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YMMV: Arcana Heart
  • Badass Decay: Lieselotte. In Arcana Heart 1, she's a bonafide Enfant Terrible assassin. Afterwards, she began to mellow down into Jerkass Woobie.
  • Broken Base: There are some fighting game veterans that have a cold reception to the series just because it has an all-girls cast filled with Boobs of Steel, Gag Boobs, Fanservice, and Stripperific characters.
    • Being an animeish game doesn't do it favors in this regards as that in itself invites a broken base
  • Cliché Storm: The entire series could be considered this, with a ninja girl with dog ears, a water-powered catgirl, a roller skating demon girl, a female Chinese android with Boobs of Steel, mikos with Boobs of Steel, you name it.
  • Epileptic Tree - They tend to come up with theories with how Zenia and Lieselotte are related (they do look a bit alike...)
  • Fridge Horror: Whatever happened to the nuns that were assisting Mildred in Arcana Heart 1? After Mildred is defeated, she gets sucked into the Arcana world, and her floating castle vanishes... either the nuns got sucked in along with her, or it's possible they all died.
  • Game Breaker: Averted. Konoha's short physique helps her avoid many attacks, but she has a pretty short range.
    • Played straight with Elsa. Depending on Arcana selection, she has several infinite combos in Arcana Heart 3.
  • Genius Bonus: Akane Inuwaka's Arcana is named after a type of fox. Knowing that, check out her ears under that do-rag.
  • Les Yay: Most of the girls have something for another.
    • Particularly notable with Clarice di Lanza, in that there is no such thing as subtext regarding her fixation with Elsa la Conti.
    • Mei Fang also seems to have shades of this with her creator. In her Arcana Heart 3 ending, it seems to be more than just shades.
    • Mildred also, with Fiona.
  • Moe - The first fully Moe fighting game franchise.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Lieselotte Achenbach... a cute little kid who's actually a world class assassin Enfant Terrible who carries a doll containing her sister's soul (or so she thought). Uuuhh...
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The first game was too slow, the console version of the second game was a Porting Disaster, but the third game blows both of its predecessors out of the water big time.
  • That One Boss: Parace L'Sia in 3's Score Attack, quite possibly the single hardest fighting game boss EVER. Her attacks all come out way too fast and the range on them is too good for their to any reliable way of dodging them and she can easily pull off combos that will deplete your lifebar if she manages to hit you even once! Even her low health doesn't help because her Teleport Spam makes her too hard to hit most of the time, and she slowly recovers health during the fight and actually has a super move the lets her rapidly heal herself. Pretty much the only reliable way to beat her is to try again and again, because the more times you lose to her the less health she starts the fight with.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion - Raise your hand if you think that had it not been her name and the fact that this is an all-girls fighting game, you might pass up Dorothy Albright as a cute little boy.
  • The Woobie: Every time Fiona Mayfield loses, she ends up crying and pleading for the opponent to stay away from Mildred.

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