Funny / Arcana Heart

  • Fiona casually throwing Heart off of the floating island after defeating her in 1.
    Fiona: *drag, drag, drag* "Please come again some other day, we do love visitors!" *throw*
  • Akane in complete tears watching Nazuna move in with Kamui in Nazuna's ending in 3.
  • Fighting Lieselotte in Maori's story mode in 3. Lieselotte accuses Maori of hiding two celestial stones on her person (this is before you've acquired any). After winning, Maori tells Lieselotte to stop pointing at her chest like that.
  • In the story modes for 3, if you fight Elsa after beating Clarice, she says that she is only getting vengeance on her because, if she doesn't, Clarice will cry herself to death. Elsa just goes with it.
  • In Kamui's story in 3, after listening to Scharlachrot's Motive Rant, her response is "Well... okay, then...".