Trivia / Coming to America

  • Acting for Two: Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Technically, both are Acting For Four.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Dawson Casting: The movie opens on Prince Akeem's 21st birthday. Eddie Murphy, who played the prince, was actually 27 at the time.
  • Deleted Scene: Cuba Gooding, Jr. shot a scene in which his character (Boy Getting Haircut) tells Clarence that he does not have money to pay for his haircut. Clarence responds by cutting a big chunk out of the boy's hair. But to Gooding's disappointment, the scene was deleted.
  • Hostility on the Set: While Eddie Murphy and John Landis worked together well on Trading Places, here they had a clash of personalities, though they did work together again on Beverly Hills Cop III. Landis recalled:
    The guy on Trading Places was young and full of energy and curious and funny and fresh and great. The guy on Coming to America was the pig of the world... But I still think he's wonderful in the movie."
    • Murphy recalled:
    We had a tussling confrontation…We didn't come to blows. Personalities didn't mesh. I grabbed him, and he thought I was playing. So he tried to grab my balls and I pushed him away. But I wasn't kidding. He was doing some silly shit that made me mad. He directed me in Trading Places when I was just starting out as a kid, but he was still treating me like a kid five years later during Coming to America. And I hired him to direct the movie! I was gonna direct Coming to America myself, but I knew that Landis had just done three fucked-up pictures in a row and that his career was hanging by a thread after the Twilight Zone trial. I figured the guy was nice to me when I did Trading Places, so I'd give him a shot… I was going out of my way to help this guy, and he fucked me over. Now he's got a hit picture on his resumé, a movie that made over $200 million, as opposed to him coming off a couple of fucked-up movies – which is where I'd rather see him be right now (laughs).
  • Missing Trailer Scene: There was a scene featured in the theatrical trailer that was cut from the final film. In it, Cleo Mc Dowell, Akeem, and Semmi walk into Cleo's office, where he asks if either of them have had any fast food work experience. Semmi responds "Certainly not!" Akeem then nudges Semmi, and tells Cleo that this is their first job in the United States.
  • Recycled: The Series: A television pilot of a weekly sitcom version of the film was produced for CBS, following the film's success, starring Tommy Davidson as Prince Tariq, and Paul Bates reprising his role as Oha. The pilot went unsold, but was televised on July 4, 1989 as part of the CBS Summer Playhouse pilot anthology series.
  • Talking to Himself: Hall and Murphy play three of the four characters in the barbershop; one of whom is an Alter Kocker.
  • Technology Marches On: If mobile phones were more widespread at the time, Semmi might have texted Akeem that his parents, the King and Queen, are in New York, and he's gone with them to the Waldorf Astoria.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: This film dates itself to the late 1980s with its depiction of Pre-Giuliani NYC, its fashion, its soundtrack, describing Mike Tyson as a "new boy" in boxing, and the presen
  • What Could Have Been: Sidney Poitier was considered for King Jaffe Joffer.
  • Working Title: The Quest.