WMG / Coming to America

Akeem's former betrothed ends up with Darryl
They meet at a Zamundan function that Darryl gets invited to (maybe a later wedding reception for Americans), and discover they are a natural fit for each other.
Imani finds herself
Personally I like to think Lisa befriended her and taught her to stand up for herself whereupon Imani went on to lead the Women's Rights movement of Zamumda.....
McDowell's wasn't always a McDonald's rip-off
Since it's near impossible for someone to rip off one of the world's largest fast food chains for 20 or 30 years and become a millionaire by doing it, here's the WMG. When the McDowell's restaurant first opened, it was just a generic local burger joint. No golden arcs, no Big Micks and no plaid uniforms. While the restaurant was mildly successful, it eventually struggled to make back the money necessary to keep it afloat. Facing bankruptcy, Cleo was hit with an idea: since McDowell's sounds a lot like McDonald's and people often mistakenly dialed McDowell's' number while trying to call McDonald's, he turned the restaurant into a poor man's McDonald's, making just enough changes to avoid a lawsuit while offering things that Mickey D's doesn't (i.e. lower prices, better tasting food, more options, etc.) in order to entice customers.