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  • Hang on a moment. There's adverts. On a comic that is a mishmash of two copyrighted universes. Isn't that highly illegal?
    • Parody.
    • (actual parody, for the record)
    • Ah, right. Fair enough.
    • Also I don't think that the guys ever claimed 40K or Sonic to be their own. GW or Sega going after 4 guys who're doing this for fun sounds a bit of an overreaction to me. Also, parody:)
    • As someone mentioned, actual parody isn't illegal, and while I haven't read the whole series, as far as I can tell, there are no explicit references to either universe, merely constant use of the words "heresy" and "daemon," which as far as I know, are not copyrighted terms, and the fact that it uses a similar art style to that of Sonic.
    • Some locations from the Archie Sonic comics are referenced, such as Mercia (not to mention, well, Mobius itself.) The Sonic elements were eventually phased out of the story and profiles as the comic continued, although older strips were not altered to reflect this.
    • Harry and Lothar, a fox and echidna respectively, were over time tweaked to distance themselves from their more recognizable inspirations Tails and Knuckles. Harry's changes were implemented by changing the style in which he was drawn while retaining his existing design, while Lothar's started early on by changing his glove and replacing the white ring on his chest with a pair of dog tags. Towards the end of the comic Lothar's entire design took a much radical change, almost completely separating him from Knuckles' design.
    • By Word of God, they're still not gonna try publishing it, though. If Sega's lawyers don't murder them, GW's will.

    Evidence and Rights 

  • Why did they need to seize the payload to implicate the cult leader guy? As inquisitor expies, don't they have unlimited power to arrest and if necessary execute without trial? Or did they need it to track down other cult members?
    • They might need the paperwork to find out who the cult leader was. And some people are rich and powerful enough to be beyond even Secret Police without at least some backing.

    Light Gods vs Dark Gods 

  • I always took it that the dark gods somehow played off from the light gods, and vise versa, essentially mirroring each other. The dark god of rage would likely parallel the light god of knowledge, sure. I can see how the Pattener acts as a dark god of chaos, with Tyrus being the light god of order, then you have two gods for both the light and dark sides being machine gods (one being controlling, the other being peaceful), but what the hell is up with the other 2? The last light god represents death, but in a Dark Is Not Evil way, and the last dark god represents the idea of temptation and sin. If we go by opposites, then it's saying that life is defined by basically being sexually promiscuous and gender/sexuality bending, and if you're not doing that then you might as well be dead? Or am I misreading into this?
    • There's a reason it's called the Holy Inquisition.
    • It's a peaceful death vs. torture, rape, murder followed by undeath, more rape, more torture and maybe controlled into killing your family. Peaceful death sounds like a good option.
    • Hedonism vs Ascetism?
    • You're misreading into it.


  • Has there ever been an explanation why there's no hedgehogs in the comic? Obviously they can't copy the Sega style, but what about a different hedgehog design?


  • Why did the team hate her so much? I mean yeah, she's clearly incompetent and tends to cause collateral damage, but the main cast isn't much better in those departments. That kinda stuff was par for the course long before she showed up.
    • Eastwood hates her, because he's a misogynist and she rejects his sexual advances, and so has become worthless in his eyes. Lothar hates her, because she's probably the only character more crazy than he is, and Lothar doesn't look as edgy in comparison. In terms of Virus, I have absolutely no idea.
    • Plus, when the team screw up a mission, its (usually) because something goes wrong along the way. Wildfire, by contrast, was the entire reason that cult leader got to go free and one of the Inquisition's most important research facilities ends up in a black hole because she couldn't control herself. Say what you will about the team's incompetence, but at least they never single handedly destroyed decades of research because they acted rashly.