Webcomic / Suzixemma

Jigglypuff IS a Pokemon.
SuzixEmma is a Gag Per Week webcomic about two girls who love indie comic books, mocking old sci-fi movies, British sex comedies of the 70s, 80s slasher flicks, spotting lesbian subtext in kid's shows, giant robots, mexican masked wrestling movies, Xena: Warrior Princess, Don Bluth, Sci-Fi Channel original movies, TV Tropes, the X-Files, blaxploitation, nunsploitation, obscure PC games, the TMNT christmas special, zombies, Happy Meal toys, Saved By The Bell, ninja schoolgirls, hiding behind the sofa during Doctor Who, fanfiction, 90s Nickelodeon shows, singing TV theme tunes, chop-socky flicks, Pringles... and each other!

Suzix Emma provides examples of: