly seeking a legendary lost city of gold called Quivira, and murders or tortures anyone who gets in his way. His defining moment came in a flashback to years before the events of the game, when he came to a small homestead out in the plains belonging to a benevolent doctor who helped the nearby Apaches. When the Apache chief tells Magruder that his lust for the treasure will lead to his doom, he coldly shoots him, then beheads the doctor. When one of his own soldiers protests his actions, Magruder shoots him, too. In present, Magruder simply attempts to wipe out the Apaches and whoever else he deems an obstacle to his hunt for gold. Magruder is a man singularly devoted to satisfying his own greed, no matter who gets in the way.
    • Magruder's right hand man, "Reverend" Josiah Reed, is a monster in his own right. Reed initiates a massacre at the game's beginning on a steamboat that takes the life of the hero Colton White's adoptive father Ned. When a prostitute named Sady refuses to give Reed answers, he throws a hatchet into her head and has the entire crew massacred. Reed is revealed to be an unhinged lunatic, every bit as bad as his violent boss. When he captures a prostitute named Jenny, Reed pointlessly slits her throat to let her die in front of Colton.
  • Player Punch: Jenny's death.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The game's portrayal of Native Americans and Chinese is quite...questionable. Some accuse the developers of using the period setting as an excuse to be racist.
    • On the other hand, the game makes no claim at being realistic, and the portrayals are well within the boundaries of established Spaghetti Western tropes.

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