Web Animation / Mizuki No Densetsu

A non-interactive video fanfic, based on Tokyo Xtreme Racer video game series, particularly Drift 2, with original characters. It also featured cameo characters from based thextremeracers members.

Created by Chimukun 'http://www.wenoo.net/user/chimukun'. Unlike Panty Thief Mysteries and A Setsuko Christmas Tale, this series is not about fighting, but about touge drifting.

Done mostly in visual novel style, with a combination of original art, edited art, and completely non-original art. Driving scenes are filmed with several games. It also has some animated scenes, that are done with anime that look compatible for a scene, or by tracing over one.

Besides the Main series, there is also Mizuki Supesaru, which was a 4 episode special, gaiden series. There was also a prequel in the form of a hentai manga, called episode 0

Examples of tropes:

  • Action-Hogging Opening: after a few episodes there was a different opening/closing which alternated for every episode. Both tend to be completely random.
  • Animesque: It's full of moe, sexual crude humour, Japanese suffixes, and so on.
  • Art Evolution: The quality in art and video editing got a lot better as scenes went on. The author's driving skills also greatly improved, making the scenes better.
  • Badass Driver: Mizuki, Sayuri, Mitsui, Nana and more to name as the series progress. Many males seem somewhat badass, but so far are soundly defeated. The only exception being King speed in Supesaru.
  • Bishoujo: Almost every, if not every, female character
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Occasional next episode spoof previews, have Mizuki and Sayuri talking about being main characters and getting more episodes, though they rarely appear. If you consider the scenes where Panty thief mysteries are displayed.
  • Cameo: so far Kitajima Kaede from Sono Hanabira is the one who sticks out the most.
  • Cat Girl: Mizuki wears cat ears in certain episodes and openings.
  • Cool Car: Seeing as this is a drifting series, it's only fitting to have cool cars. Mizuki's choice ironically is a SA 22 1st Generation RX-7, while Sayuri's a S12 Gazelle. Not your typical cars, though it could be part of the series of focusing on skill rather than having the best modern cars. They are considered classic, and well balanced.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: Mizuki can sometimes qualify as this, despite not cosplaying as a specific character. The supesaru series, had a pair of cosplayer prostitues.
  • Crossover: In addition to thextremeracers forum members, and tokyo xtreme racer game characters. episode 14 also have a guest appearance of Kaede Kitajima from Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo. There's also a character whose supposed to be an Alternate Universe version of Ryoko from Over Rev, though she was also actually a Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 character. Also some initial d spoof characters.
  • The Cutie: Almost all girls are intended to be cute.
  • Dominatrix: Sayuri handcuffed Mizuki in one episode of supesaru, during a sex scene, where little was shown. Reira also exposed Mizuki's submissive side, though not much was shown as well.
  • Ecchi: Like most of Chimukun's works, this is full of it. Nipples are usually covered if ever shown from the right angle, and a female's vagina is never shown. There have been incidences, where Mizuki's ass was shown without censorship. Also Episode 0 shows all private parts, since it was a Hentai manga.
  • Everyone Is Gay: Every female character is either outright lesbian or show signs of being a possible lesbian or bisexual. Yasui had no problem letting Mizuki sleep in the same bed and even cuddle, despite atl east not seeming to have a sexual relationship.
  • Extraordinarily Empowered Girl: Mizuki is shown to be amazingly good at racing, drifting, martial arts, singing, and video games. She is also supposedly an honor student. Sayuri is around equal to Mizuki in driving, and also has exceptional abilities to read people to the point she can somewhat (humorously) read a person's mind at times. Nana is also possibly even better than Mizuki and Sayuri at drifting.
  • Fanservice: Chimukun is infamous about it. In addition to panty shots, there have been shower scenes, sleeping scenes, even masturbation scenes. That is just naming a few. There have been moments where fanservice was part of the plot, though at the same time, the creator could of skipped them.
  • Forceful Kiss: at least 2 scenes between Reira and Miuzki
  • Gag Series: The occasional episode previews are complete gags. There are gag moments in almost every episode, though it's not quite humour comes before plot.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Sayuri went from a friend to jealous rival to friend again. She'll still probably have a Friendly Rival.
  • Idol Singer: Though not officially an idol, Mizuki can sing really well as demonstrated in episode 7. A lot of the openings and the 1st closing had her singing with a microphone. There is also a chance of Shio being an idol singer, though not much is shown other than she being in a movie and an idol of some kind
  • Improbably Female Cast: Chimukun is infamous for this. Even though there are male characters (unlike Panty Thief Mysteries and Setsuko Mystery Tales), almost all, if not all important characters are female. Considering that street racing is usually a male dominant sport, this can be unexpected for many 1st time viewers.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: Keita gets jealous that Mizuki seems better than him at everything, that males are supposed to be traditionally better at. In addition to being a better driver, she managed to defend herself from 2 thugs, who he failed to protect her from. She also wasted him in every fighting game they played.
  • Japanese Delinquents: almost the theme of this series, when you consider it's about street racing/drifting. Though perhaps it's not so illegal in this universe. Mizuki is also shown not caring about skipping school on occasion, though she is an honor student.
  • Love Triangle: Keita loves Mizuki. Mizuki sees him as a good friend and flirts a lot, and even lets him go out with him. Mizuki has a sexual relationship with Sayuri. She was also had a brief affair with Reira. It should be noted that Mizuki never seemed to consider Keita her boyfriend, or Sayuri as her girlfriend. She sees Sayuri more as a friend with benefits.
  • Otaku: In addition to being a really good driver, Mizuki collects anime and vocaloid products, as displayed in her room. She is also shown to be amazingly skilled at fighting games and Touhou on some occasions.
  • Master of the Mixed Message: Pretty much all males that fall for Mizuki. Keita obviously loves Mizuki. Matt also obviously likes Mizuki. Mizuki at least sees them as friends. She seems to tease them at times but never really get too close. Whether she's dense and uncomfortable, or just really smart and playing a long is unknown. When asked if she had a boyfriend, by Akemi, she blushed and replied no.
  • Panty Fighter: Mizuki became this when fighting off 2 thugs.
  • Panty Shot: Mizuki usually has at least one in almost every episode.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Yasui disguises herself by wearing glasses in public.
  • Plot Twist: The fact that certain characters were crossdressers. Sayuri decided to forfeit her match, seeing as it wasn't what she really wanted. It became a Stupid Evil situation. Not that it wasn't meant to be in the beginning, because her reasoning of being evil was because of "Mizuki having too much special treatment."
  • Psycho Lesbian: Sayuri gets amazingly jealous after her cousin kissed Mizuki, and decided to give away her car for free. She became her rival for season one. This was also foreshadowed when Keita asked Mizuki out, but did not offer her a ride as well. Which must of been part of an off-screen scene.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: Mizuki and Sayuri are definitely lesbian if not bisexual.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Mizuki's dad was seen watching Panty Thief Mysteries, Chimukun's MUGEN series, in episode 4 of supesaru.
    • Mizuki's room in supesaru have a vocaloid carpet, touhou poster, and shakugan no shana poster.
    • A scene in episode 7 had Mizuki walking through buildings which displayed thextremeracers, Panty Thief Mysteries, and Catherine banners.
    • There's a scene in supesaru, where one of the cameo characters is a spoof of Initial D, and A scene where a character cursed initial D for lying to him. In his Kei Car not being able to outperform a gazelle on a touge.
    • There are scenes of Mizuki playing video games including Touhou, Arcana Heart 3, Blazblue, and Melty Blood
  • Romantic Two-Girl Friendship: There are many examples
    • Mizuki & Sayuri: They are best friends most of the time, and also have a sexual relationship, though not quite considered a couple. Sayuri did get jealous, when another girl kissed Mizuki. Though she seemed to allow another boy to flirt with her. How far their relationship will go remains to be seen.
    • Sayuri and Misaka, a minor character who appeared briefly in the 1st episode to fondle her breasts as a tease.
    • Mizuki and Reira: they even had sex, or atleast some kisses and a scene that was blanked out for viewers to guess
    • Mizuki and Yasui: as soon as they met. Mizuki grabbed her hand and ran to escape from stalking fans. They easily seemed to be best friends. Even shared a bed together, where Mizuki used Yasui's breasts as pillows
    • Mizuki & Akemi: They are simplings
  • Splice Of Life
  • Tsundere: Sayuri becomes crazy in season one.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: unlike many animated style works, Mizuki & Sayuri are always seen with different outfits, with the exception of their school uniforms. Keita also had one change of outfit between casual and school wear.