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YMMV: Afro Samurai
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    General Examples 
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Afro and Justice are both enormous bait for this. Since it's a story about revenge, and it is only told from Afro's perspective, it gives a lot of interpretation over who the true villain is of the story. Afro wants to avenge his fathers death, and leaves a path of destruction on his way to do that. Jutice is completely power hungry, but is using his power to bring order to an unruly world.
    • This also stretches to Afro's father, the least focused on and developed character in the series despite being the source of Afro's motivation. It's implied that Justice kills him because his father refused to do anything with his authority and instead wanted to quietly retire.
  • Designated Hero: Afro
  • Designated Villain: Justice. Especially in the manga.
  • Freud Was Right: In the anime, Afro Droid's ultimate weapon is a large, chest mounted Wave Motion Gun that is very suggestively shaped. The manga version is even worse since, though not as large, it is actually crotch-mounted and dangles when not in firing mode.
    • In the anime, Afro Droid even screams out as he fires it.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Afro
  • The Scrappy: Ninja Ninja.
    • Ethnic Scrappy: Ninja Ninja Is a likely an aversion of this. He is the repressed side of Afro, also voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and thus is intentionally different. Also, he is often more help than harm, as in the anime it is hinted that Afro would be lacking sanity if not for him.
  • Stoic Woobie: Afro

    Manga-Only Examples 
  • Moral Event Horizon - You may think that it doesn't get much worse than using a young boy as a human shield against a group of ninjas, until Afro uses the dead boy's crippled sister as a shield against a man toting a minigun.

    Anime-Only Examples 

    Game-Only Examples 

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