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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Littlest Pet Shop (2012)
This show will soon become a breakout hit, on the level of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Seems to be confirmed.

Russell will have a crush on Blythe.
Yes, this does sound weird, but think about it: From what we've seen so far, Russell is the most level-headed of the pets. It would make sense if he finds pleasure in Blythe's companionship as someone (relatively) as sane as him, especially in comparsion to the other pets. And considering that the crew behind this show worked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I wouldn't put it past them to give us a LPS version of Rarity/Spike with Blythe/Russell. It would get small ship teases here and there, but it wouldn't be taken all that seriously.
  • After she hugged him in the season finale, if he did I wouldn't be surprised. But I honestly doubt Hasbro would go into bestiality territory. If anything there will be a episode where he becomes a human, expresses his feelings for her but knowing it's pointless because he knows he's going to turn back soon. Though It Was All A Dream and as Russell lays asleep in bed, a single tear rolls down his cheek, of the human life he'll never have.
    • (This is the original poster) Yeah, like I said, it wouldn't be taken seriously. It'll be completely one-sided on Russell's part and it won't go much further than there.
      • Well if My Life as a Teenage Robot can get away with a teenage nerd having a sexual attraction to a "robot" I guess kid shows can get away with anything.
  • After watching "Eight Arms to Hold You", this doesn't seem so implausible anymore. Though I think they're trying to establish Russell as the closest friend to Blythe out of the pets, not imply a romantic attraction.

Blythe died when she fell in the dumbwaiter.
She was only able to understand animals after the fall. The rest of the show is just a fever dream in her last moments.
  • Personally it would make more sense if she was having a comatose dream, which I actually considered but I was considering after the frisbee hit her in the head.

None of the main pets will be bought from the pet shop any time soon.
The reason why being that most of them seem like they would be pretty expensive pets. Seriously, a monkey and a panda aren't going to be cheap.
  • Wait, isn't the Pet Shop a daycare for pets?
    • I thought it was an actual shop. At the end of part 2 of the premier, weren't those people at the shop there to buy pets?
    • No, I'm pretty sure they were there to drop their pets off. Plus, in the part where the pets find out that the shop is closing, Minka says "Where will we go for day camp?"
    • I just watched the newest episode, and it appears that you were right.
  • Jossed: Each of the 7 main pets have their owners and usually they were left to Ms. Twombly's care when they're busy. Episode 3 lampshaded this regarding Zoe Trent. So this means the other 6 pets has their own owners too, just they don't appear often.
    • Interestingly, episode 10 shows that there are some small pets for sale in the main room (a snake, a turtle, and a fish). Everyone just kind of ignores them.
  • I thought it was both.

The twins are albino.
Whittany dyed her hair black.
  • Their dad has white hair, though that might be from age.
  • Jossed: Albinos are known to have pale skin and pink eyes. Brittany seems to have Judy Jetson Syndrome (White hair for no particular reason given)

Blythe is Half-Time Lord.
Okay hear me out, The Doctor has the ability to talk to animals, right? What if Blythe's mother is the female version of The Doctor from the audio drama Exile? Like after he comitted suicide and gained a female form, she settled down and somewhere along the line met Roger Baxter. The two got married and had Blythe but left because either she died or she was taken to Gallifrey and had no choice but to divorce him and leave him and her only child. And because of the fact that Blythe is part human as well, her animal talking ability didn't come in until years later.

Right when she stepped foot into the Littlest Pet Shop.

Mrs. Twombly is really in her young 30s
The website states that she is an elderly, but in the actual show, she looks a bit younger. It's possible that she might have dyed her hair gray.
  • She just looks young because of the animation style.
  • Jossed: In the episode Lotsa Luck it is clearly stated that she was young during the '60/'70s, as shown by the moonlanding video.
    • To be fair, the first episode hinted towards her (And the store) being magical.

The Biskit Twins will eventually get Blythe to be their friend again.
Beside their anger at Blythe's "rejection", they still like her enough to be part of their group.
  • Kind of possible. According to "Door-Jammed" Whitney and Blythe are secretly friends, but Whitney but acts mean when Brittany is around because she doesn't want Brittany to get mad.

Blythe's parents are divorced or Blythe's mom is dead.
In "Mean Isn't Your Color" it is outright stated that Roger is single and we never see Blythe's mom so she probably either died or divorced Roger.

Blythe Style will soon be Defictionalized.

"Lights, Camera, Mongoose" Will feature a ton of Movie references
Considering the plot of the episode and how many shout outs the series has done so far this seems likely.

"Madame Pom" might be the new antagonist of this series
During the preview of Eve of Destruction, Madame Pom will probably manipulate Zoe's friends and will do anything to make Zoe look bad and to make her life miserable.

Littlest Pet Shop is a dream or fanfic created by Lyra.
Lyra dreamed up characters from a combination of ponies she knows - Blythe has the voice of Rainbow Dash, Pinkie's quirky personality and pink colorization manifested into Minka, and Zoe is a dog version of Twilight in appearance. There are humans in the LPS world because Lyra is the only pony who believes in humans.

Russell's owner is Mrs. Twombly.
  • Jossed by the episode "Trading Places", in which Blythe worries about getting Russell back before his owners come to pick him up.

Delilah from the original show will appear as the Big Bad soon.
The gang will be terrified as they've heard stories about her.

Buttercream Scotch will be a Sixth Ranger
or a Creator's Pet depending on whether or not you like the character.

There'll be an episode about Penny Ling and Youngmee Song.
Maybe she accidentally got herself in the Song's house.

Pandas are not endangered in the Littlest Pet Shop universe.
Which is why they are allowed to be kept as domestic pets without any legal issues.
  • Or her owners are very rich with many connections, but take very good care of her.
    • When you mean "Take very good care of her" you mean, before Blythe came, drops her off every day in the hands of a complete nutjob. Also, you'd think if her owners are that rich, (not to mention the other owners who have a pet Monkey and a pet Mongoose those are pretty exotic so they most likely would be rich too) Littlest Pet Shop shouldn't have had money problems in the premier.
  • Jossed: In "Shanghai Hi-jinxs" there is a Panda Sanctuary in China. The whole reason for animal sanctuaries is to protect endangered species.

Pork does not exist in the Littlest Pet Shop universe.... I hope.
  • Well, in Shahrukh's song sequence, there's a big honey glazed ham...
  • And Youngmee was eating pork belly in episode 5.

Minka is a clone from Pinkie Pie
  • One of the clones escaped using the 4th wall before Twilight assembled the Pinkies (to get them back in the pool), and it turned into a monkey doing so and decided to stay on Earth as a monkey.
    • Like this [1]

Blythe's 'ability' to talk to animals will be taken Up to Eleven
  • Mrs. Twombly mentioned in the premiere that 'strange things happen in the Littlest Pet Shop'. It has never been explained however how Blythe got the ability to talk to animals... let alone if it will change in the future.
    • Maybe Mrs. Twombly knows that it can happen that someone who enters her store gets the ability to speak to animals, but doesn't realise that Blythe has that ability. (Otherwise, she maybe didn't even got the job at all.)
    • Maybe Blythe will learn to understand bugs and small creatures, from which she will go crazy because of hearing so many voices.
    • Or maybe Blythe will eventually turn into a dog/cat herself, and the animal cast has to find a way to return her back to normal before anyone finds out she is missing. (Like when she has a school holiday and her father is off for a few days for a long flight trip).
      • Maybe she get's mistaken for a stray and get adopted by the Biskits
      • Maybe even more problems than just that.
      • Thank Goodness for Fan-fiction! :D
      • Though I can't imagine she would go feral, since animals in that world are human minded to begin with.

Minka really was a Space Monkey
Or really, a lab animal in a space-related program. She was kept in a small cage and otherwise abused, but rescued and rehabilitated.
  • Jossed: But it is revealed in "Standup Stinker" that her great-great-grandfather Grinka was the first monkey in space.

Sugar Sprinkles is Scout in disguise.
Scout really is a spy, and now that she's got her intel on the pet shop, she's been assigned to spy on the bake shop.

Animals are way more sentient in the LPS universe.
During the episode Lotsa Luck we see a flashback of Pepper during her youth while wearing outboard braces. Why would someone have their pet wear outboard braces to make its tooth fit better? Maybe animals in the LPS universe are considered more 'human' than here on earth.
  • Maybe they even age at a slower rate than normal animals do.
  • Semi-jossed. "Braces" for pets do exist, although obviously not to that extent. So Pepper having braces doesn't necessarily mean her owner knows she's more sentient than she really is.
  • Either way, the animals outside of their fantasies have been seen writing, reading, doing human style dances, and even magic tricks. So the "More sentient than our world" idea does have merit. Heck they even programmed a TV. (Though Ms. Twombly might have done it for them, but it was never shown so we can safely assume they could have figured it out themselves)

Judi Jo Jameson will appear in later episodes, and to make Blythe miserable.

There'll be an episode where the Biskit Twins are grounded.
The Twins will be horrified since their dad NEVER grounded them, and he says "maybe that's where I went wrong". And he even cuts off their money for the time being. Furious at this, they decide to run away. Not knowing where to go, they decided to hide out in Blythe's apartment.
  • Who says he never grounds them? He seems to be pretty pissed off at their attitude most of the time, and in "Door Jammed" he even threatened to cut off their allowance if they didn't pass out the open house invitations. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

The animals aren't actually multicoloured
In the episode Russel goes to school and pretends to be a wash brush, he is described as a brown brush, despite clearly being orange. So in the show, all the animals actually look exactly like what you would find in nature.

Littlest Pet Shop takes place in the same world as Scooby Doo, Mystery Incorporated.
It could simply be that the pets are simply other descendants of Annunaki vessels and thus perfectly capable of talking to and being understood by human beings. The reason Blythe thinks that she's gained a superpower when she hasn't is that up until she met the pets, she'd never come across or heard of a talking animal and never seems to be around when other people talk to the pets.
  • Jossed: Russel states right in the first minute the pets meet Blythe: "Wait... you can understand us?".

They're going to have a transformation episode
In which Russell turns into a human for an unknown mysterious reason, and then spends the day having fun doing human things, but remembers that his owner is picking him up at the end of the day. In which he only has a few hours to find a way to turn back or else his (Possibly very wealthy) owner will sue Littlest Pet Shop and shut it down forever. Or like mentioned above, Blythe turns into an animal. Both of which would very likely be all a dream.

Littest Pet Shop is for rich customers

A Monkey, Mongoose, Panda, Skunk and Hedgehog are all considered expensive/exotic pets. Vinnie is vague because certain geckos are more exotic than others, and Zoe seems to be very pampered. And the fact Russell's owner plays a TV show called "The Duchess of Lancashire Lane" to entertain a pet hedgehog... (Unless he only watches it at LPS) it seems his owners may be quite posh.

Madison will be a main character next season

She'll become Blythe's friend. Blythe will see past her weirdness and accept her as part of the group. She'll act odd, but no-one will care because "She's just being Madison, and that's fine" in which the show teaches kids that even odd kids can be friends. (Kind of a PSA to be nice to kids with Down Disease or whatever mental disorder she has)
  • Jossed. With her job done, she has so far vanished from the show.

This show takes place in the same continuity as The Backyardigans

The musical interlude fantasies the pets have, are their imaginations of course but in this world animal fantasies are much stronger than humans and can connect through telepathy. Fast forward centuries later, whether through evolution or genetic experiments animals are now human-sized and can speak. Yet can still mentally connect their imaginations and go on musical adventures.

Mrs. Twombly is related to Elise of Dan Vs..

Young Twombly seems to bear some resemblance to her, in addition to being skilled in martial arts. It wouldn't be implausible to assume that she could be Elise's aunt on her mother's side.

Blythe is a mutant

Blythe appears to be about 12 or 13, which is when mutant powers begin to show. Her ability to talk to animals manifesting when she moved above Littlest Pet Shop is just a coincidence.

Season Two will begin with Blythe returning home
  • I'm pretty sure that goes without saying since she's in the Theme Song and sings it. Unless they parody their own intro and replace it with Madison. Similar to Adventure Time (Fionna and Cake)
    • Confirmed regarding Blythe returning home.

Scout wasn't sent to spy on the pet shop
She was sent to find information on Blythe. The Men In Black know of her ability to talk to animals and are keeping a close eye on her. And quite possibly the C.I.A in this universe has the same technology from American Dad! so several of the animals around the shop like birds and squirrels are actually humans incognito.

Sunil Nevla X Penny Ling will gain so much popularity as a ship, it will rival Sunil X Pepper and Sunil X Vinnie
Read the description for the episode "Super Sunil". The mongoose and panda are bound to have cute moments together in it.

Mrs. Twombly and Fisher Biskit used to be a couple.
They broke up due to their own business ethnics.

The animals in the flashback of "The Treasure of Henrietta Twombly" aren't coincidental that they're all the same types of animals
With the rumours that Littlest Pet Shop is magic and the rumours that "There is more to Mrs. Towmbly than we assume" may ring true with Mrs. Twombly actually being magical and is in fact hundreds or thousands of years old. Changing her name once a century so people don't suspect anything and playing along that Henrietta is her ancestor. But also the pets, once they become too old she magically makes them younger but unintentionally erasing their memories each time in the process. But because of a spell she made long long ago, she and the pets are forever bound together, so when she sold the pets to the owners, the owners bring them to stay with her every day subconsciously not even realizing why. Just saying... the fact she had seven of the exact same types of animals is too big a coincidence to swallow.

The characters from the 1995 Littlest Pet Shop will appear on the current show.
This is more Wishful Thinking than an actual prediction. Still, Delilah has already been mentioned on this page. And Just Think of the Potential: imagine Zoe and Viv singing a duet, or Pepper and Chloe engaging in Snark-to-Snark Combat. How about Vinnie and Stu proving that Dumb Is Good together? Or Minka and Squeaks getting up to some monkeyshines? And if Hasbro wants to introduce more characters, why not use ones they already own? It's not like their Target Demographic will remember the original show anyway.
  • Except it wasn't very popular. Not MLP:G3 unpopular, but just under the radar unpopular. Not even furries (Who love anything with talking animals) were that interested in it.
    • Side note, G3 was not unpopular.
  • It'll retcon the pets from the 1995 show as having always been "normal" sized. Elwood P. Harvey and Mrs. Twombly were pretty close. Delilah is well-known as the most feared being in the pet community, and she'll have a Villainous Crush on Vinnie.

Fisher Biskit was deliberately trying to put Littlest Pet Shop out-of-business so he can find the treasure.
The Biskit family have been trying to get it for years.

The Biskit Twins will learn how to understand and communicate with animals.
They seem to be a foil to Blythe with Fisher a foil to Roger and Mrs. Twombly simultaneously. Giving them (or at least one of them) the same ability as Blythe's will mean one of two things: Either they warm up to Blythe or make their rivalry even more bitter. Both of them sound like interesting story possibilities. Besides, there's no way the series will go all the way through and leave Blythe as the only one with that ability.
  • "Biskits: We can talk to animals...... bored already!!"

Zoe is a brood bitch
She takes place in dog shows, who in Real Life are basically for breeding purposes but in here are fashion related. She's casualy mentioned puppies once, though probably never had one, which means she's unspayed.

Jasper is Indian.

Blythe is roughly seventeen
Jasper's Online Alias is "Dragonfire117". They seem to be high schoolers and they can get jobs.
  • Doubtful. This troper is under the impression they're middle schoolers. It's not that uncommon for preteens to get jobs. If they're 17, they'd be driving already. Blythe got in trouble for being suspected of driving Aunt Christie's food truck in "Sweet (Truck) Ride", indicating she's indeed too young.
  • Besides, he explicitly states that he uses that alias because "there were 116 other Dragonfires".
    • They seem like high schoolers to me, making them at least 14.
    • Truth in Television: Some sites enforce the One Steve Limit by preventing more than one user from using the same handle.

Blythe's mother gave her her ability to talk to animals
Her mother may have died when she was very little, and ascended to a higher plane. Of course they would likely avoid any religious theme so they would say she "Became magical" after she passed away. Her mother's spirit wanting to help her daughter, heard her wish and gave her the powers to talk to animals. Or...

One of the pets is a reincarnation of Blythe's mother
Despite neither are aware of that fact, some weird otherworldly fluke gave them the ability to communicate. But only when they first came in contact. The power never left.

Ms. Twombly is a distant relative of Blythe's
The first episode and the season 2 premiere hints that she knows Blythe's power, and she possibly passed it down to her.
  • Alternatively...

Ms. Twombly is a version of Blythe from an alternate dimension

There are other people like Blythe who can talk to animals, and the government tries to cover up their existence.
Think about it. It's possible that the ability to talk to animals is a latent ability in all people, and it's only triggered when they are injured or otherwise shaken up. Hence, when Blythe fell down the dumbwaiter, it somehow activated her ability. And, in "What Did You Say?", the label on the cold medicine lists one of the side affects as losing the ability to talk to animals. It's possible that the government is hiding the existence of the ability and are covering up the people who do have it, and they haven't found Blythe yet.
  • This troper thought the side-effect was thinking you can talk to animals, which has an opposite effect on those who can.

There'll be an episode where the Biskits lose their fortune.
Having nowhere else to go, they chose to live with the Baxters and work at the Littlest Pet Shop to earn some money. Eventually they gain back their fortune.

Delilah will be a semi-regular
The fact the writers made Sunil have a crush on her, they wouldn't just abandon that. The crush had nothing to do with the plot, unless they put that in just to stamp out the gay fan theories, it will probably be a continuing story element.

The animals are slowly evolving

The fact the animals are more sentient/anthropomorphic than in our world, perhaps they weren't always like that. Maybe they are gradually becoming more and more sentient unbeknownst to the humans. As well as developing psychic connections with each-other. Blythe understanding the animals may actually be simply a savant technique to understand a newly developed foreign language. Such as a real-life event of a man hitting his head, and instantly able to play 7 instruments without even a lesson. But the animals are continuing to evolve. Maybe in 50 years they'll become human-sized and actually be able to speak english?

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