YMMV / Conan

The TV series:

  • Accidental Innuendo: A classic blooper occurred in the interview with Julianne Hough. She got to talking about wearing "Daisy Dukes" shorts for a movie. Tom Selleck, who was the first guest, asked her if the shorts were wet, as a Brick Joke to what he was talking about in the first segment. Of course, it goes without saying that asking if the shorts are wet can be taken more than one way, and Conan got up and walked around while the audience laughed.
    • Another incident...
    Steven Ho: (to Conan) Now, you get on top of me.
  • Broken Base: Bearded Conan vs clean-shaven Conan seems to be becoming this, at least right after Will Ferrell shaved him.
    • Andy Richter. Some people think that you can't have Conan without Andy, whereas others wish Andy would leave the show.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
  • Ear Worm: Minty the Candy Cane's theme song. "Minty fell on the ground / For just a moment or twooo". Invoked when Conan kept saying he couldn't get it out of his head.
    • The 'War Horse' music. Invoked by Conan and Andy, and played again on the following show due to its popularity.
    • "Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities."
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Conan's assistant Sona accumulated a fanbase after the "Conan in Armenia" episode. This was mentioned in this sketch.
    • Marshawn Lynch has become rather popular in the "Clueless Gamer" segments, showing not just skill as a gamer but a gift for deadpan humor.
  • Estrogen Brigade: The HCPN (Hot Coco Picture Night) Wenches. Go to the Team Coco Facebook page on a Sunday night to witness lots of R-rated drooling over photos of Conan.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Conan earned a lot of popularity in Finland, mainly due to his resemblance to Finnish president Tarja Halonen (a fact that he pointed out a few times on Late Night). The show finally started airing in Finland as of mid-August 2011, to much rejoicing.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Jon Cryer appeared on the show and cracked about how he had to watch "TMZ to see if I'll be going to work that day"., referring to the frequent troubles of his Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen. Guess who was hospitalized merely a day later, stopping production on the show and kicking off a downward spiral that finally led to him being fired?
    • For years, Conan joked about Caitlyn (then Bruce) Jenner with two recurring themes: his plastic surgeries and him looking particularly feminine. Come 2015, and it turns out only one of those is supposed to be a joke.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When the April 5, 2011 episode went Off the Rails Conan used his standard line that "This show will never air." This was eerily accurate for the west coast TBS feed that night, which showed dead air, about 20 minutes straight of commercials, and then parts of the show completely out of order.
  • Ho Yay: Between Conan and Andy. And Conan and most male guests.
  • Jumping the Shark: Invoked by Conan, who said the jeggings episode was the moment, and claimed that because he had jumped so early (3 weeks in), he could just coast for the rest of his career.
  • Memetic Mutation: A couple, which originated in the YouTube comments for various videos:
    • "This isn't Mike Matei": A frequent comment for "Fan Corrections" videos. Mike Matei of Cinemassacre.com (the site where The Angry Video Game Nerd is seen, and which Mike can frequently be seen in various videos) made a Fan Correction, but to date it hasn't appeared on the show. Many Cinemassacre fans want Matei's Fan Correction to air, hence the quote.
    • "CONY 2012": A parody of "KONY 2012", an independent movie about Joseph Kony.
  • Nightmare Fuel: WikiBear's gruesome tales would absolutely terrify children.
  • Special Effect Failure: Chikpea the sports-predicting chicken. Lampshaded by Conan:
    Conan: Stop moving hay with your feet, Chikpea.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song:
    • Whenever Conan does his Donald Trump impression, the band plays something that sounds almost but not quite like "For The Love of Money" (The Apprentice theme song). This annoys Conan, so of course they keep doing it. Eventually Conan said it was starting to sound like the transition music from Seinfeld.
    • Similarly, the sketch "Basic Cable Name That Tune" has the band playing something that sounds like a famous but expensive to license song complete with goofy lyrics that match the meaning of the original, and audience members are asked to guess which song it almost sounds like.
      • "Have Intercourse With Yourself" was particularly amusing.

The 2007 video game: