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WMG/Sluggy Freelance. Blatant spoilers unmarked.

Gwynn's new eyesight is taken from Queen Siphiana
Gwyn has already been suspecting she is a reincarnation of Queen Siphiana, and that that's why the Book is in love with her. Then when she absolutely needs better eyesight, she locks herself in a room with the book and arcane stuff happens. When she opens the door, one of the first things she says is that she's "two inches taller" and has perfect eyesight. Almost exactly what she said when her mind was sent back in time to the queen's body. So this troper suspects she used the book's magic to make her body more like that of her previous life, Queen Siphiana.

Zoe's necklace didn't release because she died, or because she changed dimensions
First, Zoe didn't die at all, so that pretty much rules that out. You could argue that she died temporarily before being resuscitated, but that's a possibility for another theory. The other theory I've seen here is that it's because she changed dimensions, but the Dimension of Champagne journey shows that that doesn't happen. My theory is that the necklace released because she confessed her love for Torg. The necklace was built for a demigod that loved a queen who didn't love him. He was attempting to convince her to love him when he cursed her; what would be the natural Curse Escape Clause? A confession of love for the one who put the necklace on. And who put the necklace on Zoe? Torg put it on her personally. Food for thought.

The denizens of the Dimension of Lame were hit with a bioweapon that would make them passive
Either that, or they were subjected to a more successful experiment than the one that made the Reavers. They have 20th century technology and at least one missile, and most of the technology they had must have been developed in war. Also, they could not have developed so much by just eating rice cakes.

Bun-bun is originally from Domain.
Somehow, he got trapped in the Sluggy universe, which also caused him to become an ordinary rabbit rather than his original anthropomorphic form. Santa was somehow responsible for this, hence their conflict.
  • Actually, Something Positive's Aubrey mentioned in one of the flashback storylines that she used to own a lop-eared bunny that her mother made her give to a pet shop because it liked sharp things. And in the very next panel, she's wondering where her switchblade is. . . .
    • Non-canon. Bun-bun was deposited in the pet shop by Uncle Time after his future self gave him a concussion and they both fell into the oceans unmoving in timeless space. Before that, and being a pirate captain for a while, he was a barkeep. That is the earliest point we know about him.

Bun-bun is related to the savage killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
But I doubt the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch would do anything except piss him off.
  • Maybe the killer rabbit was his mother.

Bun-bun was the savage killer rabbit from ''Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was the first Deus Ex Ova, and Brother Maynard was Santa Claus in disguise. It didn't kill Bun-Bun, it just banished him to Timeless Space.

Zoe is crazy
Every time her meds start to work, she 'moves away'. But when things go weird, she moves back. Maybe she gets used to the meds, forgets to take them, suffers another breakdown...lets face it, Torg and Riff aren't safe to be around.

Everyone is crazy.
Torg and Riff are in madhouse, and loving every minute of it. Torg was institutionalized when he ordered a stuffed rabbit on eBay and got Black Hat Man's mountain lion (he got a real stuffed rabbit toy later). Riff became ill from gases or pain resulting in a failed experiment. Gwynn got into the arcane a little too enthusiastically. Sam the Man was an inmate who thought he was a vampire, then killed himself trying to prove it. Kiki was Sam's stuffed animal, Zoe is a recurring visitor, Aylee may be a product of their collective imaginations or a want-to-be Hannibal Lector/alien Otherkin that was taught to eat potatoes in place of people. Dr. Schlock is a corrupt or ineffective psychiatrist (or a clown who makes baloon animals), Kzk is an orderly with a foreign name, and Oasis is a Stalker with a Crush on Torg, very violent and prone to nudity, and with her own made-up backstory that introdces the whole Kusari thing. Zoe wants Torg to stay away from Oasis because it's obvious she's just faking out the psychiatrists that she's safe in order to get back with Torg, and everyone else is a hospital employee or part of their collective delusions and stories they made up based on television (most early arcs), fairy tales (the alt-worlds), and the Harry Potter movies (kind of obvious there).

Sasha is Kusari
They were both introduced roughly around the same time, and even went on hiatus around the same time. But Kusari appears as an oppostie to Oasis and calls her sister, Oasis and Sasha have met once and Sasha gave her a message that drove Oasis insane in her next incarnation. It was also revealed recently by Schlock that Kusari does indeed have had interactions with the Sluggy gang.
  • Except that Sasha and Kusari were both in the same place when Kusari was introduced, so unless Kusari can teleport and assume a disguise at the same time, Sasha isn't Kusari.
    • If the WMG below is correct, Dragons will casually be revealed to have powerful magic. Someone will casually mention some body duplication trick in passing. This will make this WMG suddenly very relevant.
    • We know that her "sister", Oasis, is an artificial intelligence controlling a clone body. Kusari might be capable of fielding more than one body at a time.
      • Confirmed as well.
  • Pete is careful about drawing people with distinctive figures. It may take a bit of a keen (artist's?) eye to see, but even under the outfit and mask, Kusari is the same shape as Oasis and not anyone else. That makes the question of who can be under the mask more complicated. The same affects any "person X is actually person Y" speculations, at least barring differently-aged versions.
    • Upgrade the above to "the same shape as Kusari and no-one else, except probably the demigods Rana and Dunuloa," which just goes a long way towards confirming an earlier guess that Oasis and Kusari are the Sun Twin and Moon Twin (ie. Rana and Dunuloa) or somehow related to them. Previously the Moon Twin had only been mentioned, and the Sun Twin only inferred from that, but someone noticed that Oasis and Kusari look like twins that would fit under a sun and moon theme.
  • Confirmed 2017-09-25.

Sasha and Kada are somehow connected
Sasha and Kada look the same (but that might just be the art), and both have some skill with transdimensional technology. Sasha runs off well before Bun-Bun returns from Timeless Space, so he would not have had a reason to comment on the similarity. Forum guessing includes Sasha being Kada's mother, Kada being Sasha's mother, and them both being the same person.

Kada and Calix are Torg's parents
Only people and a situation that weird could produce Torg, who manages to be well-adjusted and off his rocker at the same time. Plus it would give the Oceans Unmoving storyline a bigger tie into the main plot, which would be no bad thing.

Kada is both Sasha's descendant and Torg's ancestor
Just because.

12/06/09 pretty much confirms that Oasis is a god-damned Phoenix. That probably makes her "sister" Kusari a Dragon, with the two tied together by the old Dragon and the Phoenix fairy tale.
Oasis can control fire. She doesn't stay dead. Without the first fundamental piece of information, the guess never would have happened, although an Archive Trawl reveals that a lot of Oasis's deaths did involve fire directly, or very near to the point of death. I wouldn't be surprised if it is all of them.

Chapter 50: Phoenix Rising was also another great big hint from nearly three years ago.

This just proves the next WMG entry.

Oasis's dead body must be burned before she can be revived.
Because she's a Phoenix.
  • There's at least one of her deaths that didn't directly involve fire: When Torg holds her hand in the hospital as she dies, she's back to life a few panels later, with no mention or evidence of fire.
    • Aren't dead Jane Does cremated to save the state the burial costs?

Pete has the comic planned about a decade in advance.
Related to the above. The first time Oasis seemed to die by fire was on October 17th, 1999. To repeat, the first clue about her identity was put in plain sight in nineteen ninety nine, a god-damned decade ago. Even failing that speculation, that event was still tied to the later revelation (at least in retrospect).

Somewhat related to this WMG, Pete plans everything so far in advance because if he tried to pack in all of the awesomeness he's got planned over any less of a timeframe, the Crowning Moment of Awesome after Crowning Moment of Awesome would wear us down until nothing seemed awesome or special any longer.
  • Somewhat related: Sasha's last appearance before showing up recently was seven years ago.
  • Much shorter by time, but still a number of arcs—Chapter 39 ends with a pair of hints for the future, foreshadowing events more than two years and nine arcs later.

Reakk was created with the demon spear Calimar
Explains his general incompetence and the fact that he wasn't used to being a demon in the That Which Redeems flashbacks.
  • It actually is implied.
  • "When you start out with wussy mortals, you get wussy demons." This statement makes it entirely possible that every Dimension of Pain demon (except for the Demon King) is a mortal turned into a demon by the Calimar spear, since every other demon seen in the strip so far lacks a physical form and needs a mortal host to interact with the world around them, except for the Demon King, and even he was ethereal in nature.
    • K'Z'K doesn't need a mortal host except situationally. His real bug-centaur body is what we see after he's freed from his mortal host (Gwynn).
  • A recent chapter features a rather incompetent worker in Nofun Labs called Reik, who accidentally turns all of his colleagues into horrible mutants, with a squid on a stick. If it's not painfully clear enough, they end up screaming "PAIN!!!" We may have witnessed Reak Prime's birth here.

Dimension of Lame Torg was really put into the Dimension of Pain, and hit with the demon spear Calimar to become Reakk
Same basic model, same incompetence as Torg. And if Real Riff blasted Torg into Dimension of Pain, whats to say Lame Riff didn't do the same thing?

Reakk is in charge of the Fate Spiders
It makes total sense, right?

Zoe and Riff aren't dead
We didn't see the bodies! We don't know the rules of the necklace!

...or we just don't trust Pete to not turn it around five or ten years down the road.
  • Even Zoe somehow survived the explosion that forced out the necklace, the robots that shot them probably did the trick. They're dead, Jim.
    • There is, however, a difference between being dead and staying dead.
  • This is a comic that made a big deal about the importance of being recurring characters, questionable circumstances of death, and not seeing the body. There's reason for a lack of trusting that what is on the panel in a discretion shot is exactly what you thought (Hello Oasis and Pyrokinesis!)
  • Confirmed.

Sluggy Freelance is ending soon
Pete even hinted at this himself. Most of the "dominoes" have fallen, although a few still are. Zoe and Riff are in fact dead, and the rest of the cast is going to die soon too. Torg will die last, because he's the closest thing the strip has to a main character by now. Expect the comic to end on the next anniversary day...
  • Written by guest artist Tom Batiuk.
  • Not exactly next anniversary. When the 'Aylee' chapter started, Pete explicitly stated that Sluggy will end in no less than five years. That still leaves at least two more anniversaries to go.

Riff IS dead
And has became an angel. However he fell from grace quickly, and can known be found in the webcomic School Bites.

Zoe was captured and healed by the same people that captured Riff, but isn't being drugged.
They are interrogating her on how and from where she and Riff got there. Riff's too dangerous to leave undrugged, but Zoe's imprisoned (or simply comatose.
  • Half jossed, half confirmed.

Torg's suppressed memories are also fake.
The psychiatrist could be screwing with his head and trying to convince Torg that the original events were a delusion, something far different had happened from the suppressed memories or the events originally shown... Heck, Zoe's involvement could have been nonexistent and it was Oasis' body that Riff was holding. If the cursed necklace wouldn't be ripped out by mere existence displacement, there are so many different things that could have happened now that we know the minimum time since Torg started being an Unreliable Narrator to leave Zoe alive but incommunicado.
  • Pretty much Jossed. Storyline ended with no indication of this.

His Masterness is Alt-Alt-Alt(-Alt?)-Riff.
Or [same number of alts]-Torg, who would be more difficult for Riff to fight but also far less likely than [same number of alts]-Riff.note  [same number of alts]-Riff could have eventually designed the nanite and mechanical systems after reverse-engineering the ones used by Hereti-Corp or [same number of alts]-Schlock, then taken over because, for one reason or another, he didn't have [same number of alts]-Torg or [same number of alts]-Zoe, or even a non-overshadowed [same number of alts]-Gwynn to hold him back.
  • The [same number of alts] thing is kinda confusing, but given what's been revealed recently, it seems highly probable that at least a Riff is His Masterness.
  • Jossed, it's Schlock.

The Riff and Zoe that were attacked by the 4U guards aren't Riff-Prime and Zoe-Prime.
They were also attacked by (an) Oasis, but that doesn't mean it's the Oasis, and could be a completely different project. Riff-Prime and Zoe-Prime are still lost, but currently-in-4Universe-Riff-and-Zoe (or just currently-in-4Universe-Riff, if his respective Zoe really was killed) will be important only in the future, when their actions cross over with other characters (possibly in the main dimension, possibly by running into Riff- and/or Zoe-Prime in the 4Uinverse).

Sam will be the oldest surviving vampire and establish the respected and feared Sam Cirkail Mamajama.
Sam is an idiot, and since just about everybody can see it vampire hunters won't bother to go after him. At the same time, he has just enough intelligence and dumb luck that he's quite good at survival.
  • The problem is, Vampire Hunters don't care about a vampire's intellect.

4U City is in the future
Oasis' fire blast caused the D.F.A to malfunction, sending Riff to a future where Hereti Corp has taken over.
  • In the "past", we saw the Corp using 'REA 1's and they have captured Oasis.
  • In 4U City, Riff has come up against 'REA 6's and Oasis Here
  • This would require that Riff somehow makes it back in time, gets married, but never tells anybody about the future that he knows about. (This isn't necessarily a stopper; it's not hard to [tech] up a good reason why he couldn't tell, or perhaps in the end he likes the outcome and just doesn't want to screw with it.)
  • Now that Schlock is researching a giant DFA, constructing a fortress-city based around Schlock's lab, and having one of his subordinates research "happy-juice", this is definitely a possibility.
  • Confirmed pretty certainly to be a close alternative-dimension future.

All universes with life in them are a result of the Clotho Legacy.
So as not to torture you with a link to the documentaries of Doctor Viennason, it's the one were enough people gather together in Timeless Space to activate a self-powered time bubble (since a time line composed of two people has more strength than two individual timelines). Since Timeless Space can be entered earlier than it was left, it's possible that every universe started out timeless before somebody arrived. People seem to arrive in Timeless Space when there are other people who have time, but even if they didn't, it would take only a bubble large enough to continue expanding as living beings created more time than they spent to fill any world, let alone a world new enough that it only contained a small ball of water surrounding the head of Father Time's brother. Eventually, as people discovered travel through outer space and between worlds and into Timeless Space, they would spread organic matter and sentient beings through their own universe and others, and their descendants would one day discover their own universe before anyone existed there.

The Riff from the universe where everyone had been replaced with butterflies will be integral to the completion of the comic.

Zoe's Fate Worse than Death in the current arc was not initially planned out by Pete Abrams.

She was originally going to have died instantly. But so many people complained about her death and/or wanted he to be brought back that Abrams changed his plans and gave them what they wanted. While making it so horrible that it suddenly seems like a quick death would have been far better.
  • As close to being Jossed as possible, with the whole story wrapping up neatly to a completely different effect.

Pete Abrams is going to kill off another popular main character, but this time it'll be one with a much larger fanbase.

In what I have come to deem the Aeris Effect, (Or 'Aerith Effect') an author or writer makes a character so likeable that readers/players/viewers will instantly cling to him/her. And then, just when the dramatic timing is right, they kill the character off for emotional value. This is so common that I know it already has its own trope, under another name.

When Abrams does drama, he goes all out, as shown with Zoe's fate. Therefore, it's possible that he may kill off another of the main cast. Torg is safe, as he has Plot Armor thanks to the prophecy, and I doubt he'd kill off Riff. Bun-Bun and Kiki are unlikely to be used to this effect as well. However, Sam and Sasha are well-liked enough to the point that their deaths would have a HUGE effect on the fanbase. Sasha in particular is in danger, as she has been getting more and more attention and characterization in the strips that she appears in lately. Also in danger of this treatment is the newly introduced Izzy.

  • As of this strip, it seems I'm either psychic or savvy. I doubt Sasha will die from that injury, though. Still, close enough.
    • Turned out to be just another injury someone recovered from. Sasha's had it worse before.

Sasha is Torg's sister.
Seriously, this is one of the most common WMGs in the fanbase. I had to throw it out there.

The 'demons' of the Dimension of Pain are not really demons.
Almost every dimension so far had an equivalent of the main cast, except for this one. Or so it would seem. Nofun labs have an invention that looks and works exactly like the Demon spear that created the 'demons'. What if the demons of Do P are actually mutants created by Nofun Labs. This may also help explain why Lord Horribus was so obsessed with Torg: He IS Torg.
  • Then who is the Demon King, Bun-bun?
    • Maybe after another Holidaycide, perhaps he killed the Groundhog's Shadow instead of binding it to him.
      • Not likely, seeing how much more dramatically different he is from his minions. But considering the later spec, it's entirely possible he's originally from the Dimension of Pain, just like the Goddess and the green skinned natives he conquered, and the first generation of demons that became his minions, were outsiders who were zapped there by 4U city's (or an alternate 4U city's) DFA cannon, along with the squid-on-stick.
  • Now they're calling themselves the "Dim-sum Henchmen of Pang", so yeah.
  • If you're running with this, tie it all together with 4U city being an alternate reality, the no-fun mutants being the wasteland monsters, and the dimension of pain is where they're being blasted to. The early lab mutants clearly resemble many Do P residents. We've seen characters travel in time through timeless space. If the DFA sends characters through there, that could explain how characters we see now, could also be in the past. It all seems to fit together.
  • Anyone remember this one?

Minion Master is Mark Zuckerberg, or a Sluggy-universe Expy.
  • Consider: he's pretty powerless himself, but quite effective through his network of underlings. He's also been recently revealed to have secretly amassed huge quantities of data on his minions, and is good enough with computers to where Bestseid is afraid to even let him near one. And he looks similar enough to pass...

There is no time stream in Timeless Space because its governor, Uncle Time, is a slacker.
Not the other way around, as implied in the comic and some places on this very site.

Dr. Crabtree was working for Hereti Corp

Doesn't this look an awful lot like Chen? It would also explain Operation Ferret Butt and how Bun Bun met General Mayhem who is associated with Killum.

His Masterness has something to do with K'Z'K.

K'Z'K stole people's souls, leaving them in comas. In 4U City, citizens are drugged to the gills and spend most of their time just lying there. Maybe it's just me, but there might be something there...
  • As an addendum, let me speculate that His Masterness' real name will be Kenny Kizke.
    • Jossed.

The prime universe is doomed to turn into 4U city, but worse, due to the meddling of the Fate Spiders
  • If they'd left things alone...
    • Rammer would still be alive, ready to plant the seed of the revolution.
    • Zoe and Riff wouldn't have "died" in the MK 19 explosion, removing from play the only man alive that could stop Schlock before things go too far.
      • Jossed - see Schlock's speech in the 4/25/11 update. Happened in a suspiciously similar way, too...
    • Torg, Sam, Bun-Bun, and Sasha wouldn't have linked up with the Minion Master. Without them, the missions against all the tech-groups wouldn't have happened, and the Nofun random-mutagen-squid wouldn't have turned the entire research staff into "demons".
    • Hereti-Corp wouldn't have been able to acquire the groups weakened by the MM missions and start the research that has the two timelines converging.
  • Alternately, Riff gets zapped by an REA 6's DFA gun and it sends him back to the prime universe. Discovering that his home is well on the path to Government Drug Enforcement, he uses what he learned about 4U City to derail the upcoming disaster.

Shit's about to get wierd
  • Moreso than normal for Sluggy. I'm just guessing here, but it feels like all the timelines/dimensions are drawing closer together. What if all the surviving Riffs end up in the same timeline and set their intellects to repairing the damages that have been done? After all, Prime!Riff did time-travel, portals, DFA, etc. What could three of them (or more!) do?

Oasis will end up running into Blank!Zoe.
  • There may be Antagonist in Mourning stuff going on, or, perhaps...
  • Oasis, the mind without her own body, will end up fixing Blank!Zoe, the body without her own mind.
    • Jossed. Zoe is fixed, Oasis is in HC custody.

Gwynn will fix Blank!Zoe
What technology can't fix, maybe magic can. Recall that Gwynn herself was once in more or less the same state after K'Z'K's initial disappearance as well.
  • Jossed. Riff used time travel to get a snapshot of non-blank Zoe.

Dr. Steve was researching medical nanites
  • And Oasis and Kusari both have them. And they are programmable, which is why Dr. Steve was able to directly control Oasis in the way he did - he merely gave an order to the nanites to change her 'default' orientation. And the secret of making the nanites died with him, so the reason none of the Hereti-Corp higher-ups have injected themselves with nanites is that they don't want to be vulnerable to programming commands. Kusari's command protocols are known, so she's still under the control of Hereti-Corp, but Oasis' command structure was lost. They could probably figure it out if they had her captured and could study her for long enough. Oasis' pyrokinetics is her own personal mutation, nothing to do with the nanites.

Dimension of Pain is the future of the prime world, and the Dimension of Sham-Pain is the future of the Dimension of Lame
  • We've seen the birth of the demons in the prime world thanks to the Squid-On-A-Stick, with at least one plausible carryover character (Reik/Reakk). And for the Dimension of Sham-Pain, as they say, when you start with a wussy human, you get a wussy demon.
    • Potentially [[Jossed]] by Torg's sword activating on its own in the Do P because it's a supernatural plane (think I saw that somewhere). But I suppose it could be Hand Waved by saying that the innocence of that whole plane has already been spilled.
      • No, that was in a weird spirit realm, not in the Dimension of Pain.
      • Not that either, it has never happened.
    • And just to take the concept too far, the Goddess of Good is Gwynn's future, while the Demon King is K'z'k.

Sir John Jacobson from Timeless Space...
IS ACTUALLY FROG! No, stay with me on this one.
  • Riff manages to convince Herti-corp's surviving leaders that time is degrading and the world is doomed.
  • Bun-bun knows about Teknocon one, but can't afford to get thrown out of time again becaus he'd be a serial offender.
  • In a combination of stable time loop and batman gambit, Bun-bun throws Frog-mech out of time to be sir John, betting on the possibility that Calix will find Teknocon and try to attack Jacobson.
  • Frog tries to use the situation to his advantage... but Bun-bun has a few recorded messages for his former crew!

Oceans Unmoving/Timeless Space world is the future of 4U City/Original Dimension if Riff/Schlock doesn't fix the Portal abuse..
ok bear with me; 1) Alt Riff/4U Riff says he saw that the portal abuse would cause the world to break/end.. 2) we see in Oceans Unmoving/ Timeless Space that there are bits and pieces of a world, and an ocean that is not moving.. 3) after DFA portal abuse, 4U got rain, lots of rain, in current arc, we see that HC's preemptive strike at Crushestro caused rain to show up, after DFA'ing everything in existence at that location
  • Except that 4U Riff knows about Timeless Space, stated that it was a shield to prevent the universe from falling apart, DFA abuse nearly destroyed it, and he recalibrated the Judgement Chutes to send people there.

  • <OP; I'm aware that 4U Riff learned of Timeless Space; it still works; the broken world in Oceans Unmoving arc is what is left of the world after DFA abuses and with Judgement Chutes sending people to Timeless Space...we also know that sometimes the DFA will send people to different timelines (War of the Bug Squishers) and apparently it is possible to use the DFA and maybe one other item or similar; to move through time and space...presumably using Timeless Space

  • Why would people tossed out of time end up in a different dimension's Timeless Space? And the War of the Bug Squishers involved a time machine, not the DFA. (It's also not a different timeline but the "current" past.)

Riff will make Timeless Space DFA guns for Crushestro
He knows that abuse of the DFA will destroy the universe but that Hereti-Corp has too big an advantage, so he will create a version that's safe for the universe for the alliance to use.
  • And during the final battle the concentration of portals will draw the attention of one or both factions in the Oceans Unmoving and they'll be able to escape to the real world.

So Bun-Bun's a god
Would explain how he kicked the asses of so many supernatural creatures. Though he's apparently not invincible if his fight with Oasis is any indication. I'm guessing that he lost all his followers (and most of his power) with Mohkadun, so he tried going after the holidays but lost and ended up in Timeless Space. Once in Timeless Space he was more preoccupied with escaping than getting new followers (if the short life expectancies of his crews are any indication), and the first time he escaped he lost his memory of being the God of Power.
  • that makes some sense..

Gods of Mohkadun became Holiday Gods and similar?
we know there is God of Time in Mohkadun; presumably he became Father Time; while the powers of the other Gods went over to the Holiday Gods? (Terry Pratchett; Old Gods do New Jobs) Perhaps it stands that after the first Deus Ex Ovum; Bun-Bun loses his memory of being the God of Power; and his power is lost until he kills the Easter Bunny by right of Caste?
  • comic for 7/4/13 shows Krig, God of Joy..... and his symbol JUST happens to be the Easter Egg.
    • Could be the Krig's power winds up divided; one part going to Bun-bun for Easter, the rest cementing him into the KR In Gle, Santa Claus. He has the beard for it, too.
  • The time god wouldn't even need to change to become Father Time, just be referred to by a slightly different name. We know both are overseeing a web of fate, too.
  • Pretty much confirmed at the end of Mohkadun - Dunuloa became Basphomy and her sense of vengeance against men went so far she was stripped of her ability to keep running the holiday. "Krig Gaul" is Santa Claus and is for some as yet unknown reason still feuding with Bun-Bun enough to throw him out of time the first time. Khronos is Father Time, and now we know how Uncle Time became part of Timeless Space.

Gwynn/Fake Queen Siphaina becomes one with the Book of E-ville in Mohkadun
the symbol she wears on her shawl; that of the Queen, just so happens to be the same symbol as the one shown for the Lady Gwynn of the Book in Alt-Dimensions and Dimension of Lame; and in The Proof (Semi-canon yes...)

"The god of power" is Bun-bun's future, not past
Not more likely than not, but it's a possibility. It seems pretty obvious he'd not remember it due to the amnesia — although this would, it seems, be much before even the time of the earlier Deus Ex Ovum — but the less obvious twist would be for him to travel back in time and adopt the job. He wouldn't even need any special powers to fake it, but on the other hand, the Krig seems to have been promoted from a mortal too. Update: Yes, several of the gods are promoted mortals, Sluggy (Bun-bun(?)) included.

this is going to be the first time Bun Bun uses Deus Ex Ovum
bear with me.. in the Holiday Wars; Mrs Claus tell Baphomet that its not the first time Bun Bun has used the DEUS EX OVUM; and that he is older than he looks.... perhaps this is how Bun Bun came into the Oceans Unmoving universe the first time, after messing with K'Z'K/Kozaoku? in Oceans Unmoving, Bun Bun looks for Uncle Time... I wonder if Bun Bun;s feud with Santa started in this time as well?

Kusari's ressurection abilities are so advanced that she clones herself and one of those clones is Sasha.
Because it makes sense.

We are headed to a possible conclusion!
-Pete is bringing back old old old references, like Rithuly, and Satan/Satin... we also see that the armor is reminiscent of the armor used by Torg when he went back in time

- the box is in fact the book of E-ville's predecessor -the diamond symbol on Symachus, God of Justice, is going to be very very very important pretty soon for Gwynn.

  • Confirmed when Pete announced that Mohkadun is the prelude to the final storyline. Now, given his propensity for dragging out storylines, there is a good chance he might not get the end done by the time 2017 rolls around...

Riff's dad is in fact the reincarnation of Symachus, the God of Justice
-Blood compass in last storyline, used Symachus' blood. -the box that can only be opened by Symachus' blood. -both are in Riff's dad's possession. -Blood compass points to Riff.

Oasis is a Ninja-Pyro-Zombie-Robot
Yes, you read that right. Recognizing the young pyrokinetic girl's potential as a living bioweapon, Orsintal Labs Initiated Project Orsintal Assassination Serial Incarnation System, transforming the little girl into an Orsintal-voodoo-style zombie, while infusing her with Dr. Crabtree's nanites, mitigating a zombie's typical hunger for brains and penchant for rotting, all while making her nigh-indestructable.

Dr. Lorna is the leader of the Cult of K'Z'K
She is a woman....

Basphomy is Kusari
They seem so similar and considering the sisters motif with Oasis it becomes a huge hint that Kusari and Oasis are Basphomy and Rana respectively.

  • It makes even more sense when you consider that Kusari's signature weapons are mini-scythes, and scythes are the weapon used by every other patron of Halloween. Basphomy only had the hammer so she could kill the Pumpkin King, after all. Also, it would make sense for Kusari to have a power, just like Oasis does, and so Basphomy's fear power would fit.

Father Time is the Demon King and seeks the end of all existence
We haven't seen his face outside of the Mohkadun storyline....

There is another Deus Ex Ovum out there.
With Basphomy remembering her past as of the last chapter of Holiday Wars, she's able to call upon all of her knowledge as Dunuloa... which would include how to make the magical eggs. Seeing as she was responsible for all of the other magical eggs shown, it's quite possible that she also was the creator of the Deus Ex Ovum... and if she remembers all of that, then she could potentially create another one.

  • He was the inspiration for Dracula
  • He wasn't a vorpyr, strahkoi, or vrykolatkas. But rather something unique with the powers of all three types.

Rithuly's role in the story

  • So, we can tie almost every arc together. Mokhadun is the origin of Bun-Bun, Santa, Basphomy, Kzk, and the holidays, and Oasis and Kusari can pretty clearly be linked to the Sun and Moon twins, and sparked both Dr. Steve Hereti's and Orsintos Labs' research of the supernatural, leading to all of the advanced tech and weird stuff from both Hereti-Corp and the companies that copied it, including the Dimension of Pain Demons. During the Holiday Wars, Bun-Bun commanded a flight of vampires, meaning vampires are linked to Halloween, which was originally controlled by Basphomy, who thus created the vampires. This means that the only two unconnected stories are those of Dr. Crabtree and Rithuly (and Alyee's species, which is linked to Rithuly). Now, since the Dimension of Pain demons were actually mutants, this means other demons, such as the Mind Wedgier and Rithuly, could also have scientific origins. However, they are clearly not like the DOP demons, since Aylee's species can change form and evolve. The only other thing that can change form like that in Sluggy Freelance is Dr. Crabtree, who was able to shape change freely with the nanites. An interesting thing to note is that since Bun-Bun was not affected by Crabtree's nanites, this means that they could either not affect nonhumans(and were on a different setting than when they killed Tuffy) or could not affect sufficiently weird or supernatural things like a god of power. Either way, Aylee should be immune to them... but she wasn't. In fact, she went into a coocoon and adapted to defend better against nanites. The only way this would happen would be if she could be affected, meaning that she either is, at the core of it, human, or is close enough to be more mundane than Bun-Bun. Another connection between Aylee and Crabtree's nanites is that both were able to adapt to freezing cold. Thus, Aylee's form changes are brought about by nanites, which detected hostile nanites and defended(and adapted themselves toned immune to EMPs, which can be done, as demonstrated by Riff's one EMP shielded robot). This would mean that Rithuly is a version of Dr. Crabtree who won, further suggested by how Aylee's species' deity is female, just like the DOP is a universe where the Nofun mutants won. And nanite-based Rayths would still be able to work with souls, because the DOP mutants were also capable of building cages that could hold souls.

Horribus, Reakk, and Psyk are the mutant versions of Sarge, Grif, and Simmons.

  • Horribus is mean in general, but targets Reakk specifically, even having him listed as a worthless piece of *** in his phone.

  • Reakk is humorously lazy and incompetent, and is the target of Horribus's ire.

  • Psyk is given disproportionate influence and priveledge by Horribus, who he puts up with and humors far too much, as well as being the overlooked Only Sane Man.

The First Dragon of Annoyia was DOP Aylee

  • Ayle can mutate to adapt to whatever situation, so the best defense against pain-loving demons would be flowers. Also, we've been directly told it wasn't a real dragon by the book, which said that the first two steps would be guaranteed to work for a real dragon. However, an alien (or nanite ghoul) would not be a real dragon. Also, its appearance is completely different from everything else in the dimension, because it isn't caetoony; it looks like a very realistic dragon. The only other thing that looked like an actual dragon was Aylee's giant form. The comeback to this theory is that the dragon awoke just like the second one, but it would make sense for Aylee to be imprisoned just like two legitimate DOP mutants, because all of them would be just as annoying.

Inky is actually the Demon King

  • The Dimension of Pain's Demon King of evil and pain had to come from somewhere. Horribus assumed he just came out of nowhere and took over the dimension. However, it later turns out the the "demons" are actually created by No-Fun's squid-on-a-stick mutation spear. It is never explained how these mutants eventually became super-natural demons as every other dimension's set of demons either hasn't hit their tipping point yet (or is obliterated before they get that far) or the mutants already possess their demonic strength and abilities. Inky himself possesses a passing resemblance to the Demon King and he seems like one of the more intelligent of the mutants. The Demon King is made out of black ooze that can morph into different shapes. Inky seems to be made of a similar substance. It is possible that this nobody mutant may be the dark horse winner for the demonic power lottery and assume the position of King. As "being promoted" leads to increased strength, intelligence, and makes the individual invincible except for making their heart their Achilles' heel, this can explain why Inky is not as strong or intelligent as the Demon King. Since Inky survived No-Fun's destruction in Sluggy Prime and he assumed the role of leader of the survivors, he is the perfect candidate to show us how the Demon King came to be by being the ascended individual to take that position.