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Headscratchers: The Human Centipede
  • I get that the big bad is nuts in the head, but really, if his plan is actually instrumentality as opposed to "I need a clever conversation piece and a novelty coffee table just ain't gonna cut it," you'd think Sign No. 1 that turning mankind into an ATM machine wasn't gonna pan out was that its biology only worked when supplemented with life-support machines. I know, Excuse Plot and all, but damn, Mad Scientist Guy, you could've done much more awesomely horrible things than slake your desire for corporophagiaphilia.
  • How does the middle and back stay hydrated? And wouldn't it have made more sense for Jenny to die of dehydration than blood poisoning?
  • As noted on the main page, how in God's name are they going to justify making another centipede in the sequel? The doctor has a protege? The military decides there's some merit to researching this?
    • Well, we don't physically see Middle Piece (forgot her actual name) die on screen, which in horror movie language means she'll survive in the sequel, so my guess is that either she or whoever rescues her will carry on Heiter's idea.
      • Hmyea... given what was done to her, though, I might say that, if she managed to survive, she's one wreck of a person and not likely to carry on with that.
  • What was up with the second cop not saying or really doing anything? I couldn't help but think that was really weird to have that character here and not have him actually do anything. Even assuming it's an investor who was promised an appearance or something, you'd think they'd have him say at least one line.
    • He was The Voiceless. Both cops are played by real actors. The director wanted the second detective to be quiet and have piercing eyes and be unnerving.
  • How was the girl that ended up in the middle not able to carry her friend in the attempted escape? The friend weighed atmost 140 pounds. She should have been able to carry her friend, not have to struggle just to barely be able to drag her. T He effort put into the dragging also brings up another thing. How were her feet not cut when she was walking on the glass, or her freinds legs not cut when being drug through the glass?
    • For the first point, I'm pretty sure unconcious people are quite heavy and she wasn't very experienced with carrying people or how to carry them. Second point, no idea.
      • Second point answer: actually, they were. If you remember (and if you don't, seriously, does it really bear a repeat watching?) her incessant, annoying and anything but stealthy whining got worse as she crossed the glass. Also, there is a barely noticeable trail of blood left in their wake as she drags the other girl. It's hard to see because of the angle of the shot and because it's raining, but it is there.
      • As someone that has tried to help up a partially conscious person(not drunk), it really is that difficult when the other person is unable to assist. Had she been thinking, she should have put her into a fireman's carry from the bed; though it is possible to do it from the ground as well.
  • Why was the woman at the end where ass bandages when she had no surgery performed there?
    • If she didn't have the bandages, we'd see her bare ass for the whole movie, possibly more, and that would get to be distracting. EXTREMELY distracting.
    • It was probably a diaper for urination. Dr. Heiter didn't have enough time to toilet train his human centipede.
  • Why the hell did those two girls trust doctor Heiter and drank a glass of water from him? I know that they were pretty stupid but come on, it was just baffling that they trusted him.
  • Why is it that the people that only get a small dose of the drug start vomiting? The detective and the girl coughing and vomiting after a while, but the other girl simply passed out after having a full dose.
    • The cop vomited because he looked in the bedroom and saw the centipede and all the blood.
  • Maybe I'm not overly familiar with standard police procedure, but when the police leave to get the search warrant, stating that it will only take them fifteen to twenty minutes, why do they both leave? Wouldn't it make sense to have one stay behind and watch the doctor just to make sure he doesn't try to hide or destroy evidence?
    • Also, why wouldn't they have backup when they returned? They suspect Heiter of holding three people hostage, and it's pretty obvious the hypodermic concealed in the towel was meant for one of them, yet they come back alone.
  • How are they going to do a sequel if Heiter is dead? Please don't tell us there's another person out there with the same idea...
    • By going the meta route: In Human Centipede II, a guy decides to create a centipede after watching the first movie.
    • Since each body is still being nourished by its own digestive tract, and the first guy is the only one not eating another person's shit, won't the other victim-segments end up dying of malnutrition?
      • They'd die even quicker from dehydration since they have no mouths to drink water with.
      • At least in the first movie the members of the centipede are hooked up to an IV drip while in their cage overnight.
  • The middle and back actors really had to play large parts of the film with their mouth at someone else's butt, right?
    • Oh, I'm sure they were wearing underpants and some padding over their asses. Altough shooting in a hot studio with your nose right in someone's sweating butt can't have been fun...
  • Why did the police not call for backup immediately, especially after Seeing the Human Centipede in Heiter's Bedroom?
  • Why was the truck driver the only person Heiter gagged? With all the shouting Lindsay, Jenny and Katsuro do during his lecture you'd think he'd wanna keep them quiet, too.
    • Just how did Heiter get the Human Centipede up and the down the stairs through out the whole movie? And why were the three surprised to see the stairs during their escape and have to figure out how they were going to walk up them?
    • It's not going to be easy, just coordinating everyone when they can't communicate and are all stuck together like this.
    • He has a secret elevator with a key so only he can use it?
  • Why is Lindsay treated like a corpse in waiting? She's not in a good spot, true, but the police arrived in a vehicle that's going to be noticed missing in hours, tops, and that's before considering how she may be able to cut her way free.
  • Why would anyone with any sort of degree in science/biology think that a human would be able to survive eating another human's waste products? You know, the stuff they can't digest properly? Just be honest and say that you're doing it because you have screwed-up fetishes, don't try to come up with stupid scientific explanations to "justify" your screwed-upness.
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