Webcomic / Surviving The World

Daily Lessons in Science, Literature, Love and Life.

Surviving the World is a daily, gag-a-day Photo Comic by Dante Shepherd, covering topics ranging from all over the map including life, romance, politics, science, etc.

Started in 2008, it has as of this writing over 1700 strips. Dante occasionally hosts a live stream for the making of the comic. These are normally ended with Him doing an impression of a raptor in a situation. It is awesome. It is also somewhat interactive with its occasional "homeworks". It's also the only homework you've ever wanted to do.

Each comic takes the form of Dante, the professor of a class comprising of his viewers, standing with a blackboard with the day's lesson written on it. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, from social issues to practical advice to literary references (notably to Lewis Carroll).

It also includes a monthly crossword by Justin Smith.

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Tropes used by this webcomic: