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YMMV: EastEnders
  • Dork Age: Between roughly 2002 and 2005, when the show was produced by Louise Berridge and then her very short-lived successor, Kathleen Hutchinson, due to the storylines being bland at best and ridiculous at worst (most infamously with Dirty Den's return), and the various new characters introduced in this era (particularly the Ferreira family) almost all being misfires. Though the quality of the show has had its ups and downs in the years since, pretty much all fans and critics still agree this to be the show's absolute worst period.
  • Ear Worm: The title theme, if this page's intro didn't already clue you in.
  • Internet Backdraft: Many fans were bemoaning the Eastenders: E20 spinoff and complained that it was turning Eastenders into Hollyoaks/Skins. However, now that the first episode has come out, some are now saying it's not so bad.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Dirty Den is probably the best in the history of the show. A sharp-dressed Deadpan Snarker and The Casanova who faked his own death to escape an organisation of vicious gangsters then came back years later. Outwitted Phil Mitchell and landed him in prison and then there was this scene: "Merry Christmas, Ange!" He could be thought of as the Lionel Luthor of Walford with his own Lex Luthor in the form of his son, Dennis Rickman. Manipulative and borderline sociopathic though he is, Den still has lines he won't cross is fiercely protective of his family and occasionally even looks out for members of the community.
    • In the end however, Den's outgambited by his Magnificent Bitch of a wife, Chrissie Watts.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Stella Crawford.
  • The Scrappy: Darren Miller, Billy Mitchell, Zainab Masood.
  • So Bad, It's Good
  • Squick: The reaction from many during the Baby Switch storyline. It was so poorly received the producers were forced to wrap it up early despite the fact that compared to some previous storylines on EastEnders, it was pretty tame.
  • The Wesley: Stacey fucking Slater.
    • So much so, she became the Spotlight-Stealing Squad throughout her run on the show just so viewers would feel sympathy for her. With this in mind, it was obciously she would be the one unmasked as Archie's killer, but because the writers loved her so much, she'd get away with it and who would take the fall? Her husband, Bradley, who actually died because he was focused on telling her to get away rather than keep his balance.
  • The Woobie: Nearly everyone has had their time in the Woobie spotlight, including the likes of Lofty Holloway, Arthur Fowler, but most notably poor, poor Little Mo. Dot is probably a very close second.
    • Little Mo: Throughout 2000-2001 her husband, Trevor, would isolate her from her family, abusive her continuously (the audience wasn't spared the details) and rape her. He had incredibly violent moodswings and whenever she tried to leave he would turn on the charm. When she tried to leave him in December 2001, he found her and tempted to drag her back to him again but she instead smashed him with an iron when he attacked her, believing she had killed him. She was found guilty of attempted murder and sent to eight years in prison, which was nullified when Trevor made a deal with her family (Kat wouldn't prosecute him for the abuse he gave Kat and he would let the attempted murder drop). When she got back, she threatened to divorce Trevor but he took her and Sean (the baby he had with another woman) hostage; the house caught fire and Trevor died. Throughout her relationship with Trevor she became close with Bill, who she married after Trevor's death in 2002. A night before their wedding anniversary, she was raped by Graham and got pregnant (clear of STDs though) with Freddie. In 2006, Mo and Billy divorced on good terms and Mo concentrated on bringing up Freddie, who received a minor head injury from Ben (but other medical problems made it a larger issue) but everybody believed Mo had caused it. Confronting Ben caused Mo to lose her job, though Ben eventually confessed that he had done it after Peggy called Mo a child beater in public. Eventually she moved Oop North with Freddy, so it turned out all right in the end.
    • Syed Masood. A Muslim man who tried to repress the fact that he was gay, who started a secret on-off relationship with Christian under the nose of his girlfriend and his family. He ended up getting blackmailed by someone in the neighborhood, who was eventually revealed to be Christian's niece. His homophobic mother forced him into abandoning Christian and marrying his fiancée Amira just to save face in their community. Of course, he ended up going back to the boyfriend and trying to carry on with the affair and was eventually discovered by Amira, upsetting her to the point of Woobification herself in the process, leaving him with the guilt of that on his shoulders. With a husband who turned out to be gay, she would be considered damaged goods and her father would consider her his lifelong slave. He lost everything after this: his family disowned him and then started to fall apart, yelling about how he'd brought shame on them; he split up with Christian, only to later see him brutally injured after being beaten up by Amira's Father; he lost the respect of his entire community... and it was just relentless. He kept trying to explain to his parents, but to no avail. After several weeks of being treated like nothing more than the root of everyone's problems the isolation got so bad that he attempted suicide. He survived, but when he woke up in hospital the first thing he heard was his Mother telling him that his sexuality was a disease and that he'd be better off dead. The very next week, he found a special therapist who claimed he can find a cure for being gay.
      • It's got better for Syed since then. He stood up for himself, left his family and got back together with Christian but is still disowned as far as his parents are concerned, (though as he once pointed out to his father, they're doing a perfectly good job creating hell for themselves without him, so maybe that's not such a bad thing).
      • Things are really looking up for Syed now. He is getting along much better with his family after the whole Yusef affair. However, Amira is back in the picture, and wants him back
    • Ronnie: Raped repeatedly as a child, her family not knowing. Then Ronnie has her baby, and probably fearing its parentage, her father makes her give her up for adoption. Then, she finally escapes, and spends the next couple of decades clearing up after her sister, Roxy. Then they move into Albert Square, and, whilst still sorting out Roxy's life, Ronnie gets a man, Jack. Jack then has an affair with Roxy, and is the father of Roxy's baby. Ronnie's boyfriend is the father of her niece. Nice. Then, on her birthday, she meets up with her father, Archie, again, by accident, who tells her her daughter died. Except she didn't, and then the next few months are spent split between being isolated from the rest of the Mitchells (due to Archie worming his way into their hearts) and persuading Danielle (a Woobie-extraordinaire in her own right) who unbeknownst to Danielle is her long-lost daughter to abort her own grandchild, despite knowing that it would probably be a mistake. Eventually, she decides to forgive Archie, except behind the scenes, Archie knows who Danielle is, and is torturing her psychologically, and even tries to kill her. Eventually, Danielle comes clean at Archie's wedding, only to be cast out by Ronnie herself. Of course, when Ronnie finds out the truth and chases after her, Danielle gets run over and is killed instantly. Naturally, Ronnie's a bit disappointed, and insult is added to injury when Danielle's best mate and adopted father both reject and blame her. She desperately tries to have another baby, but is caught by Jack putting holes in their condoms and he leaves, and then she hooks up with her childhood sweetheart and they seem to be cooking along fine, until it turns out he's had a vasectomy anyway. Eventually, she does get pregnant (by a reformed criminal who is killed in an unrelated plot a little bit later), but, having been pushed against the bar by her father, loses her foetus. Now, her cousin, Sam, is on the run from the law, and Ronnie offers to put up the bail. When Archie loses the opportunity to ingratiate himself with the Mitchells, he persuades Sam to do a runner, so Ronnie loses almost all of her money. Through some plans later, Archie gets his hands on The Queen Vic: the Mitchells, and Ronnie's, home. Soon after, he is killed, and she's prime suspect. In the new year, it's revealed to Ronnie's family that Archie raped her as a child: except the only one that believes her is her estranged mother, who knew all along, and only left because she felt jealous of Ronnie, getting all of Archie's attention. Meanwhile, Jack has an affair with Sam, and she has a child by him. On the plus side, Ronnie's FINALLY pregnant by Jack, just in time for the best Christmas Walford has ever had.
      • And barely a day or so after she has the baby it stops breathing and dies, pushing Ronnie past the Despair Event Horizon to the point where she ends up stealing Kat's newborn child.
      • She dealed with so much shit, Kat completely forgave her for what she did, saying she didn't want her to go to prison. However, she has.
    • Whitney: Tony groomed her from the age of twelve, raped her repeatedly, tricked her into stealing from Bianca because he promised to run away with her when she was sixteen, psychologically abused her and then when the police come for him, he has the nerve to shout, "It's not rape, she's sixteen, she's sixteen!"

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