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  • The bunny makes an appearance in the fourth MS Paint Adventures story, Homestuck. In-story, it's certified to be the very bunny used for shooting the movie.
    ...early in the story I decided I needed something really ludicrous to harp on repeatedly, and ALSO for that thing to prove to be, through a deliberately circuitous path, immensely critical to the plot. This was the bunny. I guess you could say Cage was along for the ride.

    If the question is "Why the bunny?" the answer is, because there is nothing you could possibly select to be the critical linchpin of a story that is more stupid than authentic memorabilia from the film Con Air, specifically the stuffed rabbit that Cameron Poe gave to his daughter at the end. You can try to think of something dumber, but you won't succeed.
    • Andrew Hussie created a new era for this film. A good number of people simply watch it because it is John's favorite movie... and to see if it was really that good.
    • Andrew Hussie has recently purchased the actual stuffed rabbit from the film, bringing things full circle.