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RVT (formerly Reviewtopia) is a review website similar in style to That Guy with the Glasses—in fact, a few of the contributors were later recruited by and featured on both sites. Reviewed topics are Film, Live-Action TV, Video Games, Anime, Tokusatsu, Professional Wrestling, Music and Comics. There is also a live-stream called RVTV. The site has since changed its name and is shifting focus from exclusively reviewing to also include original content.

Also like That Guy With The Glasses/Channel Awesome and ScrewAttack, members of the community are invited to post their own reviews and original content. Some reviewers just use it as a video dumping ground while other reviewers and community contributors (such as Zeltrax Millennium) are regular members of the community and even help the site's runners with their own shows and join their podcasts.

In early 2013, about two-thirds of the site's contributors left following a controversial incident: during a live-stream of a Sinner Radio episode at MAGFest there was a combination of nudity and several lewd and exploitative comments made by Enigma, who was operating the site's Twitter at the time (which were later deleted). The result was a mass exodus of members, Enigma's firing, and temporary suspension of live-streaming.

As of November 2014, the main site has been down while it transfers to a more reliable server. RVT's Twitter account can still be accessed here, where they still post links to their contributor's videos and scheduled stream announcements. Their facebook is also still active, though it is updated far less frequently.

A history of the site as related by Marc Mues and Doc Pepper can be found here

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There are also a few podcasts:

  • The Rising Sun with the Shades, EZ Rider, Yamiangie, and Hybrid Rain
  • Wrestle-Cast with Matty Jay and TWK
  • Ikaricast with 16 Bit Jeff, Fighter Xaos, and Seraph
  • Ranger Recap with EZ Rider, The Shades, and Matty Jay

The site also has several weekly U Stream events to interact with the community:

  • Matty Jay LIVE: Matty spins music requests, rants a little, and an occasional stupid wrestling story rears its head.
  • Riffdown w/ TWK: TWK, Hairball(aka Sooper Kami Guru), Bobbert and Brymstone Sean doing a full MST on Smack Down.
  • Toku Riffs LIVE w/ The Shades and EZ Rider
  • RVT Game Night: Grab your controllers and keyboards, cause it's time to play! Join your favorite RVT contributors for some multiplayer action. Not only can you watch, you can play with us LIVE! IT'S GAME TIME!
  • Monday Night Riffs: Love Raw? Hate Cole? Join Matty Jay, EZ and whoever wants to swing by as we riff Monday Night RAW on RVTV
  • Ranger Recap LIVE with EZ Rider, The Shades, and Matty Jay(no official description available). **Sometimes Power Rangers Trivial Pursuit games with members of the RVT community will be played.
  • Rising Sun Podcast: Join The Shades, EZ Rider and the gang as we give you all the anime news, reviews, and interviews you crave. (alternates tuesdays with Ranger Recap LIVE)

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