Trivia / Janelle MonŠe

  • Black Sheep Hit: "Yoga" has more of a mainstream hip-hop/R&B sound to it and is her highest-charting song.
  • Creator Backlash: She very much dislikes the fact that old photos of her are circulating. She finds the many colors she once wore too messy and confused, and doesn't want to be associated with them in order to maintain her aesthetic.
  • Development Hell: Apparently, a video for "Violet Stars Happy Hunting!" was shot but remains unreleased due to unstated technical problems. This appears to be a simple recording by someone on the set.
  • Hitless Hit Album: Although her albums have charted on the Billboard 200, none of her singles charted until "Yoga" in 2015 (#79).
  • One of Us: Obviously, Janelle is a Science Fiction fan, but she also enjoyed anime in her childhood, and has since taken to Game of Thrones.
  • Viral Marketing: Videos have been released daily up to the release of the Electric Lady on Janelle Monae's YouTube channel in order to hype the album. They evoke Cindi Mayweather's escape and growing support for her freedom movement. Along with the videos, the Electric Pirate Radio, which appears in the Electric Lady interludes, is set to air on this website.