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Web Video: The RPG Fanatic
The RPG Fanatic is a Youtube Partner web series where Carey Martell reviews computer role-playing games while being harassed by a talking sword.

No, really.

Oh this looks promising

  • Accentuate the Negative: Some of his videos go a little overboard on how bad a game is, or how much he dislikes something. Notable examples being his reviews for Unlimited Saga, Legend of Alon Dar and Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.
  • The Couch: All of the original episodes involves the RPG Fanatic sitting on his couch playing videogames. His new place is now a castle.
  • One of Us: I remember him quoting a few trope names.
  • Spin-Off: The Candy Fanatic videos.
  • Super Power Lottery: the Student Sword claims to be the sword used in all computer roleplaying games until the protagonist becomes a true hero. So far the Student Sword has demonstrated the ability to summon zombies, perform Kingdom Hearts Keyblade-style "unlocking", perform the Soul Shooter attack from Azure Dreams, transform books into dvds and switch the Fanatic's "job" using magic.
  • Talking Weapon: Starting with the Legend of Mana review, the videos have incorporated a talking muppet-style sword who harasses the RPG Fanatic and sometimes forces him to play games he doesn't want to play.
  • Training from Hell: At the end of the Castlevania: Curse of Darkness review the Student Sword forces the Fanatic to fight zombies as part of his ongoing "hero training".
  • Video Review Show: Almost every video is a review for an RPG or discussion about them.
  • Flipping the Bird: He literally has a video where he shows 27 different ways to give people the bird.

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