Awesome Music / Cry of Fear

The official soundtrack can be purchased here.
  • Crow is a beautiful track that was released to waiting fans long before the game became available. Anticipation for Cry of Fear grew a lot that day.
  • Sophie.
  • Sorrow. Doubles as a boss battle theme.
  • Brandon is an extremely calming track that plays at the beginning of chapter 3, after a very stressful nightmare sequence.
  • The part of the town where the player had to run from the chainsaw wielding mad man? Returning to the same streets later plays the soothing track Chainsaw Reaction.
  • "Jumping Strings" and "I donīt want to exist" from the album.
  • Dark City is the intro music where Simon rides the train in the very first scene. A slow, beautiful and emotional piano piece that would fit well in a Silent Hill universe.
  • Doctor Battle. An action beat that really fits the atmosphere of the game.