Trivia / Arcana Heart

  • Marth Debuted in Smash Bros.: For those who didn't play the second game, every character is available in 3.
  • No Export for You: The second game. Probably largely due to the fact that the PS2 didn't handle the game well.
    • The Xbox 360 version is not available in North America due to circumstances beyond Aksys' control. The 360 version, weighing in at 2 gigabytes, breaks the 800 megabyte limit for XBLA titles.
    • The original game (and the sequel, obviously) skipped Europe.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: You can find several The Idolmaster voice actresses here, in particular Hiromi Hirata (Makoto Kikuchi) as Kamui, Mayako Nigo (Yayoi Takatsuki) as Lilica and Juri Takita (Kotori Otonashi) as Mei-Fang and Mei-Ling
  • Screwed by the Network: The North American PlayStation 2 version of the first game removed the voices used during dialogue due to Sony Computer Entertainment America's policy against games without English dubs. The same region's PS3 port of the third game was forced to go download-only for the same reason. It was then further screwed when Sony shut down their download service for over a month shortly after its release.
    • The 360 port was screwed even further by "circumstances beyond" Aksys' control. The circumstances? The game's size is over 2 GB, and the limit for your typical XBLA title is 800 MB.