WMG / Conker's Bad Fur Day

The game is actully a movie OF a game.
During the beginning credits, it had an opening like a movie does, (maybe because it was referencing A Clockwork Orange), and after the end, the cast (that can fit, anyway), are in The Cock And The Plucker, or the hub for movie stars or whatever.
  • You also see the cast in the Cock and Plucker, even when you play for the first time. You probably just won't recognize them until you play the game.

Conker's friends (including Banjo, Diddy, and Pipsy) will eventually learn of what happened in this game...
And they will be pissed. Cue manhunt for Don Weaso.
  • Alternatively, they find out what a wreck Conker turned out into. Some of his friends would turn their back on him, feeling ashamed to ever be associated with an alcoholic and avaricious squirrel prone to violence; while others would try to help him out of the vices that are destroying his life. Whether they get back at Don Weaso or not, Conker's friends will never look at him the same way ever again.

Conker is a macrophile
Why else would he be absolutely ecstatic when meeting Jugga? Also, consider Conker's choice in women in general. Berri is taller than him, after all.

Bad Fur Day takes place at the end of the Mario timeline
It clearly takes place in the same universe, and all of the other characters that Conker grew up with are most likely adults too.

Conker became an alcoholic after some bullies from the game industry endlessly pelted him with insults about being "too babyish"
In reality, Conker became raunchy because people mocked Twelve Tails, maybe this happened in-universe too.

Conker is an Catholic, but a none-practicing one.
Might explain why he gets upset when people are rude and use dirty language. (Might not be practicing, but a small hint of it is their.