YMMV / Geneforge

  • Broken Base: The "charged" creations added in Geneforge 4, replacing several creations' upgraded forms with "charged" versions which are more powerful, but rapidly break down and cannot survive for long. While they do have their fans, many people resent no longer being able to use stronger versions of certain creatures without having to roleplay somebody so uncaring about the wellbeing of their creations that they would create ones doomed to die in the name of victory.
  • Game Breaker: In some games, the Vlish. They are cheap to create and cause both slow and poison status effects, making a sufficiently-leveled pack of them unbeatable even on higher difficulty levels.
  • Goddamn Bats: Enemy Vlish. They swarm and cause a variety of negative status effects.
    • Podlings in V have area-effect attacks that inflict negative status effects. And since different varieties inflict different effects, it can get very annoying very quickly.