YMMV: Ghost Recon

  • Anticlimax Boss: Most of the franchise's final bosses are simply ringleaders surrounded by a lot of bodyguards. In some cases, you might not notice them die because you were shelling the bodyguards with grenades.
  • Good Bad Bugs
    • In Advanced Warfighter, you team recovers 100% if you quit the game and reload.
      • Also in AW 1 was a mistake with some of the weapon statistics, the SCAR-H held 50 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, and therefore became hands down the best rifle in the world. In real life, it usually has a 20 round magazine. They fixed it in the sequel, but as of yet, the Xbox 360 version still has that error. Why is it not just a fancy-highcap magazine? Because itīs a standart sized magazine...a 50 round 7.62x51mm magazine would be about as long as a forearm...if not longer.
    • Advanced Warfighter 2 fixed a bug (from the previous game) where teammates wouldn't use suppressing fire. As such, it's harder to get them to act like soldiers and simply cover a zone, rather than engage soldiers in that area.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The opening scenario in the original game (a team of elite operatives go into Georgia to deal with Russian invasion forces backed by ultra-nationalists... in the far-off date of 2008) becomes even more disturbing once you consider the Russian invasion of Georgia - which also happened in 2008.
  • Porting Disaster: Future Soldier. Not only was the PC release delayed, but ingame menus all show 360 controller prompts, and the keyboard and mouse don't work. Also, even after the last patch, you still can't bind the drone controls to any keys other than w,a,s,d. The game is also very poorly optimized; max settings are a lag-fest even though the graphics are comparable to much smoother games like Max Payne 3, and the forest mission Valiant Hammer grinds to a slideshow even on medium settings.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The first minute of "Anthem" from the first game sounds suspiciously like this track from Air Force One.