YMMV / Geneforge

  • Broken Base: The "charged" creations added in Geneforge 4, replacing several creations' upgraded forms with "charged" versions which are more powerful, but rapidly break down and cannot survive for long. While they do have their fans, many people resent no longer being able to use stronger versions of certain creatures without having to roleplay somebody so uncaring about the wellbeing of their creations that they would create ones doomed to die in the name of victory.
  • Game-Breaker: In some games, the Vlish. They are cheap to create and cause both slow and poison status effects, making a sufficiently-leveled pack of them unbeatable even on higher difficulty levels.
    • Parry in Geneforge 2. At high levels, nearly every attack can be dodged with a 50/50 chance, and if that fails, you have another 50/50 chance to take less damage, and if that fails, you have another 50/50 chance to counter for high damage if the attack is melee. Guardians practically break the game all the way through, and even Agents and Shapers can heavily benefit from several points in it.
  • Goddamn Bats: Enemy Vlish. They swarm and cause a variety of negative status effects.
    • Podlings in V have area-effect attacks that inflict negative status effects. And since different varieties inflict different effects, it can get very annoying very quickly.
  • That One Level:
    • The Power Core in Geneforge 1. Health is almost constantly drained, usually killing weak creations or low-endurance characters almost immediately. It gets even worse the further you go into the area, to the point of making the area nearly impossible to certain character types. Luckily, the only enemies in the area are relatively weak shades, but combined with the health drain they can still be a major nuisance if they come at the wrong time.
    • The Radiant College in Geneforge 2, as any faction other than the Barzites. Most faction questlines require you to sabotage the research of the college, which requires either killing the leaders of the area (which is as difficult as it sounds), stealing the research papers (which sets off the alarm, alerting everyone in the area to your location) or causing a gas leak (which causes health drain to the entire area, forcing you to escape the area immediately or die quickly). And then there are the enemies: large amounts of drayks and drakons, powerful human mages and a gazer boss that, around the time you'll more than likely be tackling this area, will likely be powerful enough to instantly kill most characters. And for three of the five faction choices, this area is mandatory. Good luck.