YMMV: Conan

  • Accidental Innuendo: A classic blooper occurred in the interview with Julianne Hough. She got to talking about wearing "Daisy Dukes" shorts for a movie. Tom Selleck, who was the first guest, asked her if the shorts were wet, as a Brick Joke to what he was talking about in the first segment. Of course, it goes without saying that asking if the shorts are wet can be taken more than one way, and Conan got up and walked around while the audience laughed.
    • Another incident...
    Steven Ho: (to Conan) Now, you get on top of me.
  • Broken Base: Bearded Conan vs clean-shaven Conan seems to be becoming this, at least right after Will Ferrell shaved him.
    • Andy Richter. Some people think that you can't have Conan without Andy, whereas others wish Andy would leave the show.
  • Crazy Awesome: The first-year Christmas decorations, which include King Kong holding Santa's Sleigh, Godzilla with a candy cane, a UFO, "San-magnetron-Claus", the Rabbi Robot (which is inexplicably reading the New Testament), and a giant Christmas Chicken Sandwich!
    • In the segment immediately following the unveiling of the new Christmas set, Conan had the Godzilla deflated because the fan was making too much noise, and he could barely hear Andy, so he was afraid he wouldn't be able to hear his guests. A few minutes later he said there's still a lot of noise in the background; maybe it's the chicken sandwich? The crowd immediately responded, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" (The chicken sandwich stayed).
      • Godzilla was back the following night, however.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
  • Ear Worm: Minty the Candy Cane's theme song. "Minty fell on the ground / For just a moment or twooo". Invoked when Conan kept saying he couldn't get it out of his head.
    • The 'War Horse' music. Invoked by Conan and Andy, and played again on the following show due to its popularity.
    • "Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets from Young Female Celebrities."
  • Estrogen Brigade: The HCPN (Hot Coco Picture Night) Wenches. Go to the Team Coco Facebook page on a Sunday night to witness lots of R-rated drooling over photos of Conan.
  • Finns Love Conan O'Brien: mainly due to his resemblance to Finnish president Tarja Halonen (a fact that he pointed out a few times on Late Night). The show finally started airing in Finland as of mid-August 2011, to much rejoicing.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Jon Cryer appeared on the show and cracked about how he had to watch "TMZ to see if I'll be going to work that day"., referring to the frequent troubles of his Two and a Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen. Guess who was hospitalized merely a day later, stopping production on the show and kicking off a downward spiral that finally led to him being fired?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When the April 5, 2011 episode went Off the Rails Conan used his standard line that "This show will never air." This was eerily accurate for the west coast TBS feed that night, which showed dead air, about 20 minutes straight of commercials, and then parts of the show completely out of order.
  • Ho Yay: Between Conan and Andy.
    • Conan does not shy away from this trope. He often says "I love you, too" to guys in the audience members who yell declarations of love to him. He's kissed (or licked) La Bamba all throughout his tour. He's stripped down to his undies and got into a bathtub with Ricky Gervais. He's simulated "tall people sex" with Stephen Merchant. He's kissed Stephen Colbert. He got a lapdance from Sacha Baron Cohen. It's usually the guest that comes on to Conan, probably because he's the one talk show host who's always willing to play along.
    • Conan has slowdanced with and kissed Andy. The two also frequently exchange suggestive glances and strongly imply that they've seen each other's penises.
    La Bamba: Conan and Andy, dancing man to man-dy / Cheek to cheek, it's oh so sweet / There's nothing wrong with two men dancing / I wouldn't be surprised if it leads to romancing / It is really true love, it's not superficial, they're gonna move to Vermont and make it official / They'll finally get married and adopt a baby, Andy's the man and Conan's the laaaaaaady!
    Conan: Why am I the lady?! (shrugs)...Alright, I'm the lady. (goes back to dancing)
    • Andy has called Conan "pretty" on more than one occasion. And occasionally during the show's opening, they blow kisses at each other.
    • And Conan once announced that he and Andy were getting married.
    • When Conan was wearing jeggings, Andy suggestively told him to pick up his jacket from the floor. Conan said "I'll pick it up, Andy!" and bent over. Cue fanservice-y close-up shots.
    • In a sketch that's supposed to expose Conan sexually harassing someone, Andy overhears Conan (seemingly) having extremely loud sex... With a guy. Andy listens for quite a while as Conan demands to be bent over for the other guy to "get in there". Andy then decides to burst into the room and... Demands that he join in. It's like a scene straight out of the beginning of a PWP.
    • He went out on a dinner date with his producer, Jordan Schlansky. And they also spent Valentine's Day together.
    • And he licks guys' faces at every opportunity.
    • When Craig Ferguson was a guest, he talked about how he and Conan "used to make out".
      • Jon Hamm also announced, right when his interview started, that he and Conan had "made out" backstage, right before the show. What is it about male guests and making out with Conan?!
    • Jeff Goldblum jokingly grabbed Conan's crotch during an interview. It went by so quickly that Conan didn't even have time to react; he could only look confused after.
    • And then there's Joel McHale's idea of subtlety.
      • Not to mention when he made a cameo in one of the episodes to promote Community. He randomly gave Conan a vibrator before leaving.
  • Jumping the Shark: Invoked by Conan, who said the jeggings episode was the moment, and claimed that because he had jumped so early (3 weeks in), he could just coast for the rest of his career.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off:
    • Whenever Conan does his Donald Trump impression, the band plays something that sounds almost but not quite like "For The Love of Money" (The Apprentice theme song). This annoys Conan, so of course they keep doing it. Eventually Conan said it was starting to sound like the transition music from Seinfeld.
    • Similarly, the sketch "Basic Cable Name That Tune" has the band playing something that sounds like a famous but expensive to license song complete with goofy lyrics that match the meaning of the original, and audience members are asked to guess which song it almost sounds like.
      • "Have Intercourse With Yourself" was particularly amusing.