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YMMV: Coming to America
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Those topless servant girls who clean Prince Akeem's "royal penis" at the start of the movie.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "She's Your Queen To Be".
  • Ear Worm: "Soul Glo," "She's Your Queen To Be," and Sexual Chocolate's version of "The Greatest Love of All."
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In this movie, Murphy plays an African prince who goes to America to find love. In his earlier standup special "Eddie Murphy: Raw", he does a whole bit about going to Africa to find love. Compare both to what really happened.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Eddie Murphy talking about the Giants defeating the Packers with a field goal kick, which would happen in the 2007 post-season. Also a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment for Packers fans.
  • Memetic Mutation: The scene of Semmi opening the door to Akeem's apartment only to find the king before him, screaming, and closing the door quickly. You'll find many a modified GIF of it.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Eriq La Salle as the "Soul Glo" guy
    • And one of the guys getting his haircut is Cuba Gooding, Jr.
    • Not to mention that the guy who tries to hold up McDowell's is none other than Samuel L. Jackson!
    • Big Brother Jake drops f-bombs as a cabbie. Wait, was I the only person who used to watch that show?

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