Funny / The Human Centipede


  • Not the movie itself, but the comments to an AV Club review are hilarious. Particularly the discussion on what the "centipede" was supposed to be able to do.
  • The Human Centipede 2's Tag Line is "100% medically inaccurate".
    • The Human Centipede 3? "100% politically incorrect."
  • Even people who find the series itself too nauseating to watch may burst out laughing reading the synopses of the three movies.
    • The way IMDb describes the third movie: "...the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks to create a 500-person human centipede as a solution to his problems."
  • The script to the porn parody The Human Sexipede is funny as hell, including a dig on the original movie ("hopefully I don't do it wrong so you are eating each other's shit!").

First Sequence

  • For something actually in the movie, Heiter's behavior throughout the movie can easily come off as hilarious and more than a bit Narm. "FEED HER! FFEEEEEED HEEEERRRRRR!"
  • "Shit! I have to shit."
  • Heiter's monotonous way of describing the surgery required to create the Centipede can be seen as a little humorous.
  • The same scenes and lines that make you sick to your stomach in the actual movie might make you laugh in The 30 Second Bunnnies version, not only due to the fact that the delivery is more comical, but because in 30 seconds one is shown just how absurd this movie is.

Final Sequence

  • On the whole, the third movie seems more like Black Comedy than anything.
    • When Dieter Laser literally screams into his waste paper basket.