Awesome / Coming to America

  • Cleo telling King Jaffe in no uncertain terms he'll "Break his foot off in his royal ass" if he says another ill word about his daughter.
    • The lead-up to this moment counts, too. Cleo has been urging Lisa to marry a rich Jerk Ass throughout the whole movie, and is absolutely thrilled when he discovers that Akeem is an impossibly wealthy prince who literally appears on his own money. But when King Jaffe starts remarking that Akeem couldn't possibly be interested in a "commoner" like Lisa, Cleo absolutely loses it. Sensing that he's offended him, but not willing to apologize, Jaffe offers him a million dollars for the inconvenience, and then ups it to two million. Cleo tears up the check and says the above line, demanding that King Jaffe treated his daughter with respect.
  • Akeem whooping the thief at McDowell's, played by Samuel L. Jackson, of all people!
  • Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, but when Akeem's mother, Queen Aoleon, urges Akeem to go after Lisa again, to the disapproval of King Jaffe Joffer, she says "Put a sock in it, Jaffe! The boy's in love!".