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One of the bounty hunters is an Alpha Platinum 3000
In "March of the Wolfmasters", the announcer says "cyboys and cybergirl", in the singular—there is one female bounty hunter after Cindi. I suspect that she'll attempt to seduce Anthony to get clues to Cindi's whereabouts.

Anthony Greendown is Oblivious to Love
This is really just Rule of Drama. "57821" talks about Anthony searching for Cindi, so for the benefit of this WMG I'm going to say that that song is just a dream of Cindi's.
  • Another possibility: he's actually in love with the human woman the Alpha Platinum 3000 was based on, and when he realizes he's been romancing Cindi he drops her like a bag of trash.

The Metropolis Suites will be adapted into a Broadway musical
Because it would be amazing.

The Big Bad is an Alpha Platinum 3000
"March of the Wolfmasters" features someone with Monáe's voice announcing the bounty on Cindi. She also has an occasional Voice of the Legion effect. In "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!" there's the line "I love you, and I won't take no for an answer" with the same double-voice effect. My theory is that she's in love with either Cindi (If I Can't Have You...) or Anthony (Murder the Hypotenuse) and is murderous over it.
  • The Big Bad and the announcer are Lady Maestra from the "Many Moons" short film.

Anthony Greendown is a futuristic knight of some sort
It would make sense. He has been referred to as "Sir Greendown" several times, including in the title of a song, and he's also Cindi's "Knight in Shining Armor" so to speak.

...He also probably has a lightsaber.

"Sincerely, Jane" is about/sung by one of the Alpha Platinum 3000 auctioned in the "Many Moons" short film

There is an android in the auction called Jane Lee. She might also be a recurring character in Cindi's storyline, or something. On a similar note...

The main cast is consisted of Cindi and the other named Alpha Platinum 3000 featured in the "Many Moons" short film

Their names are Jahnny Money, Ming, Charlotte Dedeaux, Jane Lee, Zossa, Suzie Scorcher, and Emily Empire. They might team up with Cindi, or some of them might actually be antagonists.

All of the Songs Featured Thus Far have Been Adressed to the Citizens of Metropolis
First off, you'll notice that Cindi seems to be talking directly to the people with words like "you" and "I" espcially if she's talking about how bad life is in Metropolis. Word of God has indicated that she's a Messiah of some sort and represents both humans and androids who have been mistreated by the government. It's only a matter of time before the people join Cindi to start a revolution. As a result, the next albums will be about the resistance and possibly fighting alongside Anthony. Cindi's already showed some violent tendencies in Violet Stars Happy Hunting and Come Alive, so it's not to far a stretch.Besides, it'd be awesome.

Deltron 3030 and the Archandroid Take Place in the Same Universe.
Think about it. Both are hip-hop albums about heroes using music to inspire the people to rebel against an opressive government. Deltron 3030 takes place in a Bad Future where Cindi Mayweather failed to save Metropolis allowing the dictatorship to eventually spread around the world by the year 3030. Even though she failed, Deltron hears of the legend of Cindi Mayweather and is inspired to try and finish what she started. In contrast to Cindi's relative optimism however, Deltron 0 uses harsher means of stopping the government. Although he uses music like Cindi, he realizes that it takes more to bring down a dictatorship. Thus the use of military campaigns, destroying bases and satellites, and finally releasing a super virus that will destroy most forms of advanced computers to momentarily weaken the government.

The Electric Lady is a new character.
In the video for "Dance Apocalyptic," she's wearing a completely different outfit with completely different hair from Monae's usual style - this is clearly a new character, different from Cindy Mayweather. Is she an ally? an enemy? a reprogrammed, amnesiac version of Cindy? The full album will hopefully reveal more.

The Electric Lady will feature an extremely trippy apocalypse
This, naturally, comes along with the reveal that the ArchAndroid is actually an Apocalypse Maiden. The post-apocalyptic rubble of Metropolis will prove to be better, however, because now robots can determine their own destinies.

Janelle Monae's feature in Fun's We Are Young was part of her/Cindi Mayweather's guerilla emotion picture campaign
She appears suddenly near the end of the song to encourage the singer to take his ex home, allowing them to rekindle their romance. This is part of her time travel insurgency, as mentioned in Q.U.E.E.N., wherein Janellr/Cindi appears at crucial moments in history to facilitate the blossoming of love where else indifference or scorn would have taken root. She then releases recordings of these incidents as bangers to further promote the interests of love and understanding across time and space.