Trivia: Conan

  • Fan Nick Name: "Coco," bestowed by Tom Hanks on the second night of Conan's Tonight Show, popularized by Bradley Cooper, and quickly adopted by the fans. Conan has reluctantly embraced it since, and Team Coco is now the name of the show's website and all of their various official social media accounts.
  • No Budget: Conan often complains that because they are on cable, they "don't have a lot of scratch." Particularly as the premise for "Basic Cable Name That Tune."
  • You Look Familiar: Conan will point out if an actor in a sketch is the same person that appeared earlier in the show in an unrelated sketch. This has especially been prevalent in the episodes during the 9/15/04-9/18/04 week, when Brian Stack played an audience member too exhausted from heat to laugh, yet also appeared in other unrelated sketches.
    Conan: (singing) It's the show that reuses actors multiple times!