Trivia / The Human Centipede

  • Banned in China: Full Sequence suffers from this.
    • In the UK, the film has been refused classification by the BBFC. The ban was eventually lifted, but only after several cuts were made.
    • In Germany, as much as 17 minutes had to be cut, but even then, this wasn't enough to placate the authorities, ultimately banning the film outright.
    • In Australia, the film initially passed uncut but ultimately had to be edited, albeit not to the extent of the UK cut, to pass.
    • In New Zealand, the film is banned outright.
  • Inspiration for the Work: Tom Six claims that he got the idea for the film from discussions with a friend on how to punish pedophiles. One of them came up with stapling the pedophile's mouth to the ass of a fat truck driver.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Dieter Laser couldn't be more different from Dr. Heiter if he tried. He was initially reluctant to star in the films, both because of how wretched the character was and because he feared that his reputation as a respected actor would take a nosedive (and unfortunately, it probably will). Once filming started, he went out of his way not to interact with the other actors off-set, fearing that he'd get along with them too well, and thus it would be harder for him to portray a Mad Scientist who saw other characters as nothing more than test subjects. This nearly led to a fight with Katsuro's actor, but once the truth was explained, they quickly patched things up. The two lead actresses also said that they found Laser intimidating at first, but quickly warmed up to him.