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The Blue Spirit will return
Someone new adopts the persona of the Blue Spirit, possibly to play both sides of the Bending Revolution, or to act as a neutral party in the revolution. Perhaps even multiple people using the Blue Spirit, all working together in Republic City.
  • In the original, it did sort of symbolize Zuko's rebellion. I could totally see it being used as a symbol of the non-bender rebellion, or maybe of an elite, ninja-like task force.
    • Alternatively, it will be used by someone who needs to hide their identity at points...you know, like a bender in a city rampant with anti-bender sentiments? Maybe Korra will be the Blue Spirit.
    • Or maybe someone (Bumi? The unknown Fire Nation character voiced by Dante Basco?) will take up that identity to break Korra out of wherever she's being held prisoner, as a Shout-Out to the original series.

Related the above Blue Spirit theory
The Blue Spirit will actually be a Captain Ersatz version of The Shadow.
Shiro Shinobi: "Who knows what evil lies in the hearts of men? Only the Blue Spirit knows!"

We'll finally find out what happened to Zuko's Mom.
If only in passing.
  • It seems like a must for the next Avatar series.
  • Or, we'll find out little details, but never find out EXACTLY what happened...
  • Or alternately, Ursa unknowingly caused the anti-bender rebellion.
    • I know it sounds crazy (because it is) but stay with me for a second. Many fans believe Ursa was exiled to the Earth Kingdom. In exile, she meets some non-bender kid that she helps out, a kid who saw his/her parents murdered by firebenders and thought all firebenders were evil. However, like the village in Zuko Alone, s/he will be tormented by earthbenders. But then, s/he meets Ursa, gets to know her, and after a long time, finds out that she's Fire Nation. After a HBSOD, s/he was come to the conclusion that being a bender, regardless of which element, made you evil and that the Fire Nation started the War solely because their evil firebending Fire Lord was crazy, because he was firebender and that the only true way to have peace would be to kick all the benders out of position of power. That kid grows up to be Amon. Poor Ursa will never know that befriending a little orphan would cause so much trouble.
  • Ikki! Why did you do that? Gran-Gran was gonna tell us the story!
    • We share your disappointment, Jinora.
  • It seems likely that Ozai didn't have Ursa killed, and that after the events of the first series Zuko went on a quest to find her. Before she is interrupted by Ikki, Katara says that the ultimate fate of Ursa is "an incredible tale". She wouldn't probably use such an expression if Zuko had merely found out Ozai had indeed executed Ursa after she killed Azulon. And the word "incredible" implies that Zuko didn't just find Ursa in some Fire Nation prison after he became the Fire Lord, but that something more extraordinary happened before he was reunited with her.
    • Maybe Katara saying it was "an incredible tale" was a set-up for an Avatar movie, set between the end of ATLA and the beginning of ALOK. This needs to happen. So many questions would be answered.
      • More like one question. But still... I guess you can do it, you've been good.
    • I can imagine that something like this would happen:
    Katara: Well Jinora, it's an incredible tale —
    Jinora: Really?
    Katara: Nothing happened at all. (Smiles)
  • A recent announcement has been made that a second comic book interqual trilogy will be made titled "The Search", which will involve Zuko, Aang, Azula... and Ursa.
    • And Ursa is found in that trilogy.

Sozin's Comet will return 30 years earlier than expected.
The comet came a little too close during the last approach and was pulled out of its orbit by the planet's gravity. The new trajectory will bring the comet back into alignment in 70 years instead of 100 years and nobody will see it coming. With no prepared plans to exploit the comet's bonus to firebending absolute chaos will ensue as firebenders compete for dominance.
  • Orbital mechanics do not work that way.

Tom Tom will make an appearance
You remember Tom Tom right? No? You know, Mai's little brother?
  • Tom Tom is the grown mayor of Republic City who is close to retiring. He will still have an obsession with flying lemurs.

Tom Tom and Hope will be married and have a grand kid Korra's age
Because pairing two baby characters from two different nations years later and tying them into the story again is exactly the sort of thing Mike and Bryan would do.
  • I'll take it further: Mako and Bolin are Tom Tom and Hope's sons.
    • Or their grandsons. Either way, it's perfect.
      • This absolutely NEEDS to be canon. You guys are good. It makes too much sense. Tom Tom from the "Fire"Nation and Hope "technically" from the "Earth" Kingdom, hence Mako and Bolin.
      • Alternately, even if Tom Tom and Hope don't get together directly, their kids marry instead and then have Mako and Bolin (a la Roku and Sozin). This would keep the basic idea of the theory just as well.
  • I just want to say this theory is beautiful.
  • And it was Azula, trying to get revenge on Mai that killed them.

Sokka's Sword will be a legendary artifact.
Made from a rare material? Check. Forged by the greatest swordsmith in the world? Check. Belonged to one of the heroes that saved the world? Check. There will be legends about that weapon, it may even become a status symbol at some warrior's order.
  • That sword is durable enough to cut through metal without noticeably dulling, so who's to say it won't still be in that forest 70 years later.
  • Well technically a metal bender at the time was able to bend the material it was made from. (Whether or not said bender was the most powerful earthbender at the time has any relevance, I can't be sure.)
    • Toph was able to bend the raw, unrefined material but it's unclear if she could also bend the sword itself.

The tsungi horn is the Avatar version of a Trumpet.
We'll get awesome jazz music and a continuity nod all in one!

There will be a dragon in the series.
Specifically a new born one, from that egg from 'The Fire-Bending Masters'. Because face it, that'd be awesome.
  • And it will be purple.
  • The egg will be found by Korra late in season one, and just for the Hell of it she'll set it on fire. Turns out this is exactly what's needed to hatch dragon eggs.
    • She already has a Polar Bear Dog, so this would put her on borderline beastmaster? Although it would be amusing for it live on Air Temple Island and awesomely terrifying against mooks. Naga's roar is enough to scare off Equalist chi-blockers.
      • Yes to the idea of beastmaster Korra. That would be epic. However, the dragon would be a baby for most of the series, so as to not overpower Korra. Also, cute factor.
  • It'll be parallel to Aang. Super loyal animal around for years(Naga/Appa) and newly acquired smaller animal (Momo/Baby Dragon)
    • I forgot they got the Fire Ferret already. I guess the dragon is out of the question. :(
  • Confirmed in Book 3: Change. And Zuko rides it.

Someone will say "Are you two so busy fighting that you cannot see your own ship has set sail?"
Iroh did say it should be a proverb
  • Bonus Points if Iroh II says it. Even more Bonus Points if Zuko says it.

Airbending will finally have its own spin-off
Because earth (metalbending), water (bloodbending), and fire (lightning-bending) had their own, but not air.
  • Stormbending? (Aang would appreciate the irony, I'm sure)
  • I recall someone here saying it's sucking the air completely out of one's lungs, an instant death. Which in my perspective, is much, MUCH, scarier than having your bending taken away.
    • And it would be ironic: that the most peaceful benders of all would develop a technique that's an insta-kill for anyone.
  • Fartbending!
    • To this troper’s eye rolls, this is actually confirmed. Meelo’s…unorthodox airbending tactics definitely took down at least one Equalist in episode 10.
  • Pressure bending. By excreting a great force over a small area, air bending can break stone with ease.
  • Another WMG tab mentioned sound-bending.

Metal cages used to contain Earthbenders in the old series will be a museum relic.
Unless the practice of metalbending is strictly secured by only police units, it would be safe to say that the cages occasionally used to snag earthbenders and hold them are obsolete. Even then, it's likely the latter would be true and be used as a callback since there should be some museum in Republic City.

"Yuan" notes have pictures of the Gaang on them.
Similar to how real-world nations put Presidents (and historically significant people) on money. Additionally, they're colored orange, red, blue and green for the respective person, for it's different denominations.
  • One concept for the Avatar Yuan has Aang on the front. So yes.
  • Also since he had a hand in founding the city, Sokka named the currency after his late girlfriend Princess Yue! You know because they sound alike. Right?
  • Alternatively they will have past avatars on them

Zuko's entry onto the scene will involve Lightning redirection.
He hears that the City is in a bad way because of the Equalist uprising being in full swing. He enters the scene, an equalist with zapper gloves accosts him, and he casually grabs their electrified hand, redirects, and then zaps them away without much exertion at all.
  • And he is elderly to boot.
  • Also, his scar will catch on fire when he gets really mad.
  • Jossed. His entry comes in Book 3, and in the prison of Red Lotus member Ming-Hua, after the carnage concerning her escape. He is not seen using lightning.

Tahno will learn to fight with a boomerang.
Now that he can't bend, he'll fight alongside Korra to beat Amon and try to get his bending back. Because really, how cool would that be?
  • Oh my, I hope this happens. He is shown to have traits of the The Smart Guy being the most intelligent of the Wolfbats. The boomerang thing would mean he could embrace his water tribe heritage and prove even more badass as a normal than he was with bending.
  • This troper just had a mental image of Tahno with grenades!

Korra's Lame Comeback of "You're oppressing yourselves" will be the line that breaks Amon
Korra's comeback to the protester in the first episode sounded silly and poorly thought out, but it does make some sense if you compare Amon to Mako in that the former is holding onto that and is held back by the memory and its circumstances, being what breaks him. Even more so when Korra says it clearly with a serious tone.
  • Jossed. That line isn't brought up again.

Bloodbending will return to be used against the Equalists.
Either Korra or Tarrlok will learn bloodbending, use it to defeat Amon, then wreak havoc on the rest of the Equalist movement. From there the Equalists have even more reason to lash out against benders for the violation while benders have an excuse to go on a witch hunt over the de-bending.
  • Tarrlok already knows how to bloodbend, and doesn't seem to be using it to beat Amon and the Equalists so much as getting rid of anybody who stands in his way. And he DID attempt to bloodbend Amon, but Amon/Noatak could bloodbend too, and takes Tarrlok's bending away.

The hippie nomads are still around.
They would have discovered Guru Pathik at some point and started eating onions and banana juice with him, thus lengthening their lifespans to coincide with the next avatar's.
  • Korra will seek them out to learn Energy Bending and hilariously frustrated by their laid back attitude. The episode will culminate with her learning to chill.
  • If this happens, the Secret Tunnel song MUST make a reappearance. Also, bonus points if one of the Krew ends up getting stuck with the nomads somehow (like Sokka did).

Mako will show he is able to bend with blue flames.
Either by harm done to Bolin or other means, he will enter a state of Tranquil Fury and fight with a cold demeanor to his opponent (either an Equalist or Season 2) and show he is able to conjure up blue flames if angered. Lightningbending is a common thing, so why not blue firebending among a few firebenders too?

Zuko will teach Korra swords.
He'll show up and be very unhappy with Korra, because she thinks she's nothing without her bending. He'll remind that she's the Avatar, and that bending the elements is only a part of what that means. Instructing her in swordsmenship would give a skill Amon can't take away, as well as help get her get the mindset for Air training. For bonus points, Zuko gives her Sokka's meteor sword.

The giant statue of Aang functions in the same way as the Avatar statues from the first series ...
Meaning its eyes will shine like a lighthouse when Korra first enters the Avatar State. That'll provide the clue Tenzin needs to hightail it over to the city and calm her down before she causes too much collateral damage. Or, Korra will have to return to the statue, the site of her greatest defeat so far, in order to commune with Avatar Aang as he first did with Roku. Or both.

Aang will make an awesome Brick Joke
Korra will go to Aang in search of answers for Avatar stuff. She'll ask questions that he can't answer, because it's the kind of thing that she has to answer on her own. Aang will remember how much he hated getting those answers from Roku, so he'll try to distract her... with the same marbles from episode three. After this fails, he'll give her the dissapointing answer.
  • Aang doesn't, but Sokka does. "Gigantic mushroom! Maybe it's friendly!"

Korra will learn to track and find people by spiritually locating them.
This one was so rarely used in the first series, it seems to be forgotten. Both Aang and Guru Pattik used this method to find someone by using someone that they were deeply connected to. Tenzin will likely show Korra this trick by spiritually aiding her find a member of the Krew that was kidnapped.
  • This actually comes up in Book 4, when she uses spirit vines to locate the kidnapped Earth Prince Wu.

Tenzin's unborn airbender child will be a son named Gyatso
  • Jossed. In episode 10, he is born and named "Rohan".

Korra will first converse with Aang on the Vernal Equinox.
Aang first conversed with Roku on the Winter Solstice, the beginning (or midpoint, depending on reckoning) of the season opposite Roku's native element. Korra, in turn, will do the same on the Vernal Equinox.
  • Jossed. She converses with him after she loses her bending, which he restores.

Azula will make her return as one of Korra's cell mates.
Korra's going somewhere where "no one will ever find" her, likely a high security prison. Whether Azula's gotten saner or not won't matter if she decides she belongs there.
  • Jossed. Korra was taken to Tarrlok's safehouse in a snowy mountainside, and locked in a metal box. Azula is not mentioned at all in The Legend of Korra.

Tarrlok got the Equalist items from the evidence at the Metalbending station to do his cover-up.
In the episode 9 preview, Tarrlok is doctoring the scene with a few items the Equalists use. Obviously, he is using the items the police and task force confiscated from arrests, bonus points if the glove was Asami's.

Amon is Koh.
It's why blood bending doesn't work on him. He is pursuing an ulterior motive with connection to the spirit world. This is his mortal form.
  • Jossed. Amon is crime boss Yakone's son, and a bloodbender, which was what he was using to take people's bending away. It's also why bloodbending doesn't work on HIM.

In Amon's mass debending, we will see closeups of several familiar benders.
Skoochy, Toza, Saikhan, and various other benders we seen in cameos or other scenes.
  • We saw Saikhan.

Yakone and Tarrlok's blood bending can't be performed on full moon because they're not actually drawing upon Yue to do it.
There are spirit world shenanigans afoot, and one of the spirits is giving them more power than they should naturally possess. Yue is not cool with that, so as her power grows Yakone's/Tarrlok's weakens.
  • Jossed by "Skeletons in the Closet" - Tarrlok and Noatuk/Amon first learned to bloodbend during a full moon, then expanded their range to cover other times.

Azula is the firebender responsible for various orphans and facial injuries throughout Republic City.
She's getting on in years, but still has her fun.

Azula founded and maybe still leads the Agni Kai triad.
Related to the above: She might not have done all this damage personally.

Zuko will have adopted some of Iroh's traits
Such as his love for Pai Cho, tea, and leads the Order of the White Lotus.
  • This troper believes Zuko may appear as a full out Iroh expy, having kids and bringing peace to the world helped him lighten up.
    • Jossed. He looks more like Sozin, and we don't find much out about his personal life.

The Ember Island Players will make another appearance with another terrible play.
Their leader will be a cartoon version of M. Night Shyamalan and the episode will be filled with Take Thats against the widely panned live action film.
  • And the play is either reflecting the movie exactly or about Korra's journey is Season 1, dropping lampshades on the terrorist/rape allegories all throughout it in the form of comments on how the play is okay for children to Tenzin's shocked reactions.
    • Not in the series proper, but maybe a comic.

There will be a movie about Korra's adventures.
Instead of another play, there will be a movie, which incidentally will also be the first actual movie ever. Amon will have an evil mustache.
  • And in an epic callback, the episode will be "An Ember Island Picture."
    • Again, comic.

Sokka's Submarines will show up.
But with waterbending operation an optional thing rather than required. Good chance the Equalists have them.
  • Jossed.

The Jasmine Dragon will return
Either as a humble tourist attraction with great history where it originally was in Ba Sing Se, or as the brand-name for the largest, high-quality tea branch in all the world!
  • Zuko will stop in one of the franchise's tea shops during his visit in Republic City, declare its fare distinctly inferior to what his uncle would have made, and teaches the staff personally how it's done.
    • Confirmed in "A New Spiritual Age". The shop appears in the Spirit World.
Yakone's wife is Katara's second cousin.
They do look alike, and Katara's grandmother is from the North Pole. Perhaps Tarlok's wife is descended from one of her siblings.

Hama didn't invent bloodbending.
Rather, she was simply the first Southern waterbender to learn the technique, as well as the first female— males of the Northern tribe had already been practising it for centuries, it's just that a combination of their isolation from each other and the forbidden nature of the technique kept knowledge of it from spreading between tribes. Yakone mentions that he comes from a long line of bloodbenders, and that would be impossible if it never existed before Hama first used it. In her case, she just happened to have the same idea, and since she lived in the Fire Nation for her whole life after escaping from prison, she never learned of the existence of other bloodbenders.
  • Considering that Yakone implied that he was born with the ability, and his age relative to Aang's would make it rather unlikely that Hama would have been the one to teach it to him, this seems possible. Also, Hama's words "I had become a Bloodbender" in her flashback could be interpreted in two ways: 1) she discovered the ability, or 2) she discovered that she had the ability, the prior existence of which she had known about already, from stories or legends.
  • But if the Northern Water Tribe knew of that ability previously, why didn't they use it in the war?
    • Probably several reasons. It was considered an evil, forbidden power by most of the world, probably most waterbenders included. Yakone seemed to actually care about his wife (even if he was still revenge obsessed in general), yet he trained his sons away on secret "hunting trips" without letting her know the truth. Keep in mind that at some point after the war, Katara got bloodbending declared illegal. Also, they may have just not had a chance to use it much. Most of the Fire Nation was not going to go after a Water Tribe village on the full moon anyway, until Zhao pulled his "kill the moon" stunt. It seems only Yakone's family could bloodbend anytime, so it never got past the witch story phase, e.g. Hama.

The story Jinora read was actually a play, namely...
Love Amongst the Dragons, the one Zuko said was butchered by the Ember Island Players!
  • Jossed. The play's storyline shown in "The Search" looked considerably different.

Guru Pathik is still alive.
Probably very unlikely, but it is possible that he's still meditating somewhere and might appear this series.

At some point, Korra and the team will stumble across Wan Shi Tong's Library
Maybe Sato Industries, now under Asami's control, will be doing some excavating/building project in the area or maybe Korra is spritually drawn to it for some reason.

But Korra ends up healing the rift that Aang and the gang caused. Because what would be more perfect to show the character development she's gone through (and will likely continue to go through) than to have her repair the spiritual relationship, between humans and a spirit that thought humans unworthy to share his knowledge, that her more spiritual predecessor fractured (especially since Korra embraces the side of humans that Wan Shi Tong holds little regard for whilst Aang SHOULD have been the ideal sort of human who showcased Wan Shi Tong's ideals).
  • Well, it has been confirmed that Wan Shi Tong will appear in Book 2, so it's a distinct possibility.
    • Furthermore he'll reveal a new trick where he turns people who seek his knowledge for illicit purpose into books for all the world to read.
  • Sort of confirmed. Jinora found it in the Spirit World and met Wan Shi Tong, offering up some info on how radios work. Too bad he was in league with Unalaq.

Korra will meet Koh.
Koh tells Aang, "We'll meet again." He seems to know things magically because he is a spirit, such as knowing that Aang had already met Twi and La. Also, during his conversation with Aang he indicates that he thinks of all the Avatar's lives as one person when he greets Aang with, "The Avatar. It's been a long time." As far as we know, Aang never saw Koh again in his life, so maybe Korra will run into him.

Tahno will join the Fire Ferrets in Book Two.
The released preview animatics for Book Two reveal Bolin and the two new benders for the Fire Ferrets (Hasook doesn't seem to be there) getting their asses whooped. If training doesn't work out, maybe it's time for another Waterbender lineup change. Korra is the only person known to undo Amon's "permanent" chi blocking. In exchange for getting his bending bending back, Tahno has to work with Bolin, resulting in tension given their history last season.
  • Jossed.
Book 3 will be named "Ancestors".
And we will find out what happened to the original Gaang through a series of flashbacks as Korra goes on a journey to reconnect with the past avatars, since she lost the connection at the end of Book 2.
  • Jossed. Book Three will be called "Change".

Iroh ended up in the Fog of Lost Souls while searching for his son.
He seemed to know exactly where Tenzin needed to look for Jinora. Further, Iroh's moment of self-realization, apparently a necessary part of escaping the fog, was probably what really triggered his Heel–Face Turn.

During their travels through the Earth Kingdom, the Krew will pass by Chin Village, possibly during Avatar Day
The only disappointment will be those Avatar dolls of unfried dough.

There will be at least one Take That! directed towards The Last Airbender movie at some point
Because it's just too perfect an opportunity to waste and be honest it would be awesome to see the the official franchise itself take a stab at how bad that film was.
  • I believe I read somewhere that was what Korra's 8% approval rate in the first season three episode was.

Lin and Toph's falling out was caused by Values Dissonance.
To Lin, sending Suyin to live with Toph's parents was the action of a Crooked Cop, but Toph considers living with her parents as bad as jail.

Ming-hua is a Mental Bloodbender
Because her parents found out about her conventional bloodbending potential and chopped off her arms so she's now spending the concentration meant for Bloodbending to Waterbend with that level of dexterity.
  • Jossed, at least the part about arm-chopping. According to Word of God, Ming-Hua was born armless.

There will be an "Ember Island Players"-style episode in Book 4
Except instead of a play, it will be a Varrick production working to recap the last 3 seasons and it will be hilarious. It will downplay the highlights of the series thus far and, as a final dig towards the messy romantic plotline of the first 2 seasons, over-exaggerate them to epic proportions.
  • Not far off the mark: Book Four's "Remembrances" was a Recap Episode that both poked fun at the romantic plotline and had an utterly zany section narrated by Varrick, who was actually presenting the idea for a mover.