Tear Jerker / Sluggy Freelance

  • Kiki's tearful flashback to her time in animals testing labs where another talking ferret named Tuffy died. Its the only serious moment Kiki has ever gotten in this entire series.
  • While Torg's badassery in "That Which Redeems" is undeniable, his answer to Chaz over his "Redemption is overrated" statement in defeating Horribus after Alt!Zoe's death is heartbreaking.
    Chaz: You impress me, Master. How did you know what you sought was redemption and not righteous vengeance?
    Torg: Horribus never promised to keep her safe.
  • The finale of the bROKEN arc.
  • Toward the end of 4U City Red:
    Riff: She was the best. The best. All the craziness Torg and I put her through? She always did right. By everyone. She always shined. Remember that. Embrace that. And then let her go.
  • A flashback to Queen Siphaniana's childhood has her meeting Tempest, God of Fate, for the first time. She mentions her father and he, curious as to why that name sounds familiar, checks the fate web. Then he stops smiling. Apparently her father was later brutally tortured to death, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it.
    Uncle Time: You go home and give your daddy the biggest hug ever. Hugs are very important. Can you do that for me?
  • U4 Torg is lost without Zoë. In fact, every dimension where a Torg or a Zoë lose one another is heart breaking.
  • Sasha's death. Some combination of Redemption Equals Death and Heel–Face Door-Slam, and clearly leaving Riff cast adrift and uncertain.