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Yuri Keila is the Soulthirster

They both have purple hair, white skin, purple/indigo clothes, and a black belt with yellow details. Also, Yuri is a reference to porn while Keila is linguistically close to kegel, like the Kegel Exercise. Both have to do with pleasure, and Soulthirster is the Dark God of Pleasure.

Mainly this spawned from the belief that after Exterminatus Now completely blasted the Smurfette Principle, I doubt they would play it straight.

  • Oh god, I think you might be right.
    • Though her reactions to Eastwood's advances would suggest otherwise. If she's the Soulthirster, wouldn't she have taken the opportunity to dispose of Eastwood right there? Not to mention she wouldn't be nearly as (initially) naive about what Eastwood was playing at.
  • Maybe it's sheer irony, as Yuri seems to be the opposite in personality.

Yuri is more proficient with beamswords than Ryoushi.

She can be seen with two beamswords in this comic here. Either she has a spare, or she's skilled enough to dual wield them. Ryoushi only wields one. This would indicate superior swordsmanship on Yuri's part.
  • Confirmed.
  • Or it could be that he simply prefers to use one. Nothing's been said about relative skill.

Yuri is going to die at the end of the current arc.
She has made things constantly go wrong, and it would probably be likely that she will die at the end due to her or the team screwing something up, so Rogue will return.
  • The banner at the top seems to have replaced Rogue's outline with Wildfire's, though she's not on the cast page yet and she is now on the cast page.
  • Jossed. She got kicked off the team.

Simmons was counting on the team to destroy the facility.
He probably figured that the combination of their insane luck and talent for getting shit blown up would get rid of the facility. He wanted that to happen, since he realizes that an illegal black ops facility that has already torn open a portal to Hell is more trouble than it's worth. He was probably also counting on them to destroy it thoroughly enough to wipe out all trace of its existence so that there's no evidence of an illegal facility left intact.

Schaefer is a lot more competent than he lets on.

The comic "A++, Would Heroically Struggle To The Death With Again" shows Schaefer, after being given a completely false lead by Eastwood that says that the group smuggling arms to cultists was run by a man called "E. Bay", an obvious fake-out. Schaefer not only goes after the lead, but actually manages to track down an actual supervillain called Edward Bay, before proceeding to kick ass most righteous. With this in mind, maybe Schaefer isn't as bumbling as he seems, but uses Obfuscating Stupidity? Getting a lead from an inquisitor, however obviously falsified, gave him an excuse to go after Edward, who he may already have suspected, which led to the aforementioned confrontation and epic disposal of a massive threat!
  • Word of God would indicate he's a "promoted beyond his capabilities" Pointy-Haired Boss. As a field agent, Schaefer was and is extremely capable, but in his current position, he's basically dependent on his Hypercompetent Sidekick. He's flat-out called a "moronic sexual deviant" by one of the authors.
  • Actually the full quote of that Word of God is "Schaeffer might be a moronic sexual deviant, but he’s an Inquisitor, and part of that involves being nigh-on impossible to kill and having a punch that can cold-cock a rhino."
  • In other words, he is exactly as competent as he is portrayed, it's just that he's competent in some things and incompetent in others.

"Frank" is a rogue Inquisitor, like Silas Morth
In the original games, he's always trying to steal the Chaos Emeralds and use their powers, but I doubt the Inquisition would allow anyone to use the damn things on their own. The Inquisition haven't realized this yet, though. They just think he's trying to stop a cultist.
  • You do realise that's a guest comic, right?
    • Yeah, but it's still a fun idea.

Eastwood is a Pariah
Everyone else, even Lothar, noticed something odd about that artifact he used as a bookend. Morth's non-sorcerous underling said he could feel a slight tingling in the back of his head. Yet Eastwood didn't notice a thing.
  • Might also help explain his atheism.
  • And why women find him repellent.
  • And why he bathes once a week or less.
  • And why he has the largest Porn Stash on the continent.

Morth is playing all the dark gods off of each other in his quest for power.
When you look at things from a different view, his actions give him credit to all of the dark gods.
  • He's a pervert who is not above groping unconscious women, so he has some qualities that would make him a follower of Soulthirster.
  • He has a serious temper, making him a possible follower of The Hound, plus he uses the blood of one of his greater demons to fuel his transformation into a greater demon.
  • He is fairly techno-savvy, given his use of the internet to propagate his scheme of causing copycat summoners worldwide, and he has a cybernetic eye, so he could follow Fernex well enough.
  • And he is, overtly, a Patterner cultist, and brilliantly displays the necessary qualities when he out-gambits Janus.
    • It would be a testament to his Magnificent Bastard status that he's manipulating all four gods of evil in his quest for power, including the one that's supposed to be the master of manipulating others.

Possible cases for Eastwood and Deket.
  • He's terrified of her, either since she's the most violent Inquisitor or because her bullying him as children led to his arachnophobia.
    • Or because she's crazy enough to hire Wildfire, one of the few women he was scared enough to stop going after following a single conversation.
  • She's the only woman who's sexually attracted to him and he's not aware of this.
    • Jossed.
  • They're fuck buddies. The sex is fantastic, but they can barely tolerate each other. Since their personalities aren't appealing to the opposite sex, they meet in private once in a while to release their frustrations.
    • Jossed.
  • Wildfire ships them.
  • They're Not So Different, except while Eastwood is a geek for the comic's equivalent of 1980s cartoon shows and video games, Deket is the same for Japanese shows in the vein of Super Sentai or Kamen Rider.
  • The canon is now that Eastwood tells people Deket's his ex, but all that really happened was he grabbed her ass once and she beat the crap out of him.

The Super Genesis Wave has affected the comic.
Loth's sporting a redesign in 475. Stands to reason that something that rewrote the multiverse has something to do with it.

We are going to see expies of other subfactions of the Imperium forces
Since the webcomic is effectively a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog and Warhammer 40K, it would be great to see expies of the Space Marines and the Adeptus Mechanicus. It would be really awesome if there was even an Emperor of Mobius who is actually Sonic who is now permanently in his super-form after managing to seperate the positive and the negative energies of the Chaos and Master Emeralds
  • Word of God is that Lothar is the closest thing to a Space Marine that exists in the setting. While what we've seen of the politics of the setting indicates that there are multiple countries on Mobius. Though the Inquisition's Black Guard have some similarities to the Imperial Guard, and the Machine God (two of them actually) is canon and frequently mentioned to have tech-priests.

Wolf and Beaver are Time Lords. Defective Time Lords.
They just keep coming, over and over again, in different Daemon cults. The reason they aren't aware of it and don't remember (mostly; they always seem to be friends no matter what) anything from their past lives? They have a bad strain of Time Lord Down Syndrome, which also prevents them from changing face and personality.

The B-Team will pull a Face–Heel Turn at some point.
Specifically, if Schaefer really has gone rouge, they'll be his Quirky Miniboss Squad. Likely as a Parody of the 'Renegade Hero' action-movie setup with the Heroes (and Simmons) as the Villain Protagonist.

Eastwood isn't actually incompetent, he just doesn't care that much.
Long ago, Eastwood came to realize something about his job: the constant stupidity that comes from all sides. The Dark Gods, for all their power, can't do anything until their cults open a portal, which makes them powerless in a way. If it isn't moronic henchmen, it's the cult leaders who always give into villainous mistakes. Not even the Inquisition is safe- Jamilla was caught because she was given a camera big enough for someone to spot her in a crowd (which even had a "property of Inquisition" label on it), Schaffer could just use his authority to get free access to his porn, instead of making purchases that Eastwood and Virus can use to blackmail him. Confronted with all this, Eastwood's just elected to go with the flow, only doing enough to preserve the current status quo.