YMMV / Cry of Fear

  • Awesome Music: People did not expect the mod to have such a great soundtrack. Here they are.
  • Broken Base: Ever since Lowtax's very mocking Let's Play (which complained about the voice acting, the slow pace, the darkness of the mod, the puzzles, level layout, the over-reliance on jump scares, and was really an excuse to bash PewDiePie and various "stick a camera to record my scared reactions" copycats that propped up around the game in the wake of it all), there's been a growing hatedom amongst the goons.
  • Demonic Spider:
    • The Sawrunner, a masked man with a saw that rushes at you with erratic movements while screaming, and will hound you through various segments for the better part of the game even if you somehow manage to kill him at some point. He can instantly catch up to even if you sprint and is a One-Hit KO if he hits you. Even worse in the harder difficulty settings where he doesn't pause before attacking.
    • The Sawcrazy is probably even worse. He's not as fast, but that's where the upsides end. He has two chainsaws, which he swings around at all times so even getting close to him is instant death, he's only slightly less durable than the Sawrunner, and unlike him he's pretty much unavoidable. Thankfully, he only shows up in co-op.
  • Fridge Horror: The 'Private Notes' scattered around the apartment hints at the provenance of the Babies and Children that come after you. 'The kiddies are so cute and lovely, I just want to touch them! But then the parents come, that's why I had to kill them!'
  • Hell Is That Noise: It is a game with a great soundtrack, but the track Kill Yourself is one of the more horrifying songs that play. It triggers when the world around Simon swiftly changes to a nightmare, and the song is downright psychotic.
  • Tear Jerker: All but one of the endings.
  • Narm: The English voice acting, Simon's in particular. To a ridiculous degree.
    • Simon's voice is an interesting case, in that when the actor playing him joined the project and recorded some of the lines that are heard early on in the game, he was very new to voice acting, and his delivery was pretty iffy. By the time the game was in its finishing stages, he had done other jobs and, thus, gained experience, making the acting progressively less narmy as you play the game. And even before the end, the acting has its moments.
    • While the female enemies stabbing themselves after you kill them is disturbing, the squishing noise the action makes is not. It sounds like someone stepping on a mound of pudding.
    • The flashback with Sophie after her suicide and the Carcass fight is hard to take seriously. Simon breaks down in public declaring his love for her, to which she seems mildly annoyed at best, not even paying attention at worst.
  • The Woobie: Simon.
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Sick Simon.
  • X Meets Y: Silent Hill meets Condemned.