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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Epic Battle Fantasy
Akron last awoke when cats were the dominant civilization

They managed to seal Akron, but their advanced civilization was destroyed in the process. Over the ages, they have slowly begun to rebuild their civilization, but humans have out-paced them and become the dominant life-form.
  • The heroes might even be the ancient feline counterparts to Matt, Natz and Lance (the Lance counterpart leaving his/her tank note  behind... just to be destroyed by the trio we know.) Possibly even an ancestor of NoLegs, too...

Oblivion is Akron's rival
Oblivion is the super form of the final boss in 3.3, and represents omnipresent destruction, a counterpart to Origin of Life, who represents creation. Obiivion's been around since, possibly, the beginning of time, and Akron's been around for millions of years. Both seem to exist only to destroy, and both are very powerful. It only makes sense that they would be enemies or rivals of some sort.
  • With Godcat confirmed to appear in EBF 4, it is possible that rivalry may have shifted to the heroes who outright KILLED Akron.

Anna has only recently taken up a forest life

Anna is an all around Nature Hero who uses a bow and actually has smaller breasts than Natz... But in the first EBF, an NPC in a shop with the same hair and larger breasts appeared. Leading on from this, it is possible that Anna, like Lance, acted to help stop the chaos that was raging, and took to the forests to train herself in some form of combat. As a result, she lost some weight, and the only place that could leave from comfortably is the breasts. She then encountered Matt and Natz at some point before EBF 3.3, and joined the group, having helped them before by running a shop. She brought a bush with her since the others had some sort of non-human companion with them (Matt = NoLegs, Natz = the mammoth, Lance = Scanbot, which was taken out of retirement after Lance's scanner was destroyed in some offscreen battle after defeating Akron.)

Lance had an abusive father

Two of Lance's potential responses from weak enemy attacks are something to the effect of "My dad hit harder than that when I was a kid." and "I've seen my mother survive harder hits than that." Seems only logical where such lines would come from, then...
  • That goes some way to explain why he wanted to take over the world in the second game.
  • As an addition, Lance's father may have been a miner. In the fourth game, he mentions with a Thousand-Yard Stare how he was taken on a mining trip one time, and how it evidently scarred him for life. It was a reference to Minecraft and Played for Laughs at the time, but it might make more sense now if his father had a horrifying job like that. Combined with some NPCs actually protesting how unfair the economic system is, (PCs kill monsters to earn money, then Shopkeepers charge insane amounts and hog all the money) it's possible Lance came from a non-PC/Shopkeeper home... Which isn't a good thing.

There were no word of complaint against this game using Comic Sans because....
This game is already silly to begin with! The font suits the game well as the result.
Godcat was being manipulated
By some even more ancient Deity, who used Godcat to create Humanity in it's image because it was too lazy to, as the true dominant species. The ending wasn't Godcat having an ephiany, it was the even more ancient Deity taking over Godcat to stop it from destroying humans. And it will be the boss of the fifth game, since the pattern of "Boss from last game was made by a result of boss from this game's actions". The heroes are simply annoyed and get to grinding again.
Natz and the Beholder had a child.
The Beholder's attack in the fourth game prompts Natalie to hope she doesn't get pregnant from it "again". While that may mean she again doesn't want to get pregnant from the beholder, it could mean that she has indeed gotten pregnant with a beholder child, carried it to term, and there is now a freaking Natz/Beholder hybrid wandering around. Natz/Beholder child for EBF 5 new hero.
Natz does not want to use the Sol Spear in EBF 3 because Catastrophe hit her with it during the EBF 1 summon.
She hogs the other spear because it's better as a staff anyways.

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