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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Human Centipede
The film series is intentionally trying to kill shitty shock "horror" films.
The first film, while hammy, shocking and disturbing, was actually a quality horror film, with relatively low amounts of gore in comparison to most modern "horror" films, a non-supernatural premise, and didn't actually focus on the whole "feeding" that much. It was over the top at times, but still a more psychological horror than expected. The second film was our typical horror shitfest. Tons of gore, no sympathetic characters, a big focus on the feeding and just as much sick shit as possible. The third one is supposed to go above and beyond that. The reason? Clearly, it's to kill the all shock, no mindfuck horror. Let's be fair, most modern horror has more blood than an army of Evil Dead sets, with everything sickenly grimy and generally just gross. And that perfectly describes the second one. But the first? It's practically clean. Sure, there's the from the IV getting ripped out, and the blood from the detectives and the facial infection, but in comparison, that's not a lot (and actually, a rather realistic amount). It's as if the series is a miniature version of the evolution of horror. Low gore, high mindscrew followed by just over the top amounts of gore and no mental aspect other than "Die. All of these characters need to die. Fuck em all." The third one is Six's vision of the future of horror, if we don't shape the hell up.

This movie is one big metaphor for the perils of capitalism.

The guy in front represents the upper classes, who get all the food/money and who then excrete it down to the lower classes (the act of excretion represents trickle-down economics). The one in the middle is the middle class, who have to take it from the rich and then excrete what they can to the lower classes. The lower class is left dead of blood poisoning, representing the plight of the poor who would starve to death under the pure capitalist system. Heider represents the capitalist government who sets up the whole situation, with the "SWALLOW IT BITCH" scene obviously alluding to Glenn Beck, who tells his viewers every day to "swallow" what the rich give them. The death of Katsudo represents the fact that the middle class can't depend on the rich to keep trickling down wealth to them. Lindsay's situation at the end represents the eternal suffering of the middle class after everyone else is no longer able to help them.
  • Bonus points for Katsuro being Japanese.

This movie is one big metaphor for the perils of communism.

The guy in front represents the producer, who walks, talks and thinks but is burdened by the other two. The others try to suck nutrition from the producer, trying to forget that they're full of shit. Eventually, the producer gives up trying to help those behind him. All die.

Heiter got his idea by playing Silent Hill

Because frankly, the very idea of the centipede is something that could have crawled out of there.
  • Plausible, considering one of the bosses of Homecoming was a human centipede thing.

Heiter was a Tzimisce Ghoul.
Explains why he was so completely Ax-Crazy and why he was so obssessed with biology. His master probably does the whole human centipede thing to a far more professional standard. Also explains why he has a torture cellar and a steady supply of rehypnol.
  • Andrei would approve, I'm sure.

The movie is actually an idea being developed for a low budget horror film.
  • This explains the ridiculous premise...the lack of basic biology knowledge...and that the passage of time in the film was completely inadequate for the actions described and shown.
The entire "movie" takes place in the mind of bored screenwriter who has been unable to sell his "rom coms" and decides make a micro budget horror feature.

The idea came from reading Junji Ito
  • It sure as hell sounds like the plot to one of his mangas.

Guesses to Part 3's Tagline
Each movie so far has meaning behind its tagline:

100% Medically Accurate: Tom Six had to research and ask medical doctors on the possibility of an actual Human Centipede.

100% Medically Inaccurate: Part 2's Martin Lomax had no medical training in creating his own Human Centipede, unlike Part 1's Dr. Josef Heiter.

Doctor Heiter is Mantrid.
  • Specifically, he's Mantrid reincarnated on Earth after the destruction of Fire and Water. Thank christ Stan and Xev never ran into him, you just know it would've been one of those times where Kai wasn't around to help...

The third movie will have forty-eight people sewn together.
  • The first one had three and the second had twelve, so my multiplication, the third will have fourty-eight. Unless it's done by addition, in which case the movie will have twenty-one.
  • Jossed — the number of people that make up the final centipede will be 500+!
    • Will they end up being made into a circle?
    • Where the hell are they going to put them all?

The story is based off a lost manuscript by the Marquis de Sade.

There is also a Hobbit Centipede
Made in Middle-Earth by the Dark Lord Sauron, the Hobbit Centipede features Sméagol in the front, Frodo Baggins in the middle, and Samwise Gamgee in the back. A future Hobbit centipede may also use Dwarves, Men and Elves.

Dr Heiter is a reborn Joseph Mengele.
Joseph Mengele was already a psychopathic German in white clothing, who uses the pretence of a Mad Doctor to commit horrific experiments for his amusement. The only differences between him and Dr Heiter is a lack of Nazis to allow him to do so "legally" and that Heiter is Obviously Evil(which may be the universe's way of ensuring he doesn't end up as a Karma Houdini this time).

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