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Zoe Gwynn


  • is practically condensed awesome given life (and a nasty switchblade). It takes something really over the top to be a CMoA for him:
  • Bun-Bun, Overlord of the Hollidays! Just to summate, he's currently the Easter-Bunny, the Pumpkin-King of Halloween, and Santa Claus, all at once- and the remaining hollidays have bowed to him rather than risk obliteration. (If you're currently hearing The Imperial March playing in your head, you've got the right idea.)
  • Makes a sandwich (out of a demon that is destined to destroy the world).
  • They are my boys
  • Can hold his evil
  • BunBun vs. Oasis.
  • Is wearing a dress.
  • Bun-Bun, finally having enough of Oasis being on yet another Stalker with a Crush rampage.
  • Twice during the timeless space saga.
    • The truth about Bun Bun The Bun-Bun that we were following in the story was actually Bun Bun before he lost his memories, so in other words, it was a different Bun-Bun.
    • Figuring out how to escape from timeless space thanks to Bun-Bun and baldy's escape. It takes a while to fully comprehend it while reading the strip.. One of the main goals of anyone that is trapped in timeless space is to escape it, and ironically one of the easiest ways is to just jump off a cliff, where you will land in the ocean, lose all you time, and eventually (maybe millions of years later but it won't matter) Uncle time will show up and return you to normal time space. However most people don't want to do this since it they think it is akin to dying to be thrown into the ocean. The most feared fate in timeless space is really the easiest escape route ever (assuming you don't drown before you run out of time, that is).