What An Idiot / Ben 10

  • The original Ben 10:
    • Episode "Back With a Vengeance", Ben and Gwen are trying to escape the Null Void, a horrific pocket dimension. However Ben's arch-nemesis Kevin is trying to escape before them. Then Ben calls to him, saying "I'm over here Kevin! Come get me!"
      You'd Expect: Kevin to, as he said a few minutes ago, "leave him stranded in the dimension with his arch nemesis", which is a satisfying enough revenge.
      Instead: He charges at Ben to kill him.
      As a Result: A head hop and a few jumps later, Ben is home free. Kevin is just plain screwed.
    • In The Galactic Enforcers, Ben and the titular Galactic Enforcers are fighting two crazed and deadly mercenaries called Sixsix and Volcanus. Gwen and Grandpa Max are locked in the Galactic Enforcers' ship, being not allowed by the Enforcers to be involved with the business below.
      You'd Expect: Gwen and Max to stay where they are. They are both unarmed humans and Max doesn't even have access to his Plumber equipment. They are not going to be able to dent the two villains in the state they are in now.
      Instead: Max hacks and activates the teleporters and he and Gwen teleport, Leeroy Jenkins style, down to the location.
      As a Result: Upon arrival, they IMMEDIATELY get in trouble and Ben has to save them, allowing Sixsix and Volcanus to get away with what they wanted.
    • Over 400 years before the events of episode 3 of season 4 "Don't Drink the Water" Ponce de Leon discovers the fountain of youth and orders an honor-bound soldier to keep its secret for all time.
      You'd Expect: The soldier to watch over it for eternity, keeping people away.
      Instead: He leaves his post to get a job at a fair, working the dunk tank sideshow, where he has filled the tank WITH WATER FROM THE FOUNTAIN and fails to turn away the Tennysons from trying it after claiming it is out of order. Unsurprisingly, it is not out of order and it reverts uncle Max to his 10-year-old self. Wanting to investigate this condition, the family heads back to the sideshow where the guardian's address is printed on the side of it. Following this address, they find him and he confesses to having told Hex the location of the fountain.
      As a Result: All his actions directly jeopardize the secret he was meant to be protecting.
    • At the end of Be Afraid of the Dark, Zs'Skayr has a perfect window of opportunity to possess Ben. Neither Ben, Gwen, nor Max knew that he was on the ship.
      You'd Expect: Zs'Skayr to possess Ben right then and there. As stated before, no-one knew that he was on the ship with them. It was his plan from the beginning, and at that moment, had the perfect opportunity to do it.
      Instead: Zs'Skayr drags Ben to the back of the ship to gloat.
      As a Result: This allows Gwen enough time to pull a lever in the back, exposing Zs'Skayr to the sun and killing him yet again.
    • While it is used to make the plot go forward, not a single person on Ben's team seem to recognize him. This is especially glaring given that a coach, not to mention the mezzanine would have the real Cash's face on the board. Given JT and Cash know Ben, it would make sense that practically everyone on the team would know him. Also, a baseball coach is required to produce a lineup showing positive identification. And let's not get into the security booth who don't even bother to make sure it's the right person.

  • Ben 10: Alien Force:
    • "Kevin's Big Score" - Kevin finds out an old partner of his in the black market alien tech underworld has a Holoviewer containing a message for Ben from his grandfather.
      You'd expect: Kevin to share this information with Ben and Gwen so they could come up with a plan to buy, trade for or steal it.
      Instead: Kevin steals the Rust Bucket to trade it because he doesn't want to bring up his past - a past Ben and Gwen already know about! - for fear they wouldn't trust him again. But stealing their grandpa's house with no explanation is sure to gain their trust...

    • "Plumbers Helpers" - Helen (the sensible one) and Manny (the hothead), a pair of Half-Human Hybrids, are going around and combating aliens on Earth. Not necessarily wrong, considering that Earth is suffering an Alien Invasion at that moment. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they operate based on an understanding that alien = evil, and that any good arising from their actions is at best incidental.
      You'd expect: Having seen that he is willing to endanger hundreds of lives, that Helen would realize Manny is dangerous.
      Instead: Helen goes right back to helping Manny.
      What's Worse: Before then, Helen was shown having second thoughts about their campaign, yet despite all available evidence that Manny is way in the deep end, doesn't act to mitigate it.
    • "Above and Beyond" - Alan comes up with an idea, but before saying what it is, believes it to be stupid. Pierce, as the auxiliary leader of the group, asks for the suggestion anyway, and it turns out to be to use the Plumber's Badge locator feature to find Grandpa Max, who is clearly trying to hide from Ben as part of the secret training for the Plumber's Helpers.
      You'd Expect: Pierce to realize from Alan's questioning of his own suggestion that Ben may be using the locator himself to make it easier for himself to find Max. If he is to use the locator, it would be better to do so to keep track of Ben's location and work off of that.
      Instead: He just goes along with the suggestion without second thought or any other sign of major caution. He gets separated from Alan and falls into a trap where he is isolated against Ben.
      As a Result: Cue being on the rough end of a Curb-Stomp Battle as a reward for disappointing sense for a leader.
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien:
    • Darkstar manages to find a way to Ledgerdomain, a realm made of mana that can feed his need for energy. While there, he meets Charmcaster, who rules said realm and controls its power. Despite having a somewhat insane sense of fun, she is completely smitten with him. Hell, it is all but stated outright that she slept with him. In addition to that, she's willing to give him however much energy he needs to destroy his enemies.
      You'd Expect: Darkstar to realize he's hit the motherlode, and not do anything to betray the trust she's put in him.
      Instead: Complete sociopath that he is, Darkstar not only persists in acting like she owes him more, but practically ignores her entirely. He boasts about taking over Earth and her dimension and continues to lust after Gwen (who, remember, wants nothing to do with him).
      Predictably: She depowers him then tosses him back to Earth like garbage.
      For added stupidity: The above mistakes weren't actually enough to completely alienate her. All he had to do was remember her real name: Hope. Just one simple little name. He can't even do that!
    • The Ultimate Alien episode "Duped": Ben wants to see the new Sumo Slammers movie, while Kevin wants him to help track down the Forever Knights and Julie wants him to watch her tennis game. Taking advantage of his Echo Echo form's powers, Ben splits himself into three versions: one logical, one compassionate, one aggressive.
      You'd Expect: Compassionate Ben to watch Julie's game and Aggressive Ben to help Kevin fight the Forever Knights.
      Instead: Compassionate Ben is helping Kevin, generally creeping him out by constantly trying to talk about their feelings. Aggressive Ben is watching Julie's game, generally being an ass and ruining both players' concentration.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse:
    • A Big Bad Triumvirate made of Khyber, Malware and Dr Psychobos is working on a plan to assassinate Azmuth and commit genocide on the Galvans. At some point in the story, Psychobos goes after Ben to get a piece of the Omnitrix from him. He actually succeeds in catching Ben and taking the piece.
      You'd Expect: Psychobos to seize the occasion to kill Ben.
      Instead: He lets him go, and, when called out for it by Malware, says that Ben isn't a threat to their plan.
      As a Result: Needless to say, when their plan starts being pulled out, Azmuth just calls for Ben, who ends up ruining everything.
    • In Many Happy Returns, Rath attempts to rescue a girl from a burning building and succeeds, nearly getting killed in the process - when suddenly the girl starts crying for her dolly, which is still in the building!
      You'd Expect: Rath to leap to his feet and tell the girl something about gratitude.
      Instead: He jumps back into the building to find her doll and would have died in the process had it not been for the long-awaited return of Gwen and Kevin.
    • Talking about said plan, when it's falling apart, Khyber decides to makes his escape:
      You'd Expect: Considering the Nemetrix works on non-sentient creatures only, and his pet is loyal to him, he would take said pet along with him, which would avoid him the waste of time to find and train a new one.
      Instead: Probably because the writers needed to answer the general belief amongst fans that Khyber was a Noble Demon who cared about his pet by having him showing he is indeed evil, he just leaves the pet behind for no apparent reason. Not only does this involve the problems mentioned above, but Azmuth was actually going to use the pet to track him, and would have if not for Malware's arrival.
    • In Vilgax Must Croak, Ben is charged with taking his Arch-Enemy Vilgax to custody to Incarceon:
      You'd Expect: Considering the last time Ben fought him had Vilgax Scam Diagon, he would act serious and concentrated during the mission, constantly keep an eye on him and be ready for anything.
      Instead: He treats it casually, constantly boasts about how he has defeated Vilgax a thousand times, and even at some point allows Vilgax to get temporarily free to help.
      As a Result: Needless to say, by the end of the episode, Vilgax has not only escaped, but actually had Ben at his mercy, and our hero only survived because the overlord ended up making the same mistake as Psychobos.
    • In Rule of Engagement, Ben is playing video games when his girlfriend Julie calls him:
      You'd Expect: Ben to stop playing just the time to answer the call.
      Instead: He keeps playing while answering, resulting in his frustration and insult at the game being interpreted by Julie as directed toward her, and she breaks up with him.
      For added stupidity: He didn't call her back when he noticed she wasn't calling anymore. By the time he meets her again, she already has moved on and found a new boyfriend.
    • In Special Delivery: Ben is forced to make a delivery for his neighbor Mr Beaumann as a payment for destroying his car. During the delivery, he accidentally ends up exchanging a goldfish he is supposed to deliver with a Dwarf Star, an artifact of great power that thug leader Psyphon was about to sell, causing everyone in Undertown to attack him so they can get it. When Psyphon finally confronts him about it, Ben, having no idea what the Dwarf Star is, offers to give it back if they just give him back the goldfish in exchange and let him finish his delivery in peace:
      You'd Expect: Psyphon to just shut up and accept the offer, so everything can go his way without further trouble.
      Instead: The idea Ben would agree to trade something so powerful for something so worthless is so confusing to him he feels the need to voice the thought, including what the Dwarf Star really is.
      As a Result: Needless to say, Ben immediately rescinds his offer and proceeds to sweep the floor with his minions.
    • Similarly, after the above events happened, Psyphon finds himself alone with the Dwarf Star while Ben is busy kicking his minions' asses.
      You'd Expect: Psyphon to just leave while Ben can't see him.
      Instead: He uses the Dwarf Star on himself and attacks Ben.
      As a Result: After a fairly difficult fight, Ben wins and takes the Dwarf Star back.
    • In Mud Is Thicker Than Water, the Plumbers know they have a mole inside their headquarters who is stealing their tech and selling it to criminals. At the same time, they ends up having to deal with the Anihilarg, a Doomsday Device capable of destroying the entire universe that was originally broken, but that their scientists Blucik and Driba somehow fixed:
      You'd Expect: The Plumbers to just destroy the Anihilarg again, and this time dispose of the remains so nobody will be able to fix it. After all, there really is no point in an organization in charge of protecting the galaxy keeping a device that can destroy the Universe, and its previous destruction proves you can dispose of it easily.
      Instead: They decide to move it to another planet.
      As a Result: The escort ends up attacked by Psyphon's thugs, and the mole steals the Anihilarg in the confusion.
      For Added Stupidity: The series finale involves the new Big Bad stealing the Anihilarg from the Plumbers again... in the future. They still haven't considered just destroying this device they have no reason to keep even after Ben became an adult and father. Yes, the plot of the final season relies on this device remaining intact, but that doesn't change the fact that it requires almost everyone involved, save the few that know how the future plays out, to take leave of their senses.
    • In Return to Forever, Ben sees Forever Knight member Sir Morton kidnapping his friend and fan Jimmy Jones:
      You'd Expect: Ben, being a shapeshifter with no less than three forms having Super Speed as their main power, and even more capable of flight, to just turn into one of those and catch up with Morton;
      Instead: He tries to chase Morton as a human, and settle on using his friend's vehicle when that doesn't work.
    • In Animo Crackers, Dr. Animo's future self travels back to the present to help himself escape Plumber HQ and defeat Ben. During a confrontation with Ben, Ben transforms into Gutrot, a form he has never previously used. Rather than fumble through his new powers, Ben decides to cut out the middle man and just ask Future Animo what this alien does.
      You'd Expect: Future Animo to refuse and attack Ben with his present self before Ben can figure out his powers.
      Instead: Future Animo explains Ben's new alien's powers for him, even as his present self protests his obvious stupidity.
      As a Result: Both Animos get their asses handed to them in record time.
    • In Frogs of War, the Inkurseans unleash a full-scale invasion on Earth in an attempt to prepare a conquest of the Galaxy. Surprisingly, they win: Ben is forced to surrender and sent in exile, the Plumbers are arrested and Earth is taken over. What remains of Ben's friends decide to start La Résistance.
      You'd Expect: Them to recruit solely people who they know are trustworthy and genuinely care about their cause.
      Instead: They allow Kevin's friend Argit, an alien Con Man well-known for his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, into their rebellion.
      Predictably: Argit betrays them on the first opportunity (not that it goes well for him) and they only get away thanks to a Big Damn Heroes from Ben posing as an Inkursean.
    • In The Vampire Strikes Back, Zs'Skayr resurrects Lord Transyl, a member of a long-extinct species that once enslaved the population of Anur Transyl with the intention of doing so yet again, only this time they want to rule the entire universe. One of Zs'Skayr's henchmen, Dr. Viktor, voices obvious disapproval considering it was once his people that were enslaved by them. During the climax of the episode, Zs'Skayr orders one of his henchmen to hold Ben still so that Transyl can take control over him.
      You'd Expect: Zs'Skayr to keep a close eye on Viktor and have one of his more loyal henchmen hold Ben still. Boom! The bad guys would've won and the series would've ended much sooner and had much more of a Downer Ending.
      Instead: Take a wild guess which henchman Zs'Skayr ordered to hold onto Ben. That's right, Dr. Viktor, the one that had disapproved of this scheme from the get-go!
      As a Result: Viktor drops Ben at the last second and proclaims that he hates the Vladats and that they must never rule again. Because of this, Ben is able to defeat Zs'Skayr and weaken Transyl to a point where Viktor can easily deal with him himself.
      For added stupidity: Even if he had avoided that mistake, Zs'Skayr's plan would have failed, for the simple reason it involves using an army vulnerable to sunlight to conquer the Universe. In a setting with at least one species whose home planet is a sun. Yeah, he wouldn't have gone far.